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  1. Hi Christian - please send me payment details for a late spec VR6 set of foams please? Thanks, Josh
  2. As the title says - I've got a rattling front grille. Anyone got any?
  3. As per title - must be in good working condition and mileage known preferably! Mine sounds like a dying Parrot - so need a replacement! Thanks, Josh
  4. I've got both a Canon 12 Colour and an Epson 11 Colour. Don't rate the HPs for photographic work personally.
  5. Someone else?! Absolutely not chap - these are all printed by me and hand finished and stretched (which can be a bit of an art form itself!). It's the only way to ensure quality as some of the online stuff is pretty shockingly bad. Josh
  6. Might work on an 8" x 12"...... but I doubt any bigger. Do you know who took the original and can you purchase it from the photographer? Hmmm - would need to be about an 8" x 16" for that type of image, but I've tried scaling it on screen and it isn't really going to work at that resolution unfortunately chap! Sorry!
  7. Hi guys, Thanks for the replies - yes, picking a print is the difficult bit! General rule of thumb for image sizing is as follows (thanks for the prompt!) * 3 Megapixel = 2048pixels x 1536pixels | approx 20inch x 28inch canvas print * 4 Megapixel = 2448pixels x 1632pixels | approx 24inch x 32inch canvas print * 5 Megapixel = 2580pixels x 2048pixels | approx 28inch x 36inch canvas print * 6 Megapixel = 3000pixels x 2000pixels | approx 28inch x 40inch canvas print * 7 Megapixel = 3072pixels x 2304pixels | approx 32inch x 44inch canvas print * 8 Megapixel = 3456pixels x 2304pixels | approx 32inch x 48inch canvas print *10 Megapixel = 3648pixels x 2736pixels | approx 40inch x 48inch canvas print Images don't need to be HUGE to get a decent print as the texture of canvas means that pin sharp detail cannot be seen. However, if you want to produce a 40" canvas from an iPhone photo, the chances are that it won't be great. If you send me a file with your order, rather than printing it framing it and it looking terrible - I'll let you know if it isn't going to work well. After all - happy customers are repeat customers :) My latest project is a 3 panel canvas (80" x 8" each panel) for someone's stairwell which is going to be a challenge! Josh P.S - another couple of examples: 20" x 30" Landscape 24" x 16" Portrait
  8. Perfect for your bedroom, living room, garage or workshop - Have a stunning personalised high quality canvas print of your pride and joy! I'm currently setting up a small business specialising in bespoke canvas printing and framing. Being a VW enthusiast, I thought it might be nice for some of you to have pictures of your cars, and all of the money and work you've put into them. I can also do family pictures, pets etc, but much prefer working on pictures of cars. My prices are tailored towards beating the high street, but providing a higher quality service than the cheapest online players - for example: 16 x 20 Canvas print - Jessops high street price: £50 The Canvas Factory price - £27 Saving - £23! Here's an example of a print produced for a friend who just came back from the Nurburgring: Price list below - please let me know via email/pm/text/phone if you have any questions. I will have to add in courier postage costs, so please let me know your location when ordering. Many thanks, Josh
  9. I heard that these add at least 27bhp at the cam cover... so I'm very interested!
  10. I have a set of H&Rs that are not required any more. Although I think they are 20mm hubcentrics. Let me know, Josh
  11. Having sold a set of used storm badges to a guy in Poland for £100 on eBay - I'd say they went pretty bloody cheap!
  12. Hi Craig - yep no worries on bringing the decat down - where in B'mouth are you? My parents-in-law are in Boscombe Manor. Lambda is the standard jobby that you'd have in your normal cat and just plugs in as usual. The only difficulty may be in the fact that there are two different plugs for early and late cars I think. I'm sure this Lambda WILL come out - just didn't want to bugger it in case someone wanted it! (or you could even use the other lambda hole!) Ta, Josh
  13. Coilies have seen about 12-15k miles use on my car - purchased new a few years ago. Overall in good working order - usual bits of rust here and there as to be expected but all the threads have been cleaned up with a wire brush attachment on a drill, meaning that they are clear and all the collars are free moving. Comes with the C spanner (just have to pick it up from a mate's) and ready to fit to your 'rado. Collection preferable from Herts/Beds or Bournemouth area where I am every few weeks. I travel around a bit for work (in Glasgow and Edinburgh next week) so let me know where you are just in case. Just like these: http://www.europerformance.co.uk/pages/products/product_info.mhtml?product=299650 £250. Click for larger pics VR6 Decat - good used condition. Space for 2 x lambdas (if you need to run a wideband on forced induction) currently one is blocked off with a blank (old lambda) and the other lambda is well and truly stuck in the pipe, so comes with it for free (it works too!) £40 Collection/delivery terms as above. Click for larger pics Josh
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