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  1. some of those dealer stickers bring back memories. Excellent resource for the classic car
  2. Im usually a fan of totally oem look, but your car looks sensational. Silver always looks so right on them anyway. Particularly a fan of the Karmann grille badge. Great number plate too
  3. Youtube- carfection, harrys garage, harrys farm, Carpervert, collecting cars, Jayemm on cars, number27, ratarossa, smith and sniff
  4. well, the rear ashtray can be replaced easily with a cup holder. There were at least a couple of chaps on this forum who were manufacturing them in recent times. An essential mod for us coffee addicts.
  5. Hi all, I am looking for a BMC CDA Induction Kit (100-150). I have an immaculate standard airbox to swap if required. No longer looking thanks
  6. Forgot about this one, but saw an Ice Violet/Grey VR6 driving down Sutton Avenue in Seaford, East Sussex about a week ago. It looked very standard and very nice condition. Anyone on here?
  7. Hi all, I am looking for a set of the original roof bars for my 1995 Corrado, ideally either the OEM Votex official ones or the Thule set. Thanks Ben
  8. Excellent watch. I vaguely follow the channel and his manual R8 experiences, as I've always fancied one of those. Up to a few years ago his sales business usually seemed to have a Corrado or two in stock.
  9. The original VW Corrado Storm brochure from 1995. In lovely condition with no marks or damage. £30 plus postage.
  10. Glad to hear its gone to a good home. Despite the sunroof and bodywork issues it appears you have a bit of a bargain there. Look forward to hearing about ykur progress with it.
  11. Not sure I would want to pay any more than that for a car that, albeit low mileage, sounds like it hasnt been well looked after in recent years. Regular use is best for these cars and that would t tick many boxes for me. There should have been more 4/5 stars than 3 stars on a car claiming to be in such condition. It may have done substantially better being advertised professionally for sale after a thorough recommissioning than through an auction at this time of year.
  12. I saw one recently where someone had stuck a storm badge on the opposite side to the Corrado badge..just looked so wrong. I could barely bring myself to look at the car. These details do matter. Will also happily send a photo of mine if you need to get a consensus on exactly the correct spot
  13. Any interest in these lovely wheels/tyres? I will do them for £225 collected or a swap for Speedlines/Solitudes. With or without tyres.
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