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  1. What's the best launch event of the last few years that people can remember/attended? I'm doing a bit of research for a project and am looking for those launch events which stood out in peoples' minds, the ones that were a bit different from the norm or had a particularly creative aspect. PS they don't necessarily need to be for an exciting/brand new model!
  2. Cheers mate. The whole ceiling basically moves on hydraulics so yeah they adjust the lighting slightly for every shot
  3. Just bought Golf+ today and opened up the mag to find a small write up of the car and some of the above pics. Well chuffed to say the least, especially considering they never said anything about it getting in the mag when I first sent the pics through. Nice one Golf+! :D
  4. Lovely cars imo, could be sorely tempted with this Wortec one if I had the money:
  5. Mmm its still for sale. Wonder how big the boot is and I can get a towbar on it? :lol: http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1968027.htm or this maybe instead of the Golf http://www.pistonheads.com/sales/1910854.htm Haha I've been looking at the same 2, great minds and all that! Almost contacted the guy with the red one because he wants to px for a 'Corrado Storm' and I saw his motor down at Retro Show, looked pretty good. Wants top money though and it's got a cloth interior and is an estate. Like you I'd prefer a silver one and a coupe if possible, so had also been looking at the other one in your link. Interstellar mileage though!
  6. Overlooked, not half! Ben had all sorts of trouble trying to insure the damn thing, because the girl on the phones didn't know what one was and couldn't find it on the system! 'Is that the S3?' 'No, it's an S2.' 'You sure it's not an S3?' 'Uh, yeah!' :brickwall: Mind you not as bad as an industry professional - VAG specialist - who thought it was an S-line A2!!! :epicfail: Haha quality, I had pretty much the same conversation with someone the other day: 'So you're getting an S3' 'No an S2' 'Like an S4?' 'No, an older one with the original quattro engine' 'Oh you want one of those 80s ones' :epicfail:
  7. Hey! Hubby has an S2, but in volcanic black, or volcano black or something... :grin: Yeah they're a bit of an overlooked classic, a lot of people don't even know Audi made S2s, all they've heard of is the RS2. They were like a proto-Impreza/Evo in my mind, 2.2l Turbo, 4wd etc. I'm not sure who owns that silver one in my pic (it was at GTI Spring Fest Santa Pod when I took that photo) but I know I've seen it in a photo in one of the mags parked outside DG Autotech. Great looking motor...
  8. They take about 20 shots of the car from exactly the same angle but with different lighting for each shot, then shop the best lit elements together. They don't airbrush anything out though so it's still a 'genuine' photo in those terms, so any imperfections can still show up. I did detail the car for 8/9 hours the day before too so that makes some difference :lol:
  9. http://www.flowimages.com/, Im guessing mate :wink: Thanks for the comments all. Yep that's the guys, can't recommend them enough if people fancy getting some shots done of their own car. They really looked after us and were very enthusiastic about the rado despite the fact that they shoot so many exotic cars (they had a C Type Jag in last week worth a couple of million!)
  10. I was lucky enough to be bought a studio session for my birthday earlier in the year, went down there on Monday and, well, I'll let the photos do the talking!
  11. Am I right in thinking that dubmeister are now the only people selling new ZW1s in the UK? Because according to their site a set of 4 17x8 ZW1s is now £2744!! :gag:
  12. Anyone got a link to a place that sells engine/cam covers like the one below? Was gonna post this in the 'VR6 engine bay tidy up' thread but then it got locked :lol:
  13. jackflash

    wide 17's

    Ha, rubbing is enough of an issue as it is! Tbh you can't really do any more than 8" without arch mods at that height...
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