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  1. It has been a long time....but I am back. Still very busy but 2020 is the year when Corrado will go back on the road 2 house moves, weeding, my son was born and we are having another child on the way but I kept it. My Storm has been stored in 2 different garages till finally over a year ago we managed to buy a house with double garage so I finally have a space to keep it and work on it. She has been started very often and driven more recently along the drive way. Car has no mot as I still didn't put the headlights together. Feels nice to be back.
  2. I like Dundee but my girl doesn't want to move there. Glasgow and Edi will be fine, I'd prefer Edinburgh but is more expensive than Glasgow. Recently spend lots of time in Glasgow due to work and it looks all right to me and she likes it as well so why not. Aberdeen is focused on oil only and now is really bad here. I lost my job, lots of my friends lost their jobs as well. I was lucky to find different one but lots of people are struggling now. Need to move somewhere with cheaper houses, better jobs opportunities and more things to do. Aberdeen is just boring :(
  3. We are considering all places around Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Birmingham atm, but we are not restricted to those places. More important is the right type of the house within the budget.
  4. Thanks, definitely end of summer time, so still plenty of time.
  5. Huddersfield sounds interesting, will have a look at the houses
  6. We don't have connections, just few friends living here and there, mainly her friends but I don't mind making new friends :)
  7. Birmingham and surrounding area is on our list as well. We have about a year to decide, we are planing to jump in a car around summer and drive down south and have a look at many places.
  8. Had a look and I like lots of houses in there but my other half says no, its to small for her
  9. Me and my missus are thinking about moving our home from Scotland down to England. We've been living in Aberdeen our whole life and we have enough. Mainly due to very high cost of properties. We both working for huge companies having branches all over the UK so work transfer shouldn't be a problem. What we are looking for is a nice place to live close to big city. We would be looking to buy a house with big garden and preferable double garage with some nice surroundings to walk our dogs, so we don't want to live in a city centre but no further that 10 miles away from it. Our budget to buy a house will be around £220k. The question is: Where should we move. What would you recommend. So far we've been thinking about Manchester but we have our minds open to all suggestions.
  10. That's looks like a great effort and very good job.
  11. Mine arrived today. They look very good, I'm so happy. Thanks
  12. Thanks, payment and all the details sent.
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