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  1. Yep, a piece of sodding ice dislodged from the wheel arch of a lorry in front of me one day and hit the bonnet :( No idea what caused the dents on the wing, they were recent and I've not been using the car so has to have been a neighbour, but no one confessed to it. People just don't have respect for other people's cars these days :(
  2. Yep, I had a lump in my throat leaving her behind at yours today :( but even though it's a sad day I couldn't be happier knowing she's in good hands and is still in the CF family :D I reeeeeally didn't want to sell her to a randomer lol. I'm looking forward to seeing how she progresses now :D ---------- Post added at 10:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:22 PM ---------- P.S I'm sure I'll be back in a couple of years too haha :D
  3. Car is provisionally sold, all will be revealed at the weekend if the deal goes ahead!
  4. Now for sale, open to sensible offers for a quick sale :( Email me [email protected] if interested. I forgot to attach photos to the listing as well so will try and get some asap, for the mean time, just go back a few pages to see how it looked before! ​Cheers x http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?80966-Blackberry-R32-for-%A33500-ono-in-Rushden-Northamptonshire
  5. R32 | Blackberry | Rushden, Northamptonshire Price: £3500 ono Description: Well the time has finally come to advertise my Corrado :( it's a sad day but it's just sat looking sorry for itself and I just can't justify keeping it any longer so it needs to go as I need to spend a bit of money on my Audi plus I'm after a motorbike lol. The car is in relatively good condition for it's age but is by no means a perfect car and will ideally need a bit of time and money spent on her to get back up to standard, hence the low asking price! I will list good and bad points including things that need doing below. DESCRIPTION Corrado R32 (formerly VR6) 1995/M Reg (M58 FGN) Mileage: 160k Tax: SORN MOT: June 2013 I purchased the car in August 2006 as a mint Blackberry VR6 with about 125k miles on the clock and over the years has had pretty much everything done to it! I won't go in to too many details on here so if you want to trawl through many many many pages of the car's history you can do so here: http://goo.gl/H5ZRT Details below :) ENGINE - MK5 Golf R32 3.2 24v (278bhp at Stealth Racing). The donor engine came out of a MK5 Golf that had only covered ~12000 miles and had an interior fire which wrote the car off. Engine was mint, wiring loom was a bit of a mess but this was professionally rebuilt and adapted for the installation by Vince at Stealth Racing and he did a great job! The engine is running stock management but with some tweaking to the ECU by Vince to adapt for all the missing Golf things like immobilizer and all 4 lambdas (runs 2). The car itself had about 155k on the clock when the engine was fitted. The engine had a fresh map by Vince last year (June) when I also had the clutch done which ironed out the flat spots and greatly improved the delivery of the engine, it's sublime now and returns an average of 27 MPG, not bad! ENGINE BAY - SPAL slimline fan (needed for R32 conv) - Fuel pressure regulator (needed for R32 conv) - Jetex cone filter (ideally needs replacing as a bit manky) - Renewed mounts GEARBOX - Standard and original with new clutch fitted in June '12 (barely covered any miles at all since then!). Oil renewed with Redline MT-90 when engine was fitted. EXHAUST - Miltek cat-back exhaust system in to Dubpower de-cat in to Dubpower 6-branch stainless manifold. SUSPENSION / STEERING / HANDLING - GAZ GHA adjustable Coilovers (couple of years old although only covered about 5k miles!) - Bushes and ball joints all round have been renewed at some point including uprated R32 wishbone bushes (less flex but not as harsh as poly bushes). - Fixed steering column, BIG improvement on steering feel imo, sits at a perfect height (between highest and lowest settings on the original adjustable column) includes the correct cowling. - Neuspeed 25mm rear ARB. - Trimsport rear brace (the BIG one) BRAKES - Upgraded to 288mm with calipers and pads. - Rears are standard EXTERIOR - 90mm chin spoiler (cracked) - All red rear lights (stick on with cut out slits to allow some amber through!) - Both badged and badgeless grills (also with R32 badge) - De-wipered rear - Aero front wipers - Smooth badgeless rear - Detailed headlights - Handles don't break thanks to Dave16v's wonderful upgraded strikers. WHEELS / TYRES - Standard Speedlines with Pirelli P6000 tyres, not got a lot of life in them though. INTERIOR - Beige leather interior, could be heated but I never wired them in! The leather is not in the best condition really, the rear seats are fine tho. - Black dash - DDI Dials (not illuminating!) - Kenwood head unit (relatively new) - JBL front crossover speakers and tweeters - 2 parcel shelves. 