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  1. Red L reg a few cars ahead of me in the queue on the A12 near Martlesham about 5.30pm today. I was in my TT though.
  2. N reg in Kesgrave at about 5.30pm today. Mine's SORNed so I was in my daily.
  3. Not seen one for ages and then 2 spots within a couple of days! I saw an N plate Bordeaux with a for sale sign in the window driving in to Tesco in Martlesham a few days ago and I followed an M plate (ice grey violet? - my colour knowledge is a little rusty) valver about 45 minutes ago along the A14. Really nice to see one on the road just now - mine has been off the road for quite some time and I miss it!
  4. Spotted a white H reg (flavour unknown) in Headley about 5pm on Saturday. Goes without saying that I wasn't in mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Spotted a dark C (black or classic green maybe?) on its way out of Headley about 2.30pm yesterday. Annoyingly I wasn't in mine and was driving my dad's nondescript silver Passat
  6. Spotted a green one westbound on M4 somewhere nr Slough about half an hr ago
  7. Hahaha! Yes, still alive but you're right - I've not been on here for a while. Mine has been off the road since before Christmas which is making me a bit sad - I really miss driving it. Hope you're well.
  8. Black N reg in Tesco car park, Basingstoke at the moment. My first spot in months!
  9. Sadly not... I wasn't organised enough to buy tickets in time. Really wanted to see the Vulcan too!
  10. Wish I'd been there - that sounds like a great day!
  11. Ah, that makes sense since they were mostly just south of Oxford.
  12. Thanks - that explains some of them. Also saw at least 4 E-types, a couple of Americans things (not good on naming those!), loads of old 911s, some very old Austins, Lagondas etc and a Ferrari. Certainly cheered up my journey!
  13. So what show have I missed this weekend? Just seen an awful lot of lovely cars heading south on the A34 including a nugget rado which looked to be in convoy with a Golf and a Beetle.
  14. Just spotted a C northbound nr Minehead jct on M5. I'm heading south in my cousin's T5 so no waves. Only caught a very brief glimpse but think it's a black one. Sunny day, road trip, camping later and a Corrado spotted. Happy days!
  15. This sounds superb! I'd love be there but have a couple of things I can't miss this summer so need to check dates and keep my fingers crossed that nothing clashes...
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