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  1. Thanks for the reply Dox. I looked at it today and it seemed more like a knurled metal locking bush. It has a small section cut out, so actually a few millimetres short of a complete bush. The little cut out site exactly at 6 o'clock, so I presumed it may be some kind of special tool needed. I will take another look tomorrow and get a couple of pics I think for now. Cheers.
  2. Hi chaps There is a black round sensor that's fitted into the brake servo for the ABS self test. (It sits underneath the master cylinder) Can anyone tell me the method for removal please, and if it is a simple job or not. Thanks
  3. Thanks Brian I will give it a try if I can't find anything else. I have a D clamp that would work with a bit of home engineering and a welder, which sadly I don't have.
  4. Hi Si Thanks, I have used the guide a couple of times last year. It was very handy for a first timer like me. I just didn't like forcing the tensioner off as you have to bend it at a large angle, this can damage the mounting rubber bushes, as happened to me last year. However, this time I removed the bottom bolt as opposed to the top nut as suggested in the guide, this way I didn't have to bend the tensioner at all. I would like to refit the charger with the tensioner compressed though, I really don't want to have to force it back on. So I'm still looking if anyone has any suggestions......... Thanks.
  5. Hey all I need a good tool/hack/idea to compress the charger tensioner in order to remove the charger. I'm not keen on the back street method of forcing it off, as this can damage the rubber bushes. Any advice please chaps?
  6. mooG60

    Spoiler motor swap

    Great thanks Cressa I saw some of that on a job a while back, I knew I should have nicked it then.
  7. Replacing 1 non working, or maybe I'll find a bad connection. Might be an idea for me to get the radio out first and make sure the connection is ok that end. Thanks!
  8. mooG60

    Spoiler motor swap

    yeah I thought it may need something better than gp grease. ebay, first stop..... thanks for the reply
  9. Thank you chaps. Best to check first though.... are the speakers the same for early and late door cards? Cheers.
  10. To remove a front door speaker do I need to remove the whole door card to get the plastic trim off, of will the plastic trim prize off separately? I can't see any obvious way to get it off, it is so well fixed that it feels as if there might be screws on the inside of the card holding it on.
  11. mooG60

    Spoiler motor swap

    Thanks for the reply Cressa..... I have a complete mechanism from a 16 valver I scrapped. I remember it was quite involving to remove it and didn't want to go though all that hassle if possible. I guess though a straight swap would be the best action, that way I can clean up and grease the new one before fitting. I feel daft asking, but what type of grease did you use, just the normal, or is something else preferable for this particular application?
  12. I need to replace my spoiler motor. Is it possible and easy enough to change just the motor, or do I need to swap out the whole mechanism? Cheers.
  13. It's the fronts I needed, but am sorted now anyways. Thanks for the offer though.
  14. I was considering Big Red, so now my mind is made up. The price is certainly ok at £15.00 a corner. Thanks guys!
  15. Hi chaps I am looking for a calliper rebuild kit for my G60. Has anyone bought one/some recently and could advise on of a decent place to buy from please? Cheers.
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