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  1. Yep, that's a good idea. If I ever get anything unusual again I'll give it a go. No news - guess there won't be now sadly.
  2. Thanks Hasan - yes, thought I might lose a badge off it at worst these days, but definitely not for it to be stolen.
  3. I think I'd be surprised if it was driven with the immobiliser and alarm unless they knew the cars in detail - they definitely didn't have any keys. One door handle was broken though as I found part of it. Also there was no disturbance to the dirt in front or behind the wheels so to me it seems like it was lifted. Seems mad to me to take that risk with a truck for an old 4-figure car.
  4. Put this on the group on Facebook earlier tonight but it seems my Aqua Blue VR6 has been stolen from my street in London. If anyone sees or hears of anything thats trying to be moved on discretely then please let me know - I'm going to assume it may get broken. Car was not a show queen but had '000s spent last year after a period off the road. It had several of the obvious and less obvious mods which may appeal to people if it gets taken apart. Thanks for any info you might come across - seems a shame for it to go out after owning it 16 years..
  5. I'd be open to swapping mine for everything to go back to standard if that was of interest?
  6. They must have wanted a lot if they lowered the reserve to something over £7500..
  7. I'm pretty sure it's Chris Harris and another high-end car dealer behind it - they have a podcast which is pretty good too. They've just dropped the reserve so this will be going tonight, good money already given that the buyer pays £600.
  8. Is the manifold sold?

  9. Hi there, could do potentially, but would need to investigate a bit and let you know. If someone a bit closer was interested I might take that option just for simplicity, but I'll try to come back to you tomorrow if that's ok? Got a postcode or similar to work with?
  10. Hi all, (quite a) long time no visit, good to see the forum still doing well! Am in the process of saying farewell to all the bits of Corrado I've had stashed away for the last few years, and eventually the car too since it's not been used for a long time. BUT, one of the bigger bits is up first: I have an OBD2 Schrick inlet manifold & throttle body that I thought one day might replace my OBD1 Schrick if I ever upgraded. Plans never happened and wont do now, so here it is for sale. Only have one picture, but for peace of mind the various bits are currently at Stealth and have been given a clean bill of health by Vince. Everything you need should be there apart from the ECU which you'd normally expect to get mapped anyway. If your car isn't OBD2 (ie. 99% of everyone) then this isn't a direct fit and you wouldn't need the throttle body. I know there are adaptors to go from OBD1->OBD2 but I don't know if they exist for the other way round. However, if you were thinking of converting to OBD2 then this is perfect, or otherwise an adaptor, or maybe a treat for your late Mk3 Golf VR6 daily?! Not sure what it will go for but let's say £1150 with throttle body or £1100 without to start? Will advertise on other VW forums as maybe more likely to find a buyer there, but will donate £25 to the forum for old time's sake if it sells here. Am potentially open to offers, but also not in a huge hurry. Located at Stealth for a few days, otherwise in London or potentially near Sherborne in Dorset, so shipping/delivery can be discussed.
  11. dukest

    4 motion's

    get a pre-2001 one then? then it will be £215
  12. those pictures dont look nearly as tight as before so yes, you must be nearly there. when you say 195/50/15 that must be on your old wheels right? i meant the tyres on these wheels, are they 215/40/17? i'm still not sure all is as it seems as ET40 on a 7" wheel should be more than fine but still. also, you say its just rubbing at the front now? although the pics arent flat on from the side, it still looks like you could raise the front a tiny bit without unbalancing the look? that might do it?
  13. good on ya, now go and get a motorbike for that commute :)
  14. your spigot arrangement sounds unusual. the spigot rings i've seen on big ben's car previously for example didnt space the wheel at all, they were literally just a ring around the centre bore (ie. these) to allow the wheel to hub-locate properly. the wheel still went up against the hub(disc) face. if yours are effectively spacing spigot adaptors bolting to the hub then I wouldnt have thought its a very good idea to use a 2nd set of spacers on top of that. thats purely a safety line of thinking though. if you've got a spigot arrangement that's spacing the wheel out by 13mm and then adding an 8mm spacer on top then thats an offset decrease to ET27. with a 7" wheel that's getting close to the limit but would probably just work (it gives you 22mm extra poke over normal speedlines). but your car looks pretty low which is probably the biggest issue and if you havent got any stretch on the tyres then that will compound things. what size are the current tyres anyway? anyway, a combined spigot/spacement of 10-15mm and 205 width tyres is probably what you're after.
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