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  1. Nice clean looking metallic green Rado parked at Coventry Ricoh stadium today. Was lucky to spot it from the road so couldn't see the reg or model. Also, I got a brief glimpse of the M plate by Dudley Zoo again Thursday morning. 2 in a week, nice!
  2. M plate Black (I think) near Dudley Zoo 6.30 this morning...... It put me in a good mood for the day......thanks!
  3. Glad to see your hard work is paying off for you Cressa. πŸ‘
  4. mooG60


    I had ATS Cups on my mk1 they do indeed look the nuts!
  5. Thank you Philly My mechanic managed to do it today thankfully. There is one long bolt which was seized, he said he had to remove the drive shaft to get room enough to get at it. No more thud noise when I give it some welly. Cheers
  6. I've been told that if the rear engine mount fixing bolts snap on removal that the engine would have to be removed to fix it properly. PG Engine Can any one deny or confirm this for me please? Cheers
  7. mooG60

    Spline key size

    Great stuff Thank you StoneπŸ‘
  8. mooG60

    Spline key size

    Thank you StoneπŸ‘
  9. I need to buy a spline key to remove the head bolts from a PG engine. Can some one tell me the correct size needed please? I just want to buy the one size needed and can't quite decide by eye what the size might be. Cheers
  10. oh, i just presumed it was a garage compressor for some reason. It seems very elaborate in design.
  11. Is this from a standard air compressor that I would see in garage workshops ?
  12. I was doing a couple of jobs on the car today when one of the local lads rode past and said "I love that car mate" Made me feel happy about owning it again, after having to shell out more money recently, but only for a while, as then remembered several other jobs that need attending to! πŸ˜„
  13. Finally got my charger fixed..... The silicone gun does works well enough. It can be a bit fiddly doing it by yourself though. It needs a bit of modding to make it a bit less cumbersome, a job for when I'm bored. Thanks Brian...
  14. Thanks Brian I will give it a try if I can't find anything else. I have a D clamp that would work with a bit of home engineering and a welder, which sadly I don't have.
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