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  1. James.

    Oil filter cap

    I couldn’t find the version without a centre section (There’s only one part number on partslink and all other sites) so what we’ve done is switch out the filter to the (later) plastic ended version, as opposed to the earlier metal capped version. Here’s where I bought the later (superseded) part: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/325408091268?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-127632-2357-0&ssspo=UYc4-p3_T3y&sssrc=4429486&ssuid=tk0ke1M_QYS&var=&widget_ver=artemis&media=COPY
  2. James.

    Oil filter cap

    Sorry should have included a picture: This is the one I have: This is the only one I can find new : Both on the same part number. I rolled the dice on it, hoping the centre section could be removed. Nope 🙄. Anyone switched over the filter and cap to the later style ?
  3. James.

    Oil filter cap

    The mists of time have clouded my memory. My oil filter cap has a crack in it, so was going to switch it out (92 VR6). Trouble is, I can’t find one. All I can find are the later ones (same part number, thanks VAG 🙄). So my question is, can I use the later cap and later filter in an early (1992) housing ?
  4. In the mean time, we’ll struggle on with old technology hoping for the best. A lot like us and our cars 😉
  5. Have you checked the voltage output at the horn end ?
  6. I got some of the replacement white clips from classic parts Germany a few years ago, but may be worth a look, as they may still be available. Two steps forward, and one step back (it’s the Corrado dance). 🙂
  7. B/W, you still got the blackberry VR ?
  8. James at Corrado graveyard is a great chap to deal with and has lots of spares. He’s on FB 🙂.
  9. You and me both. It’s not perfect, but like you say it’s back on the road. And that’s what counts and is making me smile right now 😁. Hopefully (if time allows) I’ll be able to get it to a couple of shows/meets in 2024.
  10. Thanks. I’ve got the leaks under control, so I’m happy to have a go at the aircon over Winter. Listen out for the knock on your DM door 😉
  11. I think it was when the forum changed hands and had to be re-built. I kept all mine in an archive and re-installed them recently, which was a pain, time consuming and I’m sure some are mixed up, but it’s the only place I have a record of the work completed to my car. Just something to do on a rainy afternoon. Quite enjoyed it. Lot’s of memories. Good and bad 🙂
  12. Having given the old girl around 8 weeks of running in, I thought I’d update the thread. I must admit that I was very nervous at first. Fully expectant of a breakdown (or two). I didn’t have to wait long before our first technical issue though. An all too obvious rumble emanating from the front corner meant that the wheel bearing was shot. I imagine that when I brushed the wing/wheel with the other car a while back, it opened up the bearing to the outside elements. Ordered a new SKF unit and had it pressed in c/o John at JJs garage Wigan. Surprisingly a pleasurable (and straightforward) experience when all the bolts/nuts are new (ish). Tightened up a few hoses to stop a few leaks, but continue to have issue with the gear selector. So far I’ve managed to get it in a position where I can get reverse and 5th, UNTIL the gearbox/engine gets warm and then I either lose reverse or release is difficult. I’ll persevere, either that or continue to push it out if parking spaces for the foreseeable. The last couple of weeks have sashayed more confidence into my Sunday afternoon sojourns. The unusually warm weather has seen us beginning to re-establish enjoyment of the big old lump. I have a local loop that extends through the country roads via Southport and back and as such opening up “the taps” and the sunroof. I re-built the sunroof fully back in 2009 but had issue with the sunroof frame fouling the rubber strip that retains the headlining. Not a problem, I’ll remove the strip and reassess. Fast forward a week and after a brief run in the warm weather, the headlining detached and opened up like a black parachute above my head. Hanging down like a sad old bin bag, I decided to take it all apart and make another go of improving the sunroof and its associated parts. First job was to drop the headling. I thought I’d done with taking the car apart by now 🙄. Peeled back (with relative ease) the old fabric. For the purpose of restoration rather than replacement I opted to clean it up. Safely stored all the other components away. Here’s what I‘d found the last time I repaired it. And whilst I made adjustments to allow it easier movement, the swage line in the frame seemed to be the offending element. Deciding the best course of action would be to reduce the height of the outer lip, I set about doing just that. I used a gauge to obtain a uniform thickness, but the two small rivets toward the front edge became the deciding factor in how much to remove (3mm if anyone’s interested). I used a microfibre cloth, moistened with a little white spirit to remove any sticky residue. Left overnight, I returned to the outdoors and re-connected the cleaned fabric to its structural support. The new profile once sanded, cleaned and re-upholstered. All back in and looking presentable once more. Oh, and the best bit… it rolls back and forth with little resistance. And that’s where we’re up to. Had a chat with the bodyshop to have the small paint issues corrected next month. Fingers crossed that todays warm weather carries on and I can get a drive chalked up later in the week. Sunroof rolled back of course 😎.
  13. I’ve run Rainsports for about 10 years on the 8v. Last year changed to Vredsteins in a 205 45 16 variant on the rear of the 8v and am very happy with them ( will go the same way for the fronts in due course ). Toyo TR1 were fitted when I bought it 13 years ago and switched out as they were not only awful but downright dangerous.
  14. Hopefully a job you won’t need to do again for a while. And the body colour looks great underneath. Kudos 🫡
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