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  1. Good to hear, buddy. Let's talk offline if there's anything I can do to help.
  2. Yeah, just seen a page throw an error. It does indeed look like something is up with the bbcode module in vbulletin. Any page which utilises it, errors. I'm on a ferry with 10kb/sec Internet at the moment, so difficult for testing... Is there an option in settings to disable bbcode?
  3. Sorry to hear the site is having issues. I've not really spoken with Toby for over a year (nothing personal, but I didn't think he'd want the old admin poking him every now and again about forum stuff!) and I don't "have the keys" to the admin section anymore - although it sounds like the server needs some maintenance, which only Toby will have access to. As it is holiday season, he may well be out of contact at the moment, and/or unable to do much until he's sat in front of a PC with a decent net connection. However, I've not experienced any issues logging in or using the site to post this. Some things you could check which may help you until it's fixed properly: - Use the mobile Web theme on your phone. If you don't automatically change to this when visiting the site, you can change to it via the drop down box in the very bottom left of the site. - don't use the direct.the-corrado.net url as this bypasses caching which may help keep the site up Happy to help Toby / anyone else / etc. where I can. I don't want to see the site die, there's a lot of great information on here.
  4. First, please don't post the same question in multiple forums. Your other posts have been removed. Secondly, it's OBD2. Thirdly, where do you think all of them are made? Hint, they all say "Made in China" on them. Fourthly, you have a Golf ABF engine in your Corrado - but has the whole car been converted to OBD2? It would have to have been the whole wiring loom - to lights, etc., everything... More likely, it's still OBD1, so the reader will be useless anyway?
  5. Suspect the new admin doesn't have the wiki subdomain setup...... It still exists, don't worry!
  6. Yes. They'll need to be restarted with Toby once he's up to speed. There wasn't an easy way for me to move the subscriptions to him, sadly.
  7. Hi all, I'm not sure if all of you are aware, but I've run this site since it's inception, over 13 years ago. For about 10 of those, I also ran the dedicated server and managed all the software / hardware / upgrades - as well as trying to keep the site new, fresh, appealing to new users, but fun & useful for the current lot. It's been fantastic - and I've enjoyed nearly every moment of it! You've all been very supportive of me as well, making the until-4am tech sessions worthwhile when I see you all log back in at 7am and using the site as if nothing's happened! I've got DVDs of Rolling Road days, and various T-shirts & stickers we've designed throughout the years. But, I've not actually had a Corrado for over 10 years - though I've stuck in the VW & Audi fold for pretty much all of that. I now have a 2-year daughter, and I'm engaged to be married.. Basically, I've grown up and changed quite a bit from the 22 year old who started this site a long time ago. I'm sure most of you've noticed I've been getting far more distant in the past couple of years. Having a more demanding job, and a small family, has made looking after the site more of an after-thought than something I want to passionately continue. But the last thing I'd ever want, is for anything to change (for the worse) for the users. So, it's with great pleasure that I announce the new 'Commander in Chief', t700bes He has been looking after the server & hosting of the site for the past couple of years and some of you will know him from his Corrado owning days. I suspect he'll be back with another - so I'll let you guys keep on bugging him about it..!! I'm not leaving. I'll still be around for any help and advice on running the forum and it's setup. But it's t700bes you should contact for all things forum and any feedback, etc. as he's the new boss ;) Here's to the next phase of The CF and to see what goodies some new blood can rustle up! :geek: Peace out! :afro:
  8. One of the annoying bugs were that it appeared in Panjo but wasn't copied to the site. Now I've disabled Panjo, your ad won't exist, so you'll need to submit 'old school'...!
  9. Nope, but I told them pretty directly that they were crap, so maybe they skipped me... [emoji1]
  10. We've done all that in the past, and it just get ignored and becomes a pain to police. The rules do state you will get a ban for being an arse.. Haha 😂
  11. Hi all, I know this will be well received by some users...but we are dropping Panjo from our Classifieds section, effective immediately. They have decided to launch a new version of the software in an incomplete state (the biggest ommission being the lack of GBP as a currency) but disable their current version at the same time - leaving us no choice. We will trial running open forums for the Classifieds section.
  12. That's one of the major advantages* of Donating to this great service. *ok, the only real benefit, though, I also give you an unlimited PM box... ENJOY!
  13. Thanks to those that have PM'd! All sorted now ;)
  14. I can't see either of these transactions... Could you both PM me your real names (or the names on the transactions)... Thanks! It doesn't help when people use their other half's Paypal etc.! Or their name isn't "Mr. Goldfinger"... :lol:
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