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  1. Spotted a lovely green vr6 in Kidderminster yesterday morning coming out of the spar car park on marlpool lane. Lovely example and made me feel all nostalgic!! :) Missing my Corrado
  2. Spotted a lovely green vr6 in Kidderminster yesterday morning coming out of the spar car park on marlpool lane. Lovely example and made me feel all nostalgic!! :) Missing my Corrado
  3. Nice rado spotted outside the post office in cookley. And shock horror it wasn't Wazza's lol. Nice brief chat with owner to :) (Really missing my rado)
  4. Welcome to the corrado forum Dave!! Nice rado ;) I'm sure the guys here will be a world of knowledge for you. As far as changing filter maybe post question in technical place to. But in my limited knowledge on these things induction kits are far better than normal filters :)
  5. Hi there. Flexso has had to pull out so it's yours if you want it. Do you have a PayPal account? If so you could PM me your details & I'll give you my details. Thanks Hev :)
  6. This air filter is still for sale. £40 including postage. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks :)
  7. Hi. Just been to postoffice & Postage is £5.25. If you want to PM me your address & I can PM you my PayPal details. Thanks :)
  8. Yes it's there so all you have to do is remove old & fit the new. Your rado will sound awesome :) I'm at work today but will get it weighed asap & let you know when I can post it. Do you have a PayPal account?
  9. Yes I will be able to post. Where abouts are you? :)
  10. Hi all. I am selling my k&n air filter. It's in good condition. £40 ono. Let me know if you're interested. Thanks Hev. [ATTACH]69247[/ATTACH]
  11. Glad I'm not the only one then. I was just worried I had been kicked out for some reason lol. This reply was sent via tapatalk. Seems to be working again now lol
  12. Just wandering if anybody else is having problems accessing the corrado forum via tapatalk? I have an iphone and use this app. It has been fine for ages but the past few days it keeps saying "unable to access the forum due to security. Supplier maybe restricting your access"? Just wandering if anybody else is having similar problems? Thanks Hev
  13. Hello & welcome to the forum!! I know you'll enjoy the corrado owning experience!! My bro had an electric (Honda) blue G60 a few years ago, he loved it :)
  14. Well according to volkscars website my corrado has been sold now. Really hoping its going to a good home!! Also hope the new owner gets in touch. Would love to hear how he/she is getting on.
  15. Hi. Yes that's the one. There is nothing wrong with it. Only reason I sold it was because I need moor doors after having my daughter. As you know corrados are more of a drivers car ;) Dealer I sold it to said he was going to put a new arial on it & refurb wheels (as lacquer was peeling off in places) & that's it. Great runner, fsh. With suspension & wheels I think it looks great, just the right ride height :)
  16. Ha ha. I'd only one mine back, know it inside out! Maybe if the new owner does take heed of my letter he/she will end up on here & in the future I could make them an offer lol
  17. I might like to add I do love my mk1 golf. If my family & friends thought I was bad over selling the corrado I think selling my mk1 would brake me completely lol. Plus there is nothing wrong with my mk4 but it just not the corrado. I'm sure over time I'll get to like it...... :S
  18. Ha ha ha. Thanks for your words of encouragement ;P Don't blame you though. As my hubby keeps saying I'm completely emotionless about the golf.....what have I done??!! :(
  19. Thanks guys. Was a great car & I will miss it. Dealer I sold it to only sells vags so hopefully it'll go to a good home. Re the golf it's no corrado but picks its feet up nicely so hopefully it'll do the job I need it to (darn kids lol). Still not feeling the love for it but hopefully over time it'll fill the corrado void....maybe possible hopefully lol
  20. Well yesterday I sold my beloved corrado VR6 'Minnty'. Was a very emotional day & very hard to say goodbye. I've owned it for 7 years but it's been in the family for about 10. I part exchanged it against a mk4 golf gt tdi 130bhp & although it was the right decision (as golf has more doors) part of me is very sad to see the corrado go. But being the girl I am I have left a card for the new owner & pointed him/her in the direction of the corrado forum so hopefully it won't be the last I hear of it. That's one of the problems selling to traders you don't know where it'll end up! Anyway I want to thank you all for all the meets, support & advice you've given me over the years & feel lucky to have made some great friends through owning the corrado. So keep your eyes peeled for my corrado on the roads. Missing it already, well nothing sounds so great as the vr6 engine does it!! :) I will keep popping in from time to time to see how you are all doing! Take care :)
  21. Hi Swompy. Long time no see. Sorry to hear you are selling your corrado, but you are not alone. I'm about to sell mine to. It's a real wrench & I can't talk about it too much else I'll start crying again, lol. Basically I need more doors after having my daughter but I have really enjoyed my corrado owning experience. Funny how I remember you getting excited over being in that vid I posted of all the corrados on that cruise from local meet to D&G "I'm famous" lol. Take care! Hev :)
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