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  1. It wasn't the rado that was broke . I was a moving target and he still hit me!
  2. Unbelievable bad luck a week ago in rado. First proper druve out. Only it as the alternator belt snapped in the A4. Driving past a cricket ground and out of nowhere the bloody cricket ball hit the car! Yes he hit a six but why did ut have to hit my car. Lovely dent in the wing. Thankfully it was a perfect PDR job and has now been removed.cricket club are paying for the damage too. In other news I've put spacers on the front to get rid of the tuck and have also cleared the garage to tuck her up in over the winter.
  3. An A4 and a corrado. Snap!
  4. It's my next job. I've got the foam off but not the glue. What did you use?
  5. borarob

    My -91 G60

    Looks like aqua blue to me
  6. So you had 30mm on the front with the borbet? I've got some 20mm lying around so I'll chuck em on
  7. Looks lovely. I have borders on mine, staggered as yours are but mine do not fit like that on the front. Your offset looks much lower as you have poke where I have tuck. Do you remember what et the front wheels were or did you use spacers ?
  8. Bit late this response but yeah I used one of the little roller jobs
  9. I had loads of the plastic sheeting. Got it from heritage. I used it doubled up. I used double sided tape to stick to the door. Then I used clear plastic tape over the top to seal down the edges. The butyl tape is good and certainly does make a difference. It might not be as good as dynamat but I'm not building and spl car or anything daft so for my needs it fits the bill.
  10. Lovely stuff. I miss my red Rado. So satisfying to clean and polish. Look after her!
  11. It comes on a reel. I got the 100mm wide stuff. I think it's 10m for about £17. Needs to be butyl stuff and not lead or bitumen. It's self adhesive so no problem applying it. Using the tap test each door went from a bit rattly and tinny sounding to nice and 'thuddy'. I also did the door card around where the speaker fits. Stereo sounds a bit better and no rattles. Going to do my boot with it next
  12. Cheers Joe. Couple more jobs done yesterday. Sound proofing added to the doors. I used butyl flashing from screw fix. Cheap and has worked well After that I put new inner plastic on the doors. The old stuff was shot During the body work I decided not to delete the rear wiper as I want to put this back to standard eventually. However I do love the look of the rear without the wiper, so I used the bung method and got rid of the mech. Transforms the are!
  13. Old and new. Rado looks so small in comparison
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