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  1. Cheers thanks. Shocks are KW coilovers which are stainless steel I believe 👍
  2. More work on the underside done
  3. Missing my what mate? do you have the original dealer plates by any chance? I’m having some dealer plates made but would like to see what the original logo was.
  4. Hi all, wondered if there would be any interest in some 17” speedlines. These would be identical to the OE corrado speedlines just bigger. B star wheels who do the bigger BBS wheels and Sebrings would do a limited run if there was enough interest. chris
  5. Heat shields also getting some fettling. Still some work to do on them.
  6. Thanks, I used a toothbrush with bilthamber Surfex HD and also white spirit. have plenty of rags on hand too. I did it once to get As much off as possible then went back over it with a clean toothbrush to finish.
  7. If you look in my earlier post you can see how high the car is. It’s not that high and I can just squeeze under. You have to work to the side of you so it doesn’t fall in your face 🤣
  8. Not done anything on the Corrado for a while but finally got one floor pan cleaned. Just the drivers side to finish now.
  9. Cheers. Not in a hurry just forward thinking. When I get the back end back down I’m refurbing all the front. it’s had a new caliper at some point and suspect it’s not OE.
  10. Hey Dave, good to see you back in a corrado. if you do upgrade, I may need a passenger side standard caliper if you wanted to sell.
  11. Looks nice. the wheels are Antera 181’s. I used to have them on my old Clio 1.8 16v back in the late 90’s. Nice wheel, maybe let me know if you sell them….. are they 17’s?
  12. Yes that’s the stuff. Supposed to be used really diluted but I use it nearly neat.
  13. I use Bilt Hamber all purpose cleaner (amazing stuff), a toothbrush and loads of rags then finish with white spirit.
  14. It’s got 92k miles on it. Seems pretty straight and honest really. Not had many owners and the last guy had it 10 years and barely used it.
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