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  1. Sorry driver vr6, I'm sure you shall find some mint black leather seats very soon ;) All Pm's replied Thanks :)
  2. Hi Guys, I have for sale a full seat of VW Corrado VR6 Storm Cream Leather Interior in very good condition (they could do with a clean): - Front Seats (fully working heated seats, driver seat has some wear on right bolster) - Rear Seats (like they have not been sat on) - Front door cards (come with handles including driver side control switch + electric window switch + speakers & covers for each door card) - Rear door cards - Center arm rest - Center console (including handbrake cover) - Rear parcel shelf - Rear footwell carpet mat - Front passenger carpet mat Sorry for the poor pictures. P.s Also have a brand new Corrado Continental Spare Tyre if anyone is interested. £550 ono Located in West London Shazz 07931 384 870 Collection Only Please Will not split nor post guys Thanks you :)
  3. .no longer for sale
  4. hi could you restore my advert for my corrado storm. tried adding it again, it comes up with an error and won't let me post. Thanks :)
  5. those are very very nice, they give the corrado a meanie fast type of look, but the d90's are classy and just there if you know what i mean, i think the d90's would make more of an impact, thats my view though mate :) (still those are lovely wheels, don't know if you need to do arch work :S)
  6. i always come across them, so i will give you a shout if i find any others ! cool
  7. on the edition38 forum, http://www.edition38.com/board there always popping up there for sale :) "Mr Anderson" has two sets of them for sale, theres quite a few on there ;) good luck mate
  8. theres a set going for like 160, get them refurbed like that for like 180, total of 340 ;)
  9. i see, thanks for that. Want to ask, which produces the loudest or more scream the vortech or the z engineering charger ?
  10. oh ok, i don't know nothing about that, what would you require ? What parts to go with it ? And how much would they be ? thanks guys
  11. there charger is 1165 :| is that quite cheap or what ? Wonder if they ship to the uk. They don't have no contact number or nothing :|
  12. so can anyone shine some light on Z engineering chargers?
  13. Hi there guys seen a vr6 with a zender supercharger on sale, but i don't know nothing about zender or there chargers? Does anyone ? Any good ?Compared to vortech are they similar or what ? If someone has some information it could you please let me know. Its quite urgent. Thanks Guys
  14. xbones, how much would a V6 conversion roughly cost ?
  15. young lad

    My New Wheels

    blimeee, why can't i find rims like that on ebay etc. lol Nice one
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