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  1. I got this from a guy.. and I cant really understand the gibberish.
  2. I had the old Aktiv system but that is long gone for a amateur made harness with just speakers and power. The red ISO 10 pin is quite hard to just buy here in Sweden... But it seems that I need to create my own harness. And what I can see is that Blaupunkt used a DIN connections for the amp and is that just taken from the ISO speaker plug. So its just getting speaker input.
  3. Get the red ones from any newer VW, these are solid! I bought 10 pieces for a fiver at my local junkyard
  4. Hello everybody! Is there someone that has experience with Blaupunkts 90stereo. Im trying to do a correct harness for the stereo and where do I start. I need the big ISO connection for the head unit but what is that for. And how do I connect the amp. Via the din connection or. And I also have a CD changer... where and how does that connect. Is there a blaupunkt harness with all the connections that can be bought or do I need to make my own. I need some guidance to make this as original as possible and working.
  5. Not a singel aircraft technician? I used to work in a steel warehouse/supply for industries.. a boring and dirty job. Now im in school trying to become a mechanical engineer... but my dream of being a aircraft technicians may come to light because my engineering study isnt going that well :/ So this autumn I will change school and start to become a technicians insteed. Its the damn mechanics of materials that I cant get my head around.
  6. VSR Check Recaros (Black but still Recaro) Check Early VDO gauges Check For sale? No ;D Just wanted to brag.
  7. Damn that these are not with the correct markings :( But I understand why these cant have those... but damn that it doesnt have the right markings;)
  8. Dont knwo.. It should be better than the cheap stainless units that are on ebay for no money. This one is a Tezet manifold that is quite expensive now and has some proven power increase. But how much I dont know, it must depend on the other mods. The stock manifold is a great manifold for a stock engine.
  9. What manifold is this? Tezet?? It's from a imported Corrado here in Sweden. Does it looks like the real deal? 50quid is he asking. http://forumbilder.se/G9K07/fb-img-1506430867424.jpg http://forumbilder.se/G9K07/fb-img-1506431576655.jpg
  10. 1992 called and wanted their Corrado back! Haha!
  11. Where should it go? Mine was sitting on the bonnet stand, hmm whats that word?
  12. Adapt a Bosch Motorsport 3x2 coilpack. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.php?7584841-Bosch-Motorsport-Coilpack-Swap-With-Stock-Management
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