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  1. Cheers mate. Planned the garage quite early on when doing the house. can’t wait to get the car finished so I can clear the garage and get the skirting boards on. Might go for a carpeted area where the corrado parks.
  2. Is it these at the back of the engine at the top near the oil filler cap
  3. Another one of the beam and brake lines, just cos I like the picture
  4. Glad to help 👍 where do you think the earth is so I can check please?
  5. One of the rear engine mounts and reckon most of the subframe bolts will just snap 🤦‍♂️
  6. Rear end finished so on to the front end 🤦‍♂️
  7. Thanks, I got a cutting of a bumper and made a small patch to block the hole, i plastic welded it with a soldering iron from the back then filled the bumper. It was then re-sprayed. There are some pictures on page 3 👍
  8. Quick pointless update I guess, refurbished bumper iron back on and little OCD but because I’ve deleted the towing eye, I thought I best delete the hole in the heat shield.
  9. What is the customs tax amount please?
  10. Thanks 🙏 🤣 thanks mate. Think there are a few out there as good, if not better then this. Green brake pipes where made by Alex who did them on here, I sourced the pipe and the genuine unions (£5 each 😮). Excellent quality and he’s also made me all the front ones. Just need the 2 long ones from front to back. The numbers where on my old storm which was just as it left the factory so got measurements and repainted them on here. They must be a factory marking.
  11. Thanks Sean. yes Engine coming out next and will be doing the other brake pipes including the front to rear pipes 👍
  12. Thanks. The supersprint fits perfectly, have you got the full system? I had one on my old VR and has a nice sound to it. Quality is excellent 👍 I had all the welds cleaned at work for that extra bit of cleanliness 🤣
  13. Rear beam, brake lines and exhaust all fitted.
  14. Cheers thanks. not really sure how long as I’ve done little bits over a period of time. Realistically, it didn’t take that long I guess. not sure on the indicators actually.
  15. Done a small repair on the rear panel, quite happy with it for my first attempt
  16. Cheers thanks. Shocks are KW coilovers which are stainless steel I believe 👍
  17. More work on the underside done
  18. Missing my what mate? do you have the original dealer plates by any chance? I’m having some dealer plates made but would like to see what the original logo was.
  19. Hi all, wondered if there would be any interest in some 17” speedlines. These would be identical to the OE corrado speedlines just bigger. B star wheels who do the bigger BBS wheels and Sebrings would do a limited run if there was enough interest. chris
  20. Heat shields also getting some fettling. Still some work to do on them.
  21. Thanks, I used a toothbrush with bilthamber Surfex HD and also white spirit. have plenty of rags on hand too. I did it once to get As much off as possible then went back over it with a clean toothbrush to finish.
  22. If you look in my earlier post you can see how high the car is. It’s not that high and I can just squeeze under. You have to work to the side of you so it doesn’t fall in your face 🤣
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