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  1. Nice and like the wheels. Has it taken 20 years?! Worth the wait for sure looks great.
  2. I had already subscribed - anyone doing corrado content I am thankful for to raise the profile of the cars. Good to have you on the forum too!
  3. Nice update James. With nearly 11 and 9 year olds myself the last two pictures remind how fast time goes by.
  4. Joining this sticky, will this mod improve the play in my steering column? I know what i have is pretty normal but would like to tighen it up and make it feel more sold. Video attached. Also if i did this mod can i keep it locked at the middle position or would it only work locked in the upper position? Cheers 20240624_193623.mp4
  5. Looked good in the sunshine on the school run this morning. Obligatory corner spot away from everyone else of course... it is a pub car park hence the camper in the field.
  6. I had thought about the National Day but too much going on around that date with work and kids etc
  7. That is great and satisfying I bet for you to see it back on it's wheels and out of the garage. I remember how I felt last month when I got to the same place, though have not done as much work as you, it just felt like it went and on on axle stands.
  8. Amazing job Chris. Concourse + some more. Where did you get that banner of the corrado in the background... I have space to fill on the wall and that would be perfect.
  9. Looks good, what colour is that? Is it being imported or something?
  10. Woah that is tidy! I bet the only Corrado in the world to have such attention to detail on those slam panel parts.
  11. Thanks Chris. Good you got hold of a rear engine mount, I was looking last year for someone else and none available. I'll look again. If I went VT I think I'd go front for sure, perhaps rear engine and mk2 golf diesel gearbox mount by the looks of things on this forum. Though if I could get a rear engine oem style mount I'd probably do that instead to save some pennies.
  12. Perhaps it was a collection of parts being weak causing an issue and this part was the last item standing with an issue. Either way can't harm anything except my wallet having a full fuel system part refresh I suppose. Clutch has got better with use too, Vince suggested doing anoter 200 miles and using the gears to engine brake to bed the clutch in. Not "right" yet but i think it will get there. I'm going back to have the subframe swapped over and some engine mounts in autumn. If i can get some uprated ARBs I will go for those too. Any thoughts on engine mounts? Understand the rear engine one is obsolete. Is vibratechnics worth it all round? I had the front one last time and no issues with vibration. Assume powerflex would be ok for the steering rack bush? Any other bushes i should look at on the steering column?
  13. Put 100 miles on the car over the last week. Today I'm off work and back home and decided to test the old FPR by putting it back in the car, going for a drive and waiting 15 mins to restart it. It cranks and cranks. Swap back to the bosch 4bar and it the car starts straight away after 15 mins sitting. The only minor issue with the bosch item is that the diameter for the vac line is smaller than the oem fpr. I'll get some smaller diameter vac line to compensate. Oem fpr in the picture.
  14. _Matt_

    VR6 Resto Project

    Re the dipping - it's not something I have considered. The factory underseal protects well and when I've had any failing underseal causing some rust i've found once gone over with the wire wheel the metal is clean when you've got an inch or two away from the affected area. WIth dipping you also loose many factory features, such as the colour name hand written on the transmission tunnel and the soundproofing material stuck under the scuttle/above bulkhead. You've also got to be pragmatic about it all as these cars as wonderful as they are won't get you back what you end up putting in, even though we all do it from an enthusiast lens, it's sometimes sensible to keep yourself straight on what needs to be achieved. Good you chatted to Dan, I am on his waiting list but my current corrado doesn't really need anything deparately doing to it. No doubt i'll pick something else up for him to work on. Good for you to go into this as a long term project, I sold a 16v oak green mk2 through impatience, though not sure i really liked the colour that much tbh. Prefer the greys and blues and white. When you're all done use a good cavity wax, Bilt Hamber are good, to protect it all from inside out. I've got the Essex border 100meters down the road and the cambridge border a few miles north. Happy to help you out with things - I've got a press for bearings and bushes etc and have restored the front hubs for another corrado chap recently.
  15. _Matt_

    VR6 Resto Project

    Here is a link to the Corrado gallery at DST https://www.facebook.com/profile/100063744964176/search/?q=Corrado&locale=en_GB
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