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  1. My take, the interior is unique but otherwise its a normal VR. Outer colour was on Mk3's as was the wheels. So yes its a limited car but there is no real back story behind the Campaign other than being a slightly different model. Its doesn't get any special mechanical bits etc etc. You can argue the Storm was the same and in reality it is the same, just slightly different from standard. They command a premium but not a massive premium is justified. I appreciate the efforts that have gone into this car but I just don't see the perceived value TBH. I would love another but I think as someone mentioned earlier the getting bits etc being a pain takes the fun out of it. Constantly worrying about if something breaks can you fix it. One of the reasons I sold my old Rs4 was that even things like bonnet release cable were obsolete, also one of the reasons Ive kept with the 996 is that this is supported so well even from the factory. No fun in owning something you can use and enjoy.
  2. I don't have a Vr6. Mk7 is far too new, Im only looking at around £5-6k budget. TBH if I had the money for a Mk7 Gti I wouldn't be buying a Golf anyway.
  3. I had a shot my friends Mk4 at the weekend, first one Ive driven. The Ed30 would leave it for dead on a good road, far more competent for sure. Certainly a totally different experience. Maybe I need to try a Mk5. I just miss the V6 noise and the a 5dr Mk5 ticks a lot more boxes for me. I am in discussions with someone on a swap for a Mk4 but with cash on top. Not so sure now.
  4. As an investment maybe your right. I looked at them start of the year and the few I did see were getting very rusty especially under the sills. Hard to beat the noise though. Part of me wants to keep my Ed30 as its a very capable car and easily tuned, just leaves me a little cold though.
  5. Have to admit Ive got a little handkering for one of these. I miss the V6, Edition30 is brilliant at everything but sound crap IMO. I don't need a flaying machine. Thing is, with much of this stuff now, the prices are just too much for what the car is. A lot of rose tinted specs being worn these days.
  6. Yeah there expensive if they go wrong and they do from time to time. Your right you have to go in eyes open and pick a good one, I love mine to bits and other than that potentially they are really cheap to maintain IMO.
  7. On the first boxtsers the bore score is not really much of an issue. Same with the 3.4 996 (which I have). Its the 3.6 and above that's are prone but again I think its made out to be more prevalent than it is. The 2.5 and 2.7 with the 5 spd boxes are pretty good, its the 6 spd that more prone for issues but again I don't think its a massive issue. Far from say they are chocolate engines, Ive had 3 now of that era and had zero issues.
  8. Not much for less that £5k these days that's worth considering from that era as most of the good stuff is well over £5k i.e. the non rot boxes. Theres a few little retro gems out there but not a lot that are genuinely fun to drive. Does an early Boxster count? They are total bargins IMO. I bought a 2001 3.2 S for £4500 and it was brilliant until I parked it under a lorry.
  9. Lol, seems us older folks cant stay away.....also have an Ed30 as well, lol. Although I am contemplating selling. Thought about another Corrado numerous times but not sure. It would be a shame to loose the info on this forum for sure.
  10. Lol, I should do a search first. http://direct.the-corrado.net/showthread.php?82666-New-to-Corrado-ownership-2-0-16v-K717FEW
  11. Looking to see if anyone knows these cars? First is a 1.8 16v converted to 1.8T and replainted in a light grey colour. Was recently around Leicster area. Looks nicely done, just wondering if anyone knows the car. Second is Kreg red 2.0 16v, standard condition. Apparently was south of England until recently. Again just looking for any info.
  12. I had an S2 after a Vr6 and not sure Id say it was that much faster, in a straight line but then it felt more agricultural. Certainly wouldn't be paying the £10k+ they seem to be going for now. A lot more fun to be had for that sort of cash. Coupe's also leak like hell. I think they are a bit of a rose tinted spec type car.
  13. I was offered it for £2900 a few months back.
  14. Anybody that pays that for a Corrado or even Mk2 Golf etc needs their head read. Just because people are asking that price doesn't mean there worth it.
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