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  1. Looking forward to seeing this, bet it will go well. I have an R36 and can’t imagine what a mk3 will go like.
  2. Yes mate. Dated 96/97 so they must have found a stash of them.
  3. And Santa must have had these stashed at the back of the grotto somewhere. full set of NOS speedlines 👍
  4. Bit more cleaning. Really happy with how good it is underneath.
  5. One under arch cleaned, one to go 👍
  6. So taking a different route with the car so coilovers off, standard VR suspension on
  7. Get this thread back on track with a little update. Chassis parts blasted and painted 👌
  8. I used white spirit and a toothbrush then a plastic scraper to lever up the wax stuff. I then gave it a polish but think I’m going to get an extension for my machine polisher and a small polishing pad so I can give it a good polish. im sure I used the HB body clear coat on the rear and it seems fine. Hard enough to wet flat and machine polish, time will tell I guess…..
  9. Small cleaning update…..
  10. 🤣 yes might move in there… unfortunately it’s not heated but it’s fully insulated so not cold in there. yes it’s got a cover, think its from a Passat but will be coming off soon.
  11. Cheers all, the garage is brilliant but but because I have it, I’m not allowed to keep any parts in the house anymore.
  12. 🤣 I don’t know mate, £55 posted?
  13. Yes looks nice, I have a black one and the same style as that if you change your mind.
  14. Thanks mate. I put In a 4m wide window so I could see the corrado from the kitchen.
  15. Yes, it’s a turntable to spin the car round on 👍
  16. Looking nice mate. Have you got a black sunroof / light switch?
  17. Thanks, better once I get it cleaned out.
  18. Engine will have the chains done, paint the block etc. would like cams but we’ll see.
  19. Thought I’d share a small update from a few weeks ago. Engine out and ready to start cleaning. subframe, radiator support, driveshafts etc. all gone for blasting and painting. all new genuine bolts and bushes ordered, lemforder ball joints, drop links sorted too. cleaning starts next week…..
  20. Looks awesome Dave 👌 gonna be a good one again. did your plastic radiator guides come off the cowl ok? Mine all snapped to pieces.
  21. Cheers mate. Planned the garage quite early on when doing the house. can’t wait to get the car finished so I can clear the garage and get the skirting boards on. Might go for a carpeted area where the corrado parks.
  22. Is it these at the back of the engine at the top near the oil filler cap
  23. Another one of the beam and brake lines, just cos I like the picture
  24. Glad to help 👍 where do you think the earth is so I can check please?
  25. One of the rear engine mounts and reckon most of the subframe bolts will just snap 🤦‍♂️
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