1 uncut beige one with original straps (worth a fortune on eBay ;) lol) and a cut black one with some JBL 6x9's. - Audi VDO gauges (not wired in) BAD POINTS / NEEDS DOING - No tax (SORN'd) - Will probably need a new battery as the current one has been flat and recharged numerous times so can't see it holding charge for long. - Cracked windscreen (easily sorted through insurance) - DDI dials no longer illuminate making it very difficult to see speedo/clocks in the dark! (new DDI dials are ~£100 last time I looked or you could source original parts) - Sunroof is getting a bit sticky, greased it up last year but ideally needs a strip down and proper greasing, only on slide though, it still tilts fine. - Needs a good wheel alignment, pulls a bit as I would have just done it by eye last time I did bushes/suspension work and not had the alignment done properly. - Worn leather drivers seat (down to age really) - Cracked splitter - No alarm / immobilizer. Used to have a Toad Cat1 but it died! - Generally tiring bodywork due to age and mostly being original. Has scratches and scuffs mainly at the front, stone chips a plenty, the odd parking ding, the odd rust bubble, annoying small dent on the front of the bonnet caused by ice chucked up by a car in front one winter! The majority is good and it still polishes up well for it's age but ideally it could do with a bit of paint up the front really (the rear is pretty mint as a woman ran in to the back of the car a few years back not causing much damage but was enough to get an insurance job done so was fixed and painted by the great Steve Denton at Stylehaus in Northampton and whilst at it he smoothed it all off for me!). GOOD POINTS - It's a Corrado - It's Blackberry - It's got Beige leather ... mmmm beige! - R32 engine runs sweeeet and returns very good MPG considering! - It's solid underneath and drives solid too so nothing to worry about underneath for a while! - New clutch barely covered any miles - Plenty of must-have goodies included I have probably missed some out but it'll all be in my thread in the link at the top! I have tried to be honest with this listing, it's not perfect but it's also not a pile of junk either. It was running and driving perfectly fine the last time I was using it (briefly before christmas) and it now just needs a loving owner with a few spare weekends and with a spare few quid to make it a great car again, and with a bit more time and money could really be an amazing car. I have just lost the enthusiasm and don't have the time or money these days to spend on a car, even a Corrado :( £3500 or a sensible offer (a lot less than the conversion alone would cost you!) If interested PM me on here or preferably email me [email protected] because my phone's playing up a bit at the min and in the middle of upgrading, but I'm always checking my emails (web developer so always on a computer!) so email will be the quickest way to get hold of me really. Much love, Rob xx
  6. herisites

    R32 Corrado

    Yep, I'm selling mine! £4k takes it away, the engine is sweet now, no issues at all, but the car itself is just showing it's age a little, still scrubs up well though and it is the best colour AND with beige leather ;) I need to sort a few minor things out before selling though really, like a new windscreen mainly, but will sell as it is for the right offer. ---------- Post added at 4:27 PM ---------- Previous post was at 4:24 PM ---------- I don't come on here that much now, so if interested PM me or email me [email protected].
  7. Lol why do you want my engine when yours is the same? :scratch:
  8. Cheers mate! Yep it's gunna be sad to see it go but needs must and all that. I'm sure I'll get another in the near future, I'll leave that one standard though I reckon ... ish anyway ;)
  9. Thought I'd give a quick update on this as I haven't for so long! Still have the car ...just! It will be for sale very soon :( or now even if someone offers the right money! Flat spots are more or less gone now, Vince found the issues with the Mk5 ECU cutting the torque and so he mapped it a different way and the car is now miles better! He's taken all the initial torque away which may sound bad but it was so responsive it was borderline undrivable as it was, so by taking the initial torque away and giving it a smoother torque curve the ECU seems happier and lets it have the torque. I don't know the technical details of what he's done but it's now a lot better and smoother to drive and I get much better fuel economy as I'm no longer spinning the wheels and kangarooing every time I pull off! Vince also fitted a new clutch and sorted out some other wiring-in jobs the car needed since the install that I never got round to doing so engine wise now the car is running sweet! As for the GAZ's they still ride fine, I've found that the car actually drives a lot happier with them turned down most the way, and if I stiffen them up too much it becomes a bit awkward and bouncy to drive! The rear adjusters are pretty crusted up now though and need turning with a pair of pliers or something, I can no longer turn one of them just with my fingers, bit of a design flaw maybe and should have been top adjustable, probs wouldn't be a problem for a fair weather car but mine's been in it all! Sadly it's just starting to show it's age now and looking a little tatty in places :( people just don't respect cars these days so I can't be bothered with trying to keep an old car in mint condition if people are just going to open doors on to it and scuff it when trying to park :( I've got my Audi for daily use so I'm just gunna stick with the 1 car that I can run in to the ground and maybe get a nice car again in the future.
  10. My passenger door has got a nasty ding and a bit of rust so rather than trying to get it looking pretty I think it'd be easier to just try and source another door that's in good nick! Ideally I'd like one as complete as possible so it's just a simple un-bolt old one and bolt on new one and just swap over the door cards etc but am still interested in the main shell of the door if that's all you've got as long as it's BLACKBERRY (LK4Z) and late (mine's a 95' VR6). Cheers :)
  11. How much are you looking for mate?
  12. I need a center console from a late VR in black if anyone has one pleeeease :) Thanks!
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