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  1. For solid wheels there is a place in Durham that is fine that i used for my Audi speedlines. All my previous stuff has been done by Mike in Glasgow.
  2. I had an 8v for a couple of years which i ran as a daily. It was fantastic. I much prefer it to a 16v for the power delivery. It was a doddle to work on and as stated above mechanical parts are easy to come by. Enjoy the new car.
  3. A few updates from me. I have put them on Facebook but am keen to keep this thread going. French fog and headlights. Delighted. They look better than I had hoped they would. Next up is the black headlining. I have the black interior light, visors, custom vinyl sunroof mech panel so it’s on to trimming soon. Needless to say I’ll be talking to another Corrado lunatic for guidance on this. Oh and once business is up and running I’ll be getting the venoms refurbed for fitting. Exciting.
  4. Any tips on getting the dash out? Im psyching myself up to do the same job..
  5. Some progress over the last week. MOT. 25 miles since the last one. Full service Nothelles back on Test fit venoms Proper wash and basic detail I have a genuine nothelle steering wheel to try and will be fitting the yellow bulb caps so hoping they will look the part.
  6. I am delighted the kit is being used.
  7. Great progress. Mine needs all sorts. Body kit will be coming off shortly.
  8. That’s very kind but they are never perfect. Always stuff to be done.
  9. Goodness. I haven’t update this in ages. The car is tucked away and hasn’t really moved since I fitted the manifold. It will be out more this year though. This was her catching a rare glimpse of sunlight for insurance renewal. New daily BM and a mk2 project. It is not pretty and needs lots of love but I have wanted a silver one for ages.
  10. I like this show but the time of year = poor weather, salt etc. I haven't been for a few years.
  11. Solid progress as ever. It needs to be done by April, car show near mine with your name on.
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