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  1. That car was special but you needed a fat wallet also
  2. The new owner. It was a tough decision but I have still got the other one.
  3. Well after 21years my original has been sold. I had been contemplating for some time now so a chat with my brother resulted in a trip to Shrewsbury and a rendezvous so he could take it back North. We were open to sensible offers, fundamentally it was more about finding the right individual who would continue to look after her. We think that has been achieved. So she is now in Cambridgeshire.
  4. Went shopping in the Blackberry to Sainsburys last Friday near the start of the A420 in Swindon. As I was packing the shopping in I could see a guy admiring it as he was walking back to his pick-up. Drove passed him as he dropped his trolley off and he took his shades off while giving a nod of approval.....still nice to get those appreciated glances.
  5. Okay here they are: Next job will be to sort out the interior; mainly the beige carpet and leather seats as they are showing their age
  6. I believe the new owner is on the VR6 owners club forum, I've had no contact with him, and I haven't seen it at any of the shows either.
  7. Well folks on Friday I drove up to North Wales for a car swap around, Meld has been left up North for a bit of work and the long awaited return of 303 happened. She attended her first show 'All Types' at Bodelwyddan and then drove effortless back down to Swindon. I have to take photo's for the agreed valuation for Lancaster Insurance today so I'll also post them here afterwards.....stay tuned
  8. just bought a set for my Corrado from your shop. Thanks in advance
  9. Pricing is a weird one for us owners. I have my original coming back to me in May (hopefully in time for a debut at 'All Types' Bodelwyddan but she is going to be very similar to my current one and I'm finding it difficult to justify having both. Now if I decide to sell then comes the hardest part putting a price on her. As to the website; wow how many cars on the right would I love to have on my drive; even if just for a week
  10. Okay didn't know where to put this; searched Car SoS but nothing, so 25 mins in on Truimph GT6 Corrado in workshop M827GMR; anyone?
  11. Weirdly Jim I feel the same way; recognise the number plate. But that's my specialism, I scared my local vet as she's got a mk3 Golf with a good number plate, so I quizzed her when taking the cat for a check up; I left thinking stalker. Good news no it's cloth, has an Exeter residents permit. Began to think it had been used illegally hence why the check and shout out.
  12. Red Corrado VR6 has appeared on my street been there over a week without moving. Anyone; reg is M32MJB
  13. Well done Monkey looking very good. what shows you going to this year and in what car. Baz (BLCSO) VW Golf MK2 will be doing his usual ones and hopefully I'll have my original Corrado ready to show the world as she has just had a new paint job and a lot of refurbishment. Kind regards Oz
  14. Always liked the blackberry colour on the Corrado; that much all 3 of my Corrado's have been that colour and to now have one that is bag on......I just hope nothing happens to it. I know what you are saying, unfortunately I am also in the same boat, although I do have a garage its down the side of a 1930's house, so unless it is a Ford Popular or Anglia, that sort of elch, then I have no way of getting a modern car down the side. I also agree on the cost, but This car will be with me for life so it's seems okay to make it right. It isn't going to be a concours car, it's for enjoyment and hopefully the occasional admiring glance off other drivers
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