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  1. Glad to see she's all fixed Ryan! Was looking at some old photos of her the other day, miss that one!
  2. God I want one!! http://www.pistonheads.com/doc.asp?c=52&i=16795 0-100-0 in 7.2 sec And its road legal!!!!
  3. Pass the tissues..... Im in love!
  4. Some beautiful stuff there. I love the M6 CSL. Is it just me or does the new M3 look a little 'soft'? On another thought, what is the old beemer in the film4 advert breaks? thats stunning!
  5. Looking awesome tim, total transformation from when I last saw it! Was looking for you at the jamboree, didn't see you tho.
  6. That new bonnet is much better matey, the old one was tired to say the least!!
  7. All alfas are!! Damn I want one!
  8. Very nice matey - always fancied an alfa!
  9. 'kin hell!! I want one!!
  10. Very tidy, I miss my old Satin Silver valver :(
  11. Dubby, What sort of MPG is yours returning? Im getting about 25-27MPG from the scooby, I imagine it will be far better than that. Getting fed up with putting fuel in that fecking Impreza!! What is it that fails on the gearbox? Just want to know what to look out for.
  12. mic_VR, 12 DEG BEN, nice one chaps! Well im convinced so its time get rid of the scooby - anyone fancy something sensible?
  13. Yeah I know!! Will only be taking one out coz the other one throws up every time it gets into the car, so beach trips are few and far between unfortunatly. Hence why I dont really need an estate anymore. Anyone know what the running costs are like? Any common faults or problems?
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