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  1. The way it is at the moment, someone will buy that. And the following day be on the social media all “anyone fix me up with a supercharger ?” Too many people about for the last year, willing/naive/stupid/bored enough to lob their holiday fund/savings into a money pit. But hey, that’s how the classic market has existed for years.
  2. Oh I forgot to say. If it's done a few miles, take the TB off and give it a good clean. Again it'll run like a bag of bones for a week or so (or until the ECU re-calibrates its self) but it helped the throttle response on my 8V no end. Much smoother when going on and off the loud pedal. Start a members thread and bung some pictures up as well. We like pictures.
  3. Check the ventilation and air hoses. The ones on the top of the engine can go soft and collapse. I've had the spring clip pop off the TB and caused rough running as well. May as well start with the cheap options first !
  4. James.

    VR6 Newbie

    Sure. Fire me some pictures and part number and we’ll take it from there. Thanks.
  5. James.

    VR6 Newbie

    Is it a VR6 (6 branch) module ? Thanks, he’s kindly emailed it over. I’ve no issue with shelling out for parts, but hells teeth that’s supercar numbers. I thought your wife wanted the garden back ?
  6. James.

    VR6 Newbie

    Thanks, but really looking for a known working one. It looks like the trouble starts when they’re left off the car for any length of time, and they start to fur up inside. I haven’t. It’s been apart before and as the casings damaged I didn’t want to mess about installing it, only to want to change it further down the line. For something that important, I really would like a refurbed unit. I’ve not forgot about your bits though. I’ll call round soon, if that’s okay ?
  7. James.

    VR6 Newbie

    Having a real issue with the ABS on the Campaign (6 months worth). Would love a recon unit (or even a known working one) so reached out to a couple of companies (with zero success). BBA never returned my request. Then saw this: https://www.thegazette.co.uk/notice/3424940 What’s this article in the sprinter then ? Worth the entrance fee ? If I wasn’t so busy with work, I may have had more time to look into it.
  8. This.Our VR is suffering the same fate. Got bored with a reliable 8v. So took that apart as well. Is it wrong to want another ? Is it running ?
  9. Superb work on reactivating the Wiki. Can’t help but think that this would be best as a subscriber only section ? Creates a reason for paid subscriptions/redirects from social media etc ???
  10. That and the lack of a handbrake sleeve!
  11. I’ve seen this before (can’t remember where). But the chrome GB badges are a give away. 200k Storm. Interested to see where it goes.
  12. Thanks Hasan. Sorry, crossed wires. It’s the bolt head that stops short of screwing all the way into the upper chain cover. Not the plunger end. I didn’t realise that there’s two types of chain tensioner bolt. And judging by it, neither do Heritage. I have their chain “kit” with the later one (although it’s advertised as fitting all Corrados). Whereas my engine is early. I’ve got an original part on the way, so we’ll see if that makes a difference when it turns up.
  13. That’s a good idea as the weight of the door can make removing a bolt/inserting a washer awkward. I tried the washer and it did help lift the door. Sadly I couldn’t test whether it helped stop the leak, as I’d had the windscreen removed the same week. I don’t plan on installing the carpets till I’m certain though.
  14. Yes. Lower tensioner replaced as well. Along with guides and chains.
  15. Really confused. Dizzy VR6. Bought the upgrade (Febi) Mk4 chain/tensioner kit from Heritage. Engine is timed and all the slack is on the tensioner side Can't screw the upper tensioner bolt all the way. Once tightened, it stops about 4mm short. Sods law, the only part I can't find in the garage is the bolt I removed (to compare against). Looking at images on the web, the threads do appear different on the bolts. I've read that some have had to either remove threads from the tensioner bolt (about 4/5mm worth). Or, have removed the "stop" at the thread ends inside the upper chain cover. My head is hurting from all the conflicting info, the internet has to offer. Anyone experienced or have a hot take on this ?
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