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  1. That sounds correct, rears then fronts then ABS then master cylinder I think
  2. Not sure to be fair but my car was lowered so the heat shield had taken a bartering from speed bumps etc.
  3. I don’t get the whole 120seconds for the ABS pump as it’s on all the time when the car is running. not sure why you need it on for rears and off for fronts also. my system was completely dry when i started bleeding and when I opened the rear nipples with the ignition off I was still getting fluid out easily. assuming for the compensator, you just undo the bolt and push it closed?
  4. I’m having similar bleeding problems mate. Going to attack again on Saturday
  5. Looks superb, really like that colour
  6. Cheers. this arrived today, something for the MoT man to enjoy
  7. Looks spot on Dave, where did you get the screen and is it the one with the green band on the top? did you do the foams on the 4 dash vents too?
  8. Ended up painting my original engine cover and finally got all the HT leads on etc. just the slam panel and bumper to paint and it’s pretty much there
  9. 🤣 they do look great and probably so
  10. Hi Dave, all the plastics are the ones I got from you thanks 👍
  11. And now I’m very nearly there.
  12. All the little bits take up so much time. Been sorting water pipe clips
  13. ChrisL

    Oil filter cap

    Thanks, do you have the details of the filter you fitted please? did it all fit ok?
  14. ChrisL

    Oil filter cap

    I need one of these housings, mine is a late car but has the cap without the centre part. Where can you get them from please?
  15. Powder coating isn’t the correct way for the chassis parts, if you get a chip then the water gets behind and rusts it. You are better with a blast and paint system with correct primer etc. can you drill the stud out? Start with a small drill in the centre and work up in sizes? Get some WD40 in there too
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