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  1. Yes that’s the stuff. Supposed to be used really diluted but I use it nearly neat.
  2. I use Bilt Hamber all purpose cleaner (amazing stuff), a toothbrush and loads of rags then finish with white spirit.
  3. It’s got 92k miles on it. Seems pretty straight and honest really. Not had many owners and the last guy had it 10 years and barely used it.
  4. Hi mate, I’m not taking the stone chip off, just cleaning all the oil and factory wax oil off. It’s perfect under the filth.
  5. This is going to take some time 🤦‍♂️
  6. They look great, can’t wait to see them assembled
  7. Did you spray the underneath? If so did you use rattle cans? Did you lacquer it afterwards? I'm thinking of the mess in trying to spray the floor as it is now.
  8. Cheers Sean, did you spray all the underneath? Might be awkward to do in the garage. a lot of the areas are covered by heat shields so might not be too bad. The original vw stuff isn’t available so got some dinitrol stuff that’s supposed to be like OEM 🤞
  9. Pleased with how clean it is really. Couple of bits to sort though.
  10. Cheers, they both sold at auction and fetched strong money. Think the storm went for around £27k not sure where they both are now. need to get this to the same standard.
  11. Boot floor cleaned. Few touch ups on the stone chip and treat some of the studs then ready for re-assembly
  12. Hi, not sure if you got sorted but these bolts are available through ECS tuning in the states. I’ve just bought the 6 I need for my rebuild. they say genuine VW parts.
  13. Yes, this is not going to be standard, more OEM+. Ideally get it to like the Blackberry one. hopefully more progress soon 👍
  14. So not having a lot of spare time to work on the corrado but decided to have the rear bumper painted as the lacquer was peeling and there were a couple of rough areas. also ended up filling in the towing eye.
  15. Love it mate. saw it in the background of Raj Sangha’s YouTube video of the classic cars and curry night. Think your corrado actually got a mention near then end 👍
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