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  1. On 12/12/2022 at 9:12 PM, Corroda said:

    I’m sure Chris will reveal his method, but when I did this on my car, I used a wallpaper steamer with a nozzle attachment to soften the wax, and then wiped off with a cloth. I then used a degreaser and a cloth to remove the remainder. You can keep going with panel wipe if necessary, but I was happy to just reapply some fresh clear wax.

    I used white spirit and a toothbrush then a plastic scraper to lever up the wax stuff.

    I then gave it a polish but think I’m going to get an extension for my machine polisher and a small polishing pad so I can give it a good polish.

    im sure I used the HB body clear coat on the rear and it seems fine. Hard enough to wet flat and machine polish, time will tell I guess…..

  2. 7 minutes ago, oneohtwo said:

    Simple answer is to move into the garage!

    God, I wish I had that when rebuilding my engine, lots of light, plenty of space and I bet it's fully heated as well.

    Just noticed it looks like you've got a cover on the windscreen wiper motor?

    🤣 yes might move in there…

    unfortunately it’s not heated but it’s fully insulated so not cold in there.

    yes it’s got a cover, think its from a Passat but will be coming off soon.

  3. 1 hour ago, g0ldf1ng3r said:

    thanks chris

    errr id thought about putting a black one in as i have a black one in the 16v but i think it was out of a golf as the style is different

    i kinda quite like the accent the grey gives the overhead though, might look too black if all black

    Yes looks nice, I have a black one and the same style as that if you change your mind.

  4. 4 minutes ago, g0ldf1ng3r said:

    wow that really is awesome!!

    if only i had the space & money for a garage like that lol

    love the way you have big windows looking out onto the garden too - reminds me of Chris Evans show room for his ferrari's 

    Thanks mate. I put In a 4m wide window so I could see the corrado from the kitchen.


  5. Thought I’d share a small update from a few weeks ago. Engine out and ready to start cleaning.

    subframe, radiator support, driveshafts etc. all gone for blasting and painting.

    all new genuine bolts and bushes ordered, lemforder ball joints, drop links sorted too.

    cleaning starts next week…..




  6. On 11/12/2022 at 10:14 AM, fla said:

    i love your garage - nice image on the wall too.  Turntable is fantastic as is the floor covering.  I'm not jealous....well maybe a little bit 🙂 

    Cheers mate. Planned the garage quite early on when doing the house.

    can’t wait to get the car finished so I can clear the garage and get the skirting boards on. Might go for a carpeted area where the corrado parks.

  7. 10 hours ago, James. said:

    It’s the group of earths connected in a block of three. I think it should sit north of the oil cooler, but below the intake manifold.

    Is it these at the back of the engine at the top near the oil filler cap


  8. 48 minutes ago, James. said:

    Fingers crossed they won’t, but sadly they mostly do.

    The pictures help me pick out the missing clips/brackets on mine, so thanks for that.

    While you’ve got the front end in bits, would you mind taking a picture of where the engine loom earth mount locates please. I think I’ve got it right, but can’t find a picture to be sure.

    Glad to help 👍

    where do you think the earth is so I can check please?

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