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  1. Looking forward to seeing this, bet it will go well. I have an R36 and can’t imagine what a mk3 will go like.
  2. Yes mate. Dated 96/97 so they must have found a stash of them.
  3. And Santa must have had these stashed at the back of the grotto somewhere. full set of NOS speedlines 👍
  4. Bit more cleaning. Really happy with how good it is underneath.
  5. One under arch cleaned, one to go 👍
  6. So taking a different route with the car so coilovers off, standard VR suspension on
  7. Get this thread back on track with a little update. Chassis parts blasted and painted 👌
  8. I used white spirit and a toothbrush then a plastic scraper to lever up the wax stuff. I then gave it a polish but think I’m going to get an extension for my machine polisher and a small polishing pad so I can give it a good polish. im sure I used the HB body clear coat on the rear and it seems fine. Hard enough to wet flat and machine polish, time will tell I guess…..
  9. Small cleaning update…..
  10. 🤣 yes might move in there… unfortunately it’s not heated but it’s fully insulated so not cold in there. yes it’s got a cover, think its from a Passat but will be coming off soon.
  11. Cheers all, the garage is brilliant but but because I have it, I’m not allowed to keep any parts in the house anymore.
  12. 🤣 I don’t know mate, £55 posted?
  13. Yes looks nice, I have a black one and the same style as that if you change your mind.
  14. Thanks mate. I put In a 4m wide window so I could see the corrado from the kitchen.
  15. Yes, it’s a turntable to spin the car round on 👍
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