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  1. Been spinning up Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross' score for The Social Network tonight in tribute to their Oscar win in the wee small hours... Hand Covers Bruise = sublime. That is all.
  2. haha... one day sir, one day

  3. Bonjour!


    Taken me a while to see and work this out. Would be keen, but I'll be flying back from snowboarding that day.



  4. Shutter Island : 2/10... tosh. What a waste of a Saturday night.
  5. Mister man... didn't know if you were interested in catching Band of Skulls at The Brook on 23rd March? I'm heading down there with my sister if you fancied truckin' along?

  6. even though I've been a Ferrari fan since I was old enough to say "red car", I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that car will win the championship this year :salute:
  7. Thanks, and yes I had... pretty good eh. I'm rather liking this at the moment too... give it through until 0:41 when it kicks in [youtube:3ru42h1c]CDmWJbN8bDo[/youtube:3ru42h1c]
  8. do you not like it then :lol: Er... let me give you a considered answer no. :pukeleft: +1 I think... which is odd as I quite liked the 612 :shrug:
  9. Even though we only live 40miles away, we tend to stay here for FoS weekend and walk in and out of the event... http://urlm.in/gtgm it cheats the traffic, which really can be an utter ballache - last year we decided to drive rather than stay and were literally parked for an hour on the A27, all up it was 2hrs40mins to get from the Fishbourne Roman Palace to the FoS car park after joining the queue at 8am Like everyone else says though, it's a unique event in the world and always worth a look 8)
  10. Heard this on Zane Lowe's show last night... anyone old enough to have witnessed the early 90's warehouse scene will love the video too 8) [youtube:3fvdijt9]PcVYBxHEry0[/youtube:3fvdijt9]
  11. So... In the Spirit of a more accurate system I'll give this film 85/100. :salute: ...so 8.5/10 then :lol:
  12. Totally agree with that summation Mr. Jim :salute:
  13. Surprised by the lack of Tron reviews folks... what are ya, all snowed in? :lol: Saw it earlier tonight and I'll give it 8/10... really it deserves less (story was somewhat Windows 3.1 in a OSX world and CGI Jeff Bridges suffered horrific pixel-botox), but gets bonus points for the superb tech upgrades on the original designs (loving the old skool Light Cycle and 2010 Recognizers!) and also for the simple fact that Olivia Wilde is stunning. Fact! :norty:
  14. Mindless trivia I know, but I worked on Human Traffic as it was directed by Justin Kerrigan, who was a year ahead of me on the same degree course... we were press-ganged into joining the production by the producer (Allan Niblo), who, co-incidentally, also recently produced Monsters (which I've already talked up way too much on here).
  15. Really want to see this- it's getting cracking reviews! 8) Watched this and thoroughly agree. Like the rather excellent Moon from last year, it's a testament to how good a movie can be without needing a monster-truck marketing campaign, banner name cast, giga-budget and mega-multiplex aspirations.
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