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  1. Just to say I managed to bleed the brakes at the weekend.. using the manual 2 man pump the brake method as per Bentley manual.. the ezibleed was introducing loads of air into the system.. any suggestion on a better vacuum tool for the job next time.

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      I presume you are simply bleeding, not replacing fluid following a caliper replacement or something. These are the basic principles:

      1. Keep the end of the pipe under fluid in the collecting bottle - dont trust the eazibleed valve to not suck air in.

      2. Keep the master cylinder fully topped up, do it gently.

      3. Pump not in a frenzy, but firmly, 4 pushes, hold, bleed, slowly raise your foot after the bleed, pump again....

      4. Go around the car five times. 1 litre should be enough.

      If you have ABS the ignition must be on, otherwise the the hydraulic pump wont open up the valves and clear.

      The trick I've found which makes the greatest difference is to get the car up on axle stands on all four sides, with the rear of the car up higher - say six inches - than the front. Then use a hydraulic jack to push up the rear beam enough to bring the hubs in line with where they would be if the car was sitting on its wheels normally. This is important, as it enables the rear axle to open up its proportioning valve. If the rear beam is allowed to drop, the proportioning valve almost closes in the beam, the air gets trapped just before the valve.

      Then lift your handbrake to the hilt. This compresses the rear calipers, forcing air to divert to the bleed valves rather than collect inside the pistons.

      • If you have ABS bleed in this sequence: rear right, rear left; front left, front right. But before you start, turn the ignition on, dont start the engine.
      • If you dont have ABS it is rear right, rear left, front right, front left. Use a high grade 

      If it doesn't clear, or if you have had to replace a caliper, etc (and therefore the m/c lost pressure) then get a pressure bleeding tool - these contain a bottle with a pump (look similar to a garden weed sprayer, but with an extra pressure guage and cap to go over your master cylinder). This creates an overhead of fluid in the master cylinder and repeat the above process.

      If that doesn't clear the problem you could have a frozen caliper somewhere. Check each caliper one at a time.

      • Dismount it, prove to yourself that the piston can retract properly. 
      • Stick a two inch piece of wood between the piston and the receiver.
      • Pump the piston to enable it to extend - and prove to yourself that the piston doesnt stick.  
      • Refit when sure, go to the next one.

      If the pistons on all four calipers do move smoothly, then get a bright torch and peer it down the master cylinder's reservoir and look for signs of small bubbles appearing when the pedal is pumped. If that happens it is likely that the m/c is knackered. 

      If you are sure the m/c is good, then the last resort is a negative pressure bleed - which needs a garage properly equipped to do that. That always works. An experienced mechanic can usually tell, whilst pumping, if the problem is the m/c, the ABS pump, or an end caliper.


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  2. whats the secret to bleeding the bleeding brakes ??? tried yesterday with an eazi bleed.... pumped about a litre through and think i got air in the system when i took the pressure of the tyre.... peddle goes right to the floor. any tips

  3. its that time of year for me again.... thinking of increasing the agreed value amount this year from 15K to maybe 17K. what do you guys think ??? to be honest no amount of money would replace the relationship I have with the car.... insurance company want the car assessed for value... how to people go about it.. who does it ?
  4. Is the rado back in your mums garage... hiding from the dog cctv... impressive job on the new house... new drive way I’m prep for the rado ?
  5. https://royalsteeringwheels.com/ These guys are meant to be good... no experience personally.
  6. I spotted those but didn’t post as out of stock.
  7. seat Ibiza meant to fit okay http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?89630-Parcel-shelf-strap&highlight=Parcel+strap
  8. I saw one for sale in my second home town recently, Dartmouth. Think it was on gumtree. Just saying think it was a valve. Very surprised. Rob try and stick with the present car and get some good advice first.
  9. I can hardly ever log in.... if you've noticed my absence from posting its not because I've lost interest, I read the forum every day but cant log in.... its annoying when you need help.
  10. looking at a heater matrix.. silly question coming up... do I need a different matrix if I have air con ???? the wording for the matrix im looking at says. No AC 1991-1995 2.9 Petrol Coupe 190 bhp [Eng.Code: ABV] CRITERIA: NO AC; ABV. i'm assuming because corrados came standard without Air co. they would not put a new matrix in when air co was fitted. anyway its a different system.
  11. I agree... too many people wanting to make a fast buck these days out of you generosity... This needs a good home... a dad to teach his son mechanics is ideal...
  12. any advent calendars in stock this year at heritage ??? had the Lindt mk1 gti last year, not found any on your site.
  13. Giles, you will be sorry to see this go... with all the time you’ve spent on it... I can understand you must have a bit of a project with the new house and family.
  14. Yes mines there too but the top touches the inner end of pass headlight. If I could post pictures. It would make explaining so much easier
  15. 8FT351199-011 Is the one I’ve got.. it crossed referenced to 017047 which I pulled out.this is also a tight fit behind the passenger headlight.
  16. My next project.. which matrix did you buy.... I want the best quality one I can get... as I’m only doing this job once...
  17. Which receiver dryer did you buy that was wrong. I cross referenced mine to a hella unit.
  18. I can look tomorrow... but from memory very close. Think I remember one connection had a bit sliced out of it just for clearance... think it actually touches or very close to the filter housing
  19. I got my pipes from pirtek. 120 each but I did a cash deal in the end for 80 each, a donation to the Friday beer and curry fund. I guess it ain’t that bad after it’s pressure tested... I was a bit peed off... thought it was better than stripping the front end again in the future.
  20. https://m.facebook.com/groups/242022989284036
  21. Thanks keyo. That’s the part... I don’t like the 37 euro delivery charge though... unless heritage can order it for me, do they do that ? ANNA if your reading this ?
  22. Where they the same ? Looking for some hinge covers part number 535881477 and 478 heritage say they are obsolete. But the golf ones look identical part number 191881477lx6. Heritage say not... but they are listed at classic part for a corrado.. https://www.volkswagen-classic-parts.de/en/verkleidung-70da0f.html golf part https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VW-CORRADO-FRONT-SEAT-LEFT-SIDE-HINGE-COVER-CAP-TRIM-535881477-/392158498151 Corrado part example. The corrado one has an extra boss indent.. wonder if the dowels are in the same location.. Thoughts
  23. sorry no luck with pictures chris.... shouldn't moan but half the time I cant log in either. thought I had your email address from when we were looking at roof trims.
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