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  1. sounds just like what mine did when i cleaned the isv and forgot to plug the wiring plug back in
  2. hi yes but witch is best, or do they feel the same to drive, only asking as i have both and doing my hg, thanks
  3. hi should i use a kr or 9a head on a 9a bottom end,whats best, thanks
  4. hi has anyone got these fitted,i read the ends were different is this true?
  5. juzza

    injection pipe

    hi, does anyone know what bore the rubber pipes are from metering head to injector lines are? corrado 2.016v 1993 , thankyou
  6. didnt know you could get a corrado convertable, although you must be able to as this is a corrado forum
  7. sorry bling crosby ebay
  8. yes seem the same just the plug looks different ? , but i have just found rear corrado ones for £25 ea new delivered so i think ill just get them,
  9. i heve just seen rear abs sensors for £15 delivered part no 1h0 927 807 d , would these fit, there off a mk3 golf, seem identical apart from the plug under seat , part no the same but the last digits d not an a , but could i just cut my plug off and swap it on the golf one as a corrado ones £50 - £60, and i need 2 rears and 1 front, thanks
  10. my abs has never worked in the 3 1/2 years iv owned the car, decided its time i had a look, when i turn my ign on the main 79 relay works for a few secs but 179 relay that works the pump does nothing, i have checked the wires and all seem to be fine apart from the red yellow wire only becomes live with the relay pluged in, totally dead when relay is unpluged, i popped the cap off the relay and pushed the contact together and the pump sounded like a compressor, i did see a step by step guide on how to test everything on msk but cant find it now, please help thanks
  11. hi i have just read on net that using passat b5 rear hoses on a corrado and golf mk4 calipers, can anyone confirm this as i can get them from euro car parts hopefully tomorrow ?
  12. ok thanks guys will the mk4 carriers be of any use to anyone doing other conversions or just for a mk4 or could i use them at a later date with bigger discs or something
  13. just got some mk4 x reg gti ones inc carriers £50 delivered hope thats a fair price do i need mk4 hoses or special ones thanks
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