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  1. Where did you get the pods from? I phoned up a couple of weeks ago and they've stopped making them now :( Gonna pull my finger out and build my own :) I'm no audiophile but i've just bought some polyglass focals 165v2s for my mk1 as i've heard nothing but good things about them. If you can stretch your budget a bit it would definitely be worth it. If you've gone to the expense of getting the door pods its worth spending the money on some good components. http://caraudiosecurity.com/shop/produc ... urer_id=55 Show some of their range, but if you shop around you can pick them up cheaper. Hope thats at least some help.
  2. So which one is the power relay? Do i have the right one afterall? I don't have a 100 in there at the moment.
  3. The pins are different from each other, but i think the 100 may go into the 109 slot as there are more slots than pins if you get me. The car is stuck down in the village where i last broke down and its cold and wet and raining so i'm not going to go back again to get a photo...
  4. Cheers, yeah 3rd from the left in my car at the moment is 109, which is what i thought i needed. I'll have to try and take it back again. So annoying... 7MO 951 253 A is the part number.
  5. Which relay is it? My rado's on the blink, and i've been informed its most likely the power relay by my garage. They got me in one today so i just went to go and fit it, but i don't have the corresponding numbered relay already plugged in. They've supplied me one that has 100 on the back. Have they given me the wrong one? Or do i have the wrong one fitted. Which one should i be looking at? Thanks James.
  6. Thanks for all the replies. It was the lambda sensor. Can't get another one in time for edition38 so should be a fun drive.
  7. Just need some guidance where to look. About 4 hours from home my car started to just lose power, the revs would drop right down slowing the car rapidly. It feels like its not getting any fuel, but its nearly a full tank. You just have to dip the clutch and wildly pump the throttle and it'll spring back into life. Starts fine, idles fine, but just when you need the power to pull out of a junction it won't go. I'm guessing a senor of some sort. She had a new water pump fitted earlier in the week so i'm guessing the maf came out to make room. But would a faulty maf cause this? She needs to get me to edition this weekend and i'm too scared to drive her if she's gonna keep losing power all the time. Its totally sporadic as well, can run fine for ten mins then suddenly it'll throw a wobbly. :help:
  8. It does weigh a fair amount i have to say, but i've whipped the spare wheel out as its pretty much useless now thats in place. Got a couple of cans of tyre weld to replace it. Haven't got the brocks back on yet, but i've had the front arches rolled since i took them off and just haven't got round to putting them back on yet. They're going on for ed38 this weekend and i'll just see how they go. They will work but i love having my car as low as poss, so they're bound to scrub a bit. I'll have a look at the halfords acoustic carpet but i'm guessing they'll charge an arm and a leg for it. But at least i can actually go in the shop and compare it to my carpet.
  9. I've been meaning to tidy up my boot for ages, fed up with just having an ugly sub box stuffed in one corner and a couple of amps and wires trailing over the back of the seats. Finally pulled my finger out and knocked up a box to house it all. Put in a false floor so i had a flat surface and something to screw it all down to. Made the box but due to the odd sized amps its all a bit off centre :/ Now its all in and working, I just need to get some suitable carpet if anyone has any suggestions that would match up to the existing carpet in my boot? Also wondering if i need to line the sub box with anything inside? I've fired some silicone around all the joints but should i also line it with some sort of foam?
  10. He shows the jig attached to the bottem of the router in the 10th pic. (the only pic showing the router) But its easy enough to make one out of a thin piece of mdf, as you're only gonna do a couple of different sized holes. I'm gonna give this a stab if we get a bit of good weather, i've been putting off doing my doors until the summer but it doesn't seem to have arrived this year.
  11. Thoroughly enjoyed reading that! I also felt genuinely gutted by the ending. Good stuff.
  12. Thanks for the replies. I was just a little curious. :)
  13. I'm just wondering why my amp has two sets of terminals when its supposedly one channel? I'm a boon...
  14. Its wrong that i'm impressed by the the trailer to go with this... thing.
  15. Prefer the comps... :cuckoo: The car looks mint, love the colour and the ride height is spot on. The wheels are definitely different, but the centres stick out just a bit too much in my opinion. But pics never do anything justice.
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