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  1. The original VW Corrado Storm brochure from 1995. In lovely condition with no marks or damage. £30 plus postage.
  2. Glad to hear its gone to a good home. Despite the sunroof and bodywork issues it appears you have a bit of a bargain there. Look forward to hearing about ykur progress with it.
  3. LC6U Pearlescent Green exterior & Beige leather interior 132k miles MOT & all old MOTs/Tax Discs enthusiast owned for 20+ years VAG book pack, service book (15 stamps) huge stack of receipts from new in lever-arch file 2 keys with fobs Recent work: ABS module reconditioned (BBA Reman), ABS sensors all round, Fuel Pump, Ignition Switch, Radiator, Water Pump, Low Temp Thermostat, Coolant Temp Sensor, reconditioned injectors, Battery, Coil Packs, HT Leads, Spark Plugs, Oil Cooler, Oil Sump Pan, Plug & Gasket, Track Rod Assemblies, Brake Discs & Pads all round, Rear Brake Disc Backing Plates, Brake Master Cylinder, Brake Bias Valve, all Brake Lines replaced with Goodridge, Koni Coilover dampers, Steering Rack Gaiter, front Wheel Bearings, Wheel refurbishment, Sunroof Motor, Windscreen, Milltek Exhaust, Headlight Loom upgrade, Wiper upgrade, DAB HiFi. The only slight negatives as follows: -under bonnet insulation seen better days. A kit to replace is available £40 from VW Heritage -small amount of corrosion around number plate lights under rear spoiler. Not visible unless looking closely. -drivers side front foglight has a small crack, but still in sound working condition. Any inspection welcome. The car is located in East Sussex near Brighton. £7750
  4. Not sure I would want to pay any more than that for a car that, albeit low mileage, sounds like it hasnt been well looked after in recent years. Regular use is best for these cars and that would t tick many boxes for me. There should have been more 4/5 stars than 3 stars on a car claiming to be in such condition. It may have done substantially better being advertised professionally for sale after a thorough recommissioning than through an auction at this time of year.
  5. I saw one recently where someone had stuck a storm badge on the opposite side to the Corrado badge..just looked so wrong. I could barely bring myself to look at the car. These details do matter. Will also happily send a photo of mine if you need to get a consensus on exactly the correct spot
  6. Any interest in these lovely wheels/tyres? I will do them for £225 collected or a swap for Speedlines/Solitudes. With or without tyres.
  7. I have this part available. The foglight glass is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks. The black plastic surround has cracked on the indicator outer edge. The main thing is that the actual foglight is in superb condition. £50 plus postage or a swap for a drivers side late model foglight in commensurate condition. Photos available on request. PM me or text/call 07973362476
  8. If you are looking for a BMC CDA, I believe its the 100-150 size for the VR6
  9. No effort made with those photos at all. The interior looks very unappealing. My 120k mile Storm looks so much better. Maybe it is just the way the car has been stored. These cars don't generally like being laid up for 8 years and I would be wary of getting too excited about the low number of owners and mileage. In my opinion regular sympathetic use is the key to having a reliable and useable vehicle.
  10. TopGear have traditionally liked the Corrado muchos. Jeremy Clarkson wrote reverentially about the VR6 back in the day. The magazine always gave it wins in group tests. Andy Wilman (producer of the show) did a feature on the last green Storm to role off the production line where he waxed lyrical about the car. This is freely available on YouTube (albeit the sound quality is poor). Then, possibly the most famous review, by Richard Hammond in around 2003 where he advised people to buy either a Corrado VR6 or a Mercedes-Benz 190 AMG 2.3/2.5. Again, freely available online.
  11. Chap in an early 80s Scirocco Lewes High Street around 11am. Exchanged a wave of acknowledgement. Then went to Halfords, young chap in there used to have a Corrado and was admiring mine.
  12. These wheels are still available. Will accept £250. Photos available on request as I cant get them to post on here. I would be happy with a swap for some 15” Speedlines or Solitudes in equivalent condition. Basically no kerbing or corrosion and with a good matching make of rubber all round.
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