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  1. Yes i did have a motorhispania when i was 16! Tommy long, would tha be Tom Longstaff by any chance? Nah i work, well worked as i have just finished to go back to uni, for Unilever at Colworth Park. Haha yeah it is mate. Bloody hell i didnt know you were into your dubs, last time i saw you you had that zetec s. You still kick it with dan?. By the way nine motor. :notworthy:
  2. I live on Hayway. Tbh you wont have seen it for a little while as its been off the road due to the insurance running out so i bought my £100 polo to get me about. I work in Sharnbrook but i jump on the bypass so i wouldnt really drive past wymington road. I hardly drive around rushden anyway as all my mates and the gym i go to are in kettering so im either there, at home or at work! Rob did you have a motorhispania when you were 16?!. Where abouts in sharnbrook do you work as ive got a couple of friends who work over there. You dont work at that new hotel thats recently opened do you?.
  3. Looks very nice mate although lower the rear and it will look a whole lot better. How wide have you got the rears they look awesome!.
  4. So rob where abouts in rushden are you from?, cant believe i havnt seen your car around. Ive seen a red and a black corrado about but ive never seen yours.
  5. I live up wymington road just off the bedford road if you know where that is?. Sorry to hear it hasnt gone smoothly at least it will be ready for the weekend. Im looking at getting a corrado soon and am just deciding on what to go for. I love the colour of yours its one of the best colours they came in, that and dragon green.
  6. Rob have just been reading a couple of pages of your story with your c,it looks awesome, love the stance and how clean it looks!. Have you got the charger bolted on yet, if so how much difference do you feel with it bolted on, do you get that audiable whine?.
  7. Im thinking of going down the vr route and then at a later date charging it, that way ive got the best of both worlds. Ive just been out in my mate vr6 and the noise is soooooo sexy and addictive.
  8. Ive driven both and love both of them yet am probably more tempted to the vr6 as the sound is so addictive and also its a newer car. I just wanted other peoples opions on what they thought of there cars and if anyone has had both and what they thought about the two?.
  9. Im looking at getting a corrado yet am undecided on what model i should go for. Both engines are fantastic and they both have there pros in totally different ways. First the vr6. I love the low down grunt from it and how smooth it pulls through the rev range and also that growl it has when on song. Yet tuning wise ive heard can be exspensive and to get good power gains and figures out of it you need to spend a fair wad of cheddar. The vr6's are a newer car than the g60 so you shouldnt have as much wear from the rest of the vehicle. Now the g60. I love these little engines (little compared to the vr6). I love the whine you get from these and that you hear a change in engine note when around 3500rpm. I think these are fantastic engines. I like the fact that you can get good bhp to the dollar with them and that aslong as you keep the 'charger serviced you've got yourself a really good engine. I just wanted other peoples opions on there corrados and what they think of there's as im 50/50 on both. Any opinions will be great. Thanks Tommy.
  10. Thanks alot for your reply's mate this is really useful. I know your going to need to have custom engine mounts made up for the conversion so surely if you get them so they dont sit that high you may have a bit better clearence in the engine bay. URL=http://imageshack.us][/url] The conversion has been done with an abf lump as this chap from germany has dont it.
  11. See id plan on changing the wiring loom for the carrado loom when i change the ecu's. Tell me if this is a stupid idea but you couldnt change the injection setup from an abf motor onto a 9a motor?. I know it sounds stupid but could it possibly work?. I have looked into 1.8t yet have found it's a long job to do. I plan on doing the conversion myself so am not worried about cost and also the 9a engines are cheaper to get hold of than a 1.8t and i'd also like to try something different.
  12. tommy long

    9a tuning

    Right im looking into doing a conversion into my little polo 6n and am tryingn to decide what would be the best engine to go for. Either the 2.0 16v abf or 2.0 16v 9a engine. I like the sound of the 9a engine because it is a smaller engine than the abf and they seem to always be popping up on ebay. What power figures would you get from a 9a engine standard and what figures could you see with a bit of subtle tweaking?. Also what are the engines like and also the gearboxes?, are they a strong drivtrain?.
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