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  1. After 25 years of pleasure, I have to sell my Corrado VR6 - it had 1 prior owner - a good friend. Full MOT, full service history, runs, needs cosmetic work inside and out. Everything is OEM. I will provide full details of ALL invoices and work carried out over the 25 years of my ownership. The identified required structural work was carried out to the satisfaction of the MOT. Included will be a number of extra parts (original metal sunroof and mechanism, original exhaust cover, fan thermistor !) accumulated down the years. From my first drive when I accelerated away from the lights, I have enjoyed driving this car ! Due to a certain London Mayor, I can no longer afford to run it having bought another VW (ULEZ compliant) - I have owned 1 Scirocco Mk2, 3 Passats and a Golf. I have toured Europe on holiday as well as taking it on my daily commute along the A12. It is all it is cracked up to be. I hope the photos set it up for you. BTW the number plate was a matter of good fortune ! https://www.carandclassic.com/l/C1618034
  2. I went through Heritage Parts Centre. The first one delivered was ruined in transit and they were very prompt in sending a new one - no need to return the old one - for no extra charge. It was better packaged. I took photos throughout of all the boxes etc. Really impressed. Cannot confirm it was VAG OEM but keeping fingers crossed. Good luck.
  3. Just finished after about 12 hours ... I have replaced the hoes in the paddles with Aquarium filer and sticky aluminum tape ... we shall see. Regarding the wire loom around the fan arm/duct - I found it easiest to unclip the 3 fuses (if that is what they are - 79; 179 and 179 - to release the duct. Now very knackered.
  4. Thank you for your reply, that looks great. I am assuming it will do the trick - my car is a '94 Corrado VR6. By the way, I also assume it is flat - only the garage - Clover Autos - pointed out that the plastic one that I have keep warping and if I do find a metal replacement, that it should be flat. Would you PM me ? Kind regards Toby
  5. As in the title ... would like to get hold of a Metal Rocker Cover. The original plastic one is turning into a banana ... important number is 021103475 G for ABV VR6 engine. Anyone able to help out ?
  6. mine is a 94 VR6 - do you have a price ?
  7. Do you still have it ? if so, how much ? I am looking to replace 535837205 A, does the letter matter ?
  8. Thanks for letting me know. I am still interested if you get to know of one being available.
  9. Do you have a flat (not boomerang style) rocker cover 021 103 475 G ? It must have a groove for an ABV 2.9 VR6 '94.
  10. Do you have a flat (not boomerang style) rocker cover 021 103 475 G ? It must have a groove for an ABV 2.9 VR6 '94.
  11. Do you have a flat (not boomerang style) rocker cover 021 103 475 G ? It must have a groove for an ABV 2.9 VR6 '94. Will pay postage.
  12. Do you have a flat (not boomerang style) rocker cover 021 103 475 G ? It must have a groove for an ABV 2.9 VR6 '94.
  13. Looking for a replacement Rocker Cover with Groove to take Gasket - Back in Sept 2015 got a Rocker Cover installed to replace Boomerang shaped version. Understand that the replacement was flush and not grooved. Worked well for a bit then started slow trickle of oil. Need to keep topping oil up and want to replace with flat (non-boomerang), grooved correct cover during June half term. Thanks for any help.
  14. Lilfuzzer - you are a top man ... the boys at Clover Autos fitted the Injector Rail and Rocker Cover ... and my wheels of steel are flying again ! No misfires just full bore ! Yabba Dabba - Do. And the saddo that I am, I climbed into the sweet shop after two and a half weeks of AUDI 1.6 Estate and opened the taps. Now that's driving.
  15. Wow, that's is fantastic. Are you able to give me a price on them ? + PandP to Essex ? Many thanks.
  16. Cover definitely needed as much as I need at least one Injector .. but advice is that I could get a rail. Please let me know your price. I am off to teach my science students .. a full day. Will ru to keep up with the thread. If it helps, then to go to private message (pm ?) Using [email protected]. All the best.
  17. Standard - I guess you could call it OEM - there are dinks and donks on it. However, I have always wanted to keep it going and daily use has been my way of releasing some of the tensions of the daily grind by just nailing it every now and then.
  18. Oops .. yeah a spectator for so long and, well, owner for all but 14,000 of the 147,000 miles driven and for all but 3 years of the 21 years of an M reg ... the number is 021103475G (btw just amended title of original) ... the boomerang that I have is plastic ... Thanks for the response.
  19. With my '94 VR6 rockers exposed to the air, I understand, from my good friends at Clover Autos, that I need a flat Rocker Cover - the present version resembles a boomerang. Also, they have suggested I need to get an Injection Rail. I am very interested in getting things back to normal - driving to and from work in the pride and joy - and I want to lose the very useful 1.6 Audi Estate Y reg. Too embarrassing. Please relieve the pain, put me out of my misery. No reasonable offer declined. Many thanks Toby
  20. Is anyone able to offer advice or help ... I still have no means of directing the airflow through my ventilation system. Many thanks to the experts of you out there who will give me an idea as I am still flummoxed by this and know that to fit replacements will take some doing.
  21. Having spent a ridiculous 16 hours sorting Heater Matrix - including cleaning out air intakes of water, glycol and K-Seal - found that I still need to replace the Thermal Resistor to get fully functioning fan speeds. I now need to identify a source for the persihed foam gaskets that covered the doors to the Heater Matrix Box to ensure that the air flow is suitably directed. I have identified that the Foam Gaskets for the "doors" in the Heater Matrix Box have perished and I need to source some new material. Does anyone have half a clue what and where I can source these little gems of technology ? Are they something only VW can supply or should I look for them through a particular agency like RAM Gaskets http://www.ramgaskets.com/gaskets/foam-gaskets/ ? Are the foam gaskets made from Silicone, Nitrile, Neoprene, EPDM, Polyethylene, Viton ? Eager to find out so that I can fit - less than 16 hours this time - before the end of the short UK summer in time to heat my journeys. Very much looking forward to a little less time with my head pushing the clutch pedal to it's fullest extend while I try to manipulate the metal spring clip onto the Heater Matrix Box on the driver side of the box with a screwdriver or something !! Many thanks for kind replies.
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