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  1. Slow progress but great results. It's not nice working on your back on a car on axle stands, great efforts and much respect having been there and currently there again myself on mine!
  2. _Matt_

    Genuine mats

    Thanks for the heads up, good price. I bought the last set as my drivers side has some wear.
  3. Saw it on Car and Classic and agree with all - bloody lovely and the new owner will be getting an excellent Corrado. GLWS
  4. Yay well done on getting the Corrado out and good luck with the MOT and tracking jobs. I've had man flu and bug after bug all of 2024 so haven't achieved much aside from remove my rear axle for refurbishment. How's the Golf coming along? Corrado is the Daddy though.
  5. Thanks CM, I've sold the car and no longer need but thank you for asking
  6. I think the part no is 191612339 for the spring... however when i was looking for the same spring last year for my Golf 16v (now gone) it was no longer available everywhere i looked.
  7. Happy New Year to all 🙂
  8. Look forward to updates! Good to see you've managed to get photos working again.
  9. id probs go 215 with the 8J wheels. 205 are nice on the 7J
  10. I run 205/45/16 on 7J with no problems. It's a equivalent size to the 205/50/15 but that is over a 6.5J alloy 195/45/16 could work too depending on width of wheel, might look at bit stretched if a 7J
  11. I think it is a mixture of factors too. I've done more testing and whilst it is good 5-10-20 mins after, so far more useable, but if i leave it for 30/40 mins I get the same problem. It always starts but interesting how the time frames have shifted. Perhaps points to time worn compenents. Thinking back to my white car, although fault seemingly solved it did have a few occassions where it would crank longer than expected though more than 9 our of 10 times it was fine.
  12. Early days but issue is solved on the warm start, now fires up after 5 to 10 mins left after driving as it does from cold. All I have done is had the injectors refurbished.
  13. Got the injectors back, this is how they come back to you for anyone thinking of doing the same. Rainy day tomorrow so hopefully will get some garage time to reinstall:
  14. True that, though I have my original vw one from my old car. Will leave it and do the pump next if no change. No fuel. Pressure testing equipment here
  15. Injector report received, yet to pick them up and refit. Looking at the report I don't think they were the problem and they did pass the leak test. Will report back once back in car and tested but at least they have been refreshed for not too much money (£130 all in). FPR next and will probably install when i do the injectors, which is a bit annoying as I wanted to do each step at a time though did the FPR separately on my last one and it did nothing (it was between the injectors and pump on the last one, both done at the same time sadly).
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