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  1. Spotted a tired looking Red G60 with either ludicrous camber or completely knackered front suspension (hard to tell these days) on Queen Mary Road in Norwood. Been there about 3 days now, I'm guessing its undrivable due to the front.
  2. I don't remember seeing that in the pile o'crap that I've got. I'll double check over the weekend but I think you'll have to look elsewhere.
  3. Its in good nick. A bit dirty, but no holes, dents, rust, etc.
  4. uhhhh, might have screwed up here. I didn't actually check to see if they come out and it looks like a real ballbuster. Sorry dude, going to have to deny you this one as the fogs are pretty hot right now.
  5. Cupboard clearout - loads of parts inside Contact me via PM for quickest reply. Prices do not include postage, photos available on request as I can't be arsed resizing them in this new, wonderful for sale section that we have. :( Drivers air vent housing 10 Passenger air vent housing 10 Passenger air vent 8 Centre vent (passenger side ) 8 Centre vent (driver side with hole cut for standard gauge) 10 Driver vent 8 Driver vent (hole cut for gauge) 10 Bonnet cable with handle 5 Speedo surround 5 Curved inlet pipe 5 Offside fog 30 Offside fog/indi housing 10 Offside indicator (glass chipped and loose) 10 Drivers fog 30 Drivers indicator (chipped) 20 Drivers fog/indi housing 10 Crack pipe 5 Drivers mirror, moonlight blue 15 Black plastic cover that goes by the mirror but I don't know what its called (1driver 2 passenger I think) 3 each Fuel filter 5 Oil cooler 5 CL pump and loom 5 Brake fluid reservoir 5 Washer fluid reservoir 5 Power steering fluid reservoir (no cap) 5 Passenger roof grab handle 3 Plastic spark lead guide (2,4,6) 3 Stack mechanical boost gauge 20 Aux belt tensioner 10 Passenger dash undertray 10 Drivers dash fuse box tray 10 Kick panel 10 Another kick panel 10 Thermostat housing with sensors 10 Power steering pump 10 Starter motor 20 Coilpack 30 Random cooling pipe 5 Dashboard 30 Ashtray (used) 5 Heater Loom 5 Wiper Loom 5 ABS Loom 5 Early passenger speaker cover (tabs intact) 15 Interior door handle surround both sides 3 each Wiper motor and linkage 15 Gearstick surround & boot 10 Centre tray (that gearstick surround clips into) 10 Late standard speaker door tray with speakers, both sides 10 each, 15 pair Steering column surround 5 Window controller ecu 10 16v badge (flat back) 15 Behind dash heater pipes (all 3) 5 2.5" Stainless Powerflow exhaust, oval tailpipe decat (still managed to pass emissions!) 3 slat badged grill (2 closed) 125 Collection only. Centre console 2 heater tabs broken just wedge it behind and it stays there, small hole and crack in bottom storage bit. 30 Speedline centre cap, one tab broken 10 List Date: 5/12/2014 For more info, click here to view the original listing: Cupboard clearout - loads of parts inside -------------------------------------- This item is no longer available. -------------------------------------- Mobile friendly version: Cupboard clearout - loads of parts inside
  6. Finally did it then Nick? I'm sure there's a similar specced car local to you that you can take on
  7. Ok thanks. Don't say I didn't warn you when the I spam the classifieds with 60 or so items!
  8. I've got a load of random bits gathering dust that I need to get shot of, but the classifieds has changed since I was last on and it seems like you can only post single items at a time. Since I have more than enough items to make this a hassle and I'm not actually breaking a car, what are my options here? Do I post in the Parts for Sale and list all my items in one thread, do them individually, or post in the Breaking forum? Thanks
  9. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/261432037368?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
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