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  1. Trimsport New Year Sale - 10% off all cast wheels until midnight Monday! :)
  2. Hi DG, we've had a fitment issue with a couple, we're making a new new batch now and anyone with any issue will be swapped out free of charge, just drop us email to [email protected] thanks.
  3. Thanks guys we'll be doing another batch in January :)
  4. So our partners at fifteen52 are extending the love to Trimsport customers! Black Friday discount now on all UK and European cast alloy wheel orders until 2nd December! - Tarmac 17" 18" 19", Turbomac 17" 18" and Tarmac R43 19" all in stock and ready to ship! :) Just drop us an email/PM to book your set!
  5. Supercharged Badges are now 20% off until 2nd December! Just use discount code: BlackFriday15 at checkout! :)
  6. Storm Badges are now 20% off until 2nd December! Just use discount code: BlackFriday15 at checkout! :)
  7. Hi Phil, all gone for now, but may do another batch if enough interest... Post below if you want one! :)
  8. The second batch of carbon fibre light trims have shipped today first class UK and International tracked orders. There is now 1 left in stock so last call! :)
  9. We will be looking into a pre order on these and they are expensive to set up... give us a few days for a production update guys...
  10. What? Can you you PM us?
  11. Thanks for the huge response on these, there are now 2 left, so be quick before they are all gone! :)
  12. All Supercharged sizes now back in stock! :)
  13. Storm Badges now back in stock :)
  14. Having recently driven 3 Porsches, I'll throw my thoughts in.... Porsche 994 S2 3.0 70K - An alleged pampered collectors car - Ok it had the blue interior which I’m not a fan of but the drive was one on the most disappointing drives for a long time, sluggish down the road and felt like stirring thick soup! Porsche 996 C2 3.4 early spec 100k – Again a poor interior this time in grey which has not aged well, however in black or another colour would have a nice retro look to it. As for the drive, surprisingly good, lots of power and a rapid car indeed despite clearly needing new tyres on slightly damp road! A nice rasp from the (standard) exhaust and a great drive all in. Cayman S 3.4 90k – A very pleasant cabin indeed but VERY little room, a quick car and seemed shorter geared than the 996, however massive engine noise intrusion into the cabin, you are aware that the engine is right behind the seats ALL the time, I like a shouty engine but imagine this would drain on a long journey. Clearly a great drivers car and attracted far more the attention than the others, but very limited practicality… ... think I'll try a few more 996...
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