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  1. Ok that's great. Thank you for your hard work.
  2. I signed up last week. I'm presuming it went through ok and you have received my payment?
  3. I am based in Leamington. I'm pretty sure we have talked about a meet last year. We really need to get it on this year.
  4. Good to hear another Corrado lover makes a return. Enjoy your new toy :)
  5. Renewed mine today with Lancaster. £132.00 with 3000 miles, drivers legal protection and windscreen cover. I have no idea what they would be like if I had to claim, hopefully I will never have to find out!
  6. The belt is fairly new and feels tight enough, the squeak sounds to me as if it's coming from inside the alternator itself. Having said that you may be right and I will have another look at it. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I have a squeak that I am fairly certain is coming from the alternator when I start the car up from cold. It stops after 5 minutes or so but is a sign that something needs attention. I'm wondering is there is any thing I can do myself maintenance wise to try and clean and oil the parts inside...... Any advice please chaps?
  8. I have just tried to log in for the first time in 2 weeks and it worked. The alternate account I created (which borked immediately) is also working. I didn't use the password reset function, it seems to have just cleared itself. Feels good to be back!
  9. 17 years Immobile in the garage for the last 16 but oh well, it's fun pushing it around to get something hefty out of storage!
  10. mooG60

    Brake issue

    Thank you chaps. I will have to take a proper look next week as suggested. I not seen any obvious signs of a leak and because I could still lock the brakes up even with little pedal made me think it was the M/S. Will let you know the outcome soon as I can find the time. Thank you for the handy link too.
  11. mooG60

    Brake issue

    My Brake fluid suddenly went down to the minimum line with no loss of breaking. I topped it up but it soon disappeared again, I decided not to add any more. The brake pedal worked as intended for about another 150 miles but now has gone virtually to the floor. I still have a little bit of breaking and can still lock the wheels up if I slam the pedal to the floor. AS been as the wheels are still locking up I'm presuming that the Master Cylinder is leaking and the fluid is going into the Servo? Any thoughts please chaps?
  12. Ok thanks Si. I always thought that camber settings where set slightly off true, much like the tracking. I paid 80 quid for camber and tracking recently and now need to make more repairs, so I will have a go at the camber myself next time. Cheers
  13. Is the Corrado camber setting exactly dead zero on horizontal? (scuse the dodgy terminology)
  14. I'm happy to chip in if it's what's needed not to lose this great forum!
  15. I'm not a user of FB or other social media so always check this forum and hope for some activity. Most days I'm disappointed but will always keep looking. I would post more often but have no good tech knowledge to share or help sadly.
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