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  1. £75 collected from East Sussex
  2. Not received somehow. Message me on 07973362476 👍
  3. Genuine Thule Corrado Roof-bars and Feet. All the necessary fixings included. I have used them on my cars over the years. Have not been available new for many years now. Looking for around £100. Collection preferred from Storrington or Brighton area of Sussex. message me for photos
  4. Happy to swap for my immaculate standard airbox
  5. I am looking for one of these. I wondered if anyone had one knocking around for collection or postage? Cheers, Ben
  6. there have been a few people fabricating these over the years and I wondered if anyone was still making them or if someone had a cup holder they no longer required? Cheers, Ben
  7. Hi Sprinter, are these sound proofing kits still available? I would be looking for a late bonnet/VR6 set. Cheers, Ben
  8. I am looking for roof bars that fit the Corrado. I used to have a set of the Votex ones from VW. I believe several other companies made a version. Maybe Thule most prominently. Looking for any make that will fit if someone has a set they don't use any more? Thanks guys & girls
  9. Your Blackberry is looking lush. That engine bay is particularly fine. Not so much as a rusty screw in sight...love the scuttle trim and correct stickers in correct position👌
  10. me too..will I never be rid of this addiction 😅😂
  11. Im generally an advocate of oem spec, but your blackberry with those bbs rims looks sensational😎
  12. excellent result getting the old girl going again. Another one out on the road to look for. I cant remember the last time I saw another Corrado in the wild..but then I've not really been anywhere in a year
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