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  1. Good work guys. Great experience with your renewals team just. Firstly very open and honest and secondly, matching last year's quote, which will do me for another year at least. Fills me with the confidence that should a need to claim ever arise, you'll look after me in the same manner. Thanks, Waz
  2. So... Don't be fooled by their amazing low price, especially if your car has any modifications. I did a comparison through Confused.com and admiral came out at £185.90... fantastic I thought. A quick call to Chris Knott confirmed they offer a good policy but attempt to make up the difference through their extras and how true they were! I stayed firm resisting all added extras until it came to modifications, there it went wrong. Despite confused taking all the details for modifications, admiral choose to ignore that and then charge extra for modifications. I ran out of energy attempting to argue my case, that its not my problem that they don't look at the data confused supplies and that they've already offered me a price based on that data. But hey, if they behave like that when you're just trying to take out a policy, what are they going to be like when you want to make a claim, or be represented by them?! So, back to Chris Knott and they matched last year's premium. £115 more than admiral but at the end of the day, I feel reassured that Chris Knott will look after me, if the need ever arises. Insurance will always be more than I would like to pay, but hey, it's a Corrado, not a Nissan Micra. Waz
  3. Cheers, i'll give that a go. Seems odd that the switch doesn't light up, was wondering whether a break in the wiring might be the cause...
  4. Following up on this post: I've got a similar problem. Sunroof is completely dead. Motor is fine, switch is fine but no power to the switch. Any ideas on which fuse(s) i need to look at? I've gone through all under the dash and they all seemed fine. Any other ideas? Spoiler is also dead but that is suspected to do with the dim-witted guys who did the respray and threw the car back together... Thanks, Waz
  5. Anyone ever been before? I'm taking the family in a couple of weeks for my 4 year-old's first ever motor racing event. I've never been and not knowing what to expect we've just booked into the Mulsanne-Arnage Enclosure and are planning on driving down from our camp site in the morning just for the Saturday to watch the start, a few hours of racing and then leaving in the evening. I'm after any advice that people can offer, from where's good to watch from on those corners to where's good to dump the car, and how easy is it to maybe jump on the tram from Le Mans up to the circuit? Waz
  6. Just wanted to say a massive thanks. Finally got round to wiring mine in and it looks brilliant, a vast improvement! Cheers, Waz
  7. Hi Rob, any word on the fog covers?
  8. Sorry Prestige but a fail for me, a minimum premium of £400 but my current policy is £353 with quotes online for less than that....
  9. Just received mine in the post today, can't wait to try them on the car, they look really good! Looking forward to the fogs now, keep up the good work! Waz
  10. I got chatting to this guy some time ago at a petrol station on my way home, he lives in Hagley and commutes in the Corrado every day into brum. He's not on the forum but was very chatty. I now give him a thumbs up when i pass him on the motorbike but haven't seen him in a while.
  11. It wasn't me, but what do you drive? I'm only in Cookley so often out and about in mine in Kiddy at the weekends.
  12. Went to the scrappy and scoured over various Veedubs trying to find a suitable interior light spring clip. Paid £5 for a polo interior light, got it home compared it with the Corrado light and realised the clip is a different size. Squashed one of the clips a bit with a pair of pliers and got it to work so that'll do for the time being. Then finally got round to cleaning up the headliner, first time in 6 years of ownership! Enthusiasm is returning!
  13. Hi, can I order 2 please? Been on my wishlist for a long time! Thanks, Waz
  14. Hi Rob, I PM'd you a couple of days ago about a set of clears but have no record of it in my sent items. Can you confirm receipt and drop me payment details over. Thanks. Waz
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