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  1. its that time of year for me again....


    thinking of increasing the agreed value amount this year from 15K to maybe 17K. what do you guys think ??? to be honest no amount of money would replace the relationship I have with the car....


    insurance company want the car assessed for value... how to people go about it.. who does it ?

  2. Oh I'm a HUGE tea fan! LOL! - I'm miles away mate but thanks... I live near Thame on the Bucks/Oxfordshire border.


    I'm head up to my mates place in Silverstone to collect my engine in the next few weeks so hopefully the project will start rolling again.


    Is the rado back in your mums garage... hiding from the dog cctv... impressive job on the new house... new drive way I’m prep for the rado ?

  3. Yep air flow is king . I’ve seen all sorts in my time . Paignton is a small place I’ve never seen that car before .

    Edit it was an ad across the page which said jobs in Paignton, not where the car was for sale .


    I saw one for sale in my second home town recently, Dartmouth. Think it was on gumtree. Just saying think it was a valve. Very surprised.


    Rob try and stick with the present car and get some good advice first.

  4. looking at a heater matrix..


    silly question coming up... do I need a different matrix if I have air con ????


    the wording for the matrix im looking at says. No AC


    1991-1995 2.9 Petrol Coupe 190 bhp [Eng.Code: ABV] CRITERIA: NO AC; ABV.


    i'm assuming because corrados came standard without Air co. they would not put a new matrix in when air co was fitted. anyway its a different system.

  5. Maybe you should post a list of the enquirers 24 hours before you make your decision to weed out any potential breakers / resellers known to the forum?


    I agree... too many people wanting to make a fast buck these days out of you generosity...


    This needs a good home... a dad to teach his son mechanics is ideal...

  6. Delfinis38, how close were your compressor hose connections to the oil block on the engine ?

    As usually happens when changing Corrado parts.... my outlets of the new compressor are slap bang in the middle, whilst my old unit had them offset !!! Oh why oh why oh why. Doesn't help that the new pipe connections are chunkier, damn.

    And to top it off, I had bought the wrong receiver drier over a month ago.. double damn..

    With luck I should,,,,,should get the evaporator back this week


    I can look tomorrow... but from memory very close. Think I remember one connection had a bit sliced out of it just for clearance... think it actually touches or very close to the filter housing

  7. And,

    I managed to fall out with the guy that was making my pipes over some nuts that were left on !! ���� and the £180 cost of them all.

    During this time I asked the aircon firm to make me some instead....

    To be right with the first company I paid up but wasn't happy with my OCD.. Anyone want a complete replacement set of hoses???

    My aircon firm actually made the hoses up during this time...... so i have ended up with two sets. With this set costing me more than double the first price, but they are nice and shinier.

    Christ this Corrado tax is expensive.

    Note to self, look for a different hobby :cheers:


    I got my pipes from pirtek. 120 each but I did a cash deal in the end for 80 each, a donation to the Friday beer and curry fund. I guess it ain’t that bad after it’s pressure tested... I was a bit peed off... thought it was better than stripping the front end again in the future.

  8. Where they the same ? Looking for some hinge covers part number 535881477 and 478 heritage say they are obsolete.


    But the golf ones look identical part number 191881477lx6. Heritage say not... but they are listed at classic part for a corrado..


    https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/verkleidung-70da0f.html golf part


    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-CORRADO-FRONT-SEAT-LEFT-SIDE-HINGE-COVER-CAP-TRIM-535881477-/392158498151 Corrado part example.


    The corrado one has an extra boss indent.. wonder if the dowels are in the same location..



  9. sorry no luck with pictures chris.... shouldn't moan but half the time I cant log in either.


    thought I had your email address from when we were looking at roof trims.

  10. Two that go to the cig for illumination, and ground will be right length, even two long.


    You will need to join a wire to go to the sender and glovebox light / batt.


    I guess it would be cheaper and neater to just buy the connector ends and electrical wire.


    I only paid a few quid for the yellow wire and connector

  11. I also bought. 5 metres of general electrical wire. For the sender to guage.. some ring connectors for sender...


    I also used scotch locks to pick power and illumination up.. not the best connectors but they work.


    Other than that a few tie wraps and you should be sorted...

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