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  1. Headlining looks sweet! Need to do mine, is it difficult to get out etc? Need to fix my sunroof at the same time which I’m dreading finding the parts for.
  2. Cheers, no green bulbs but they do flash a bit red. now fitted
  3. That’s really nice Sean, hats off to you. Looks a really high standard of finish. Also looks like you’ve got a good view out the front.
  4. Then planning granted for the extension
  5. All internal walls down and wooden floors up
  6. Yeah typo sorry! It’s 1930’s
  7. Nice work Sean, done a cracking job.
  8. Not sure if this is of interest to folks but over the past 18months we have been restoring/rebuilding a 1830’s bungalow. it was really damp and needed major work but had great potential. Anyway pics of when we bought it:
  9. Nice one, and you can keep us updated with photos now!
  10. Cheers mate, always been one of my favourite corrado colours.
  11. Finally some pics of the Corrado!
  12. Nice one Sean, did you get the silver plated finish? They look great like that. Please get some photos up.
  13. Looking great and those brake callipers are fantastic. Biggred did the ones on my storm in the same finish, they look great behind the wheels
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