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  1. Well done Sean, you’ve done amazing with the car. It’s a million miles from the car it was when you got it. look forward to seeing it again sometime!
  2. Received mine today thanks, very much appreciated. Very kind of you to send them out. Great message.
  3. 👌 who do you use for wheel refurbishment?
  4. Looking great mate. i’ll happily pay for 4 of those discs please. 2 for now and 2 for when the car is painted.
  5. That looks a nice job 👌
  6. If these are the ones on the outer of the doors then I’ll have them please.
  7. Excellent, look forward to seeing it
  8. Sure thing, you got another corrado Dave?
  9. Cheers for the info on the polishing etc, I’m intending on doing some paint on mine myself as a temporary measure so was thinking if I put plenty of lacquer on I can wet sand and polish it up.
  10. Wow! That paint finish is excellent. Did you spray it with cans or from a gun?
  11. Stunning James, worth the wait. So clean, bet your pleased with it.
  12. Nice, look forward to seeing the updates
  13. 🤣 I never had any issues with the supersprint on motorways or CAT replacements. Mine has had the CAT taken off but will be putting it back when I fit the exhaust
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