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  1. Aaaand for the benefit of all those who come to this thread (much much) later, here is the other thread mentioning the Passat part (3A0501639) that is identical - I returned the VW Heritage part as it was the non-ABS version and useless to me!
  2. Will let you know if it works for my G60... Will have a search for the thread listing Passat part code, thanks. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  3. nrc is right - I've just removed my O/S stub axle and the 'stub axle cover plate' (as it's called) was on the outside of the stub axle, preventing access to the 4 bolts that hold it all onto the trailing arm. So, I bent it inwards to access the 15mm bolt heads, and after removing those bolts I noticed that the bending had caused a small split where the cover plate had been forced even further onto the stub axle, so I stressed that until it broke in two and allowed me to get the stone shield off. I've ordered another cover plate from VW Heritage for £4.50 plus P&P... :thumbleft:
  4. Thanks! '92 N-chassis, so that'll do me [emoji106] Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  5. Pretty sure I can get 15 gallons (70L) in my G60 Corrado from empty, or am I fooling myself?! Asking because I need new straps and am about to press the button on the ebay item previously linked... Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  6. See my 'build thread', don't want to take Tomi's thread further off-topic! ;-)
  7. I just recently put my C in for its MOT two weeks early, so I could still drive it and get around (for parts etc!) if it failed on something minor. It did fail on a tyre (low tread -fair enough, and easy to fix!) and also a headlight being too deteriorated(...?) Got an early lens from clumpy1 in case it was my glass, but noticed the silver was in bad shape on the reflector also, so patched that up too with aluminium tape. Finally fitted a pair of Philips extreme-something-or-other bulbs (I'm not running my uprated loom at the mo, as it has previously failed MOT due to lack of dim sidelights). Before: After: Early glass: Long story short, it passed, so off to France next weekend, for a bit of a roadtrip to a mate's wedding :-D
  8. Cheers slot, I've had PMs with Tomi, but his reflectors wouldn't get here quick enough for my MOT today. Had to get creative, but it worked and I have a pass. :-D
  9. Hi Stonejag, Do you have the left (passenger) side headlight reflector, and is it in reasonable condition (shiny and not dull/yellowed)? If so, I'm interested. Cheers!
  10. Hi tomi, Are you in the UK? Will you post these first class (for next-day delivery) with insurance at that price? Let me know, thanks ;-)
  11. Boost got rid of his C but has a Golf and a Polo now for him and his missus, so he's still in 'the family' ;-) He's recently got himself a 3D printer and is proper handy with CAD, so I'm gonna ask him to make some bits of obsolete trim. If he upgrades to one of those laser sintered metal powder printers I'd ask for mechanical and bodywork parts too! :-D
  12. Hold that thought - I have fresh glass being delivered late next week so may not need yours...
  13. Cheers Poll ;-) Sooo, just had my C in for its MOT again, failed on a tire (predictable) and poor pattern from NSF headlight due to deterioration in the lens (unexpected!)... Have bought replacement glass off clumpy1 and will post an update when I have it on the car :-)
  14. How much for one NS headlight delivered to Oxfordshire for late next week?!
  15. Do you still have any passenger (nearside) headlight glass? I'm after one for a headlight rebuild on my daily. Cheers mate, P.
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