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  1. Thanks lad, we are still doing this. The silicone supplier who made our custom OCD logo's has just gone AWOL though :( We're currently setting up a new premises too which has eaten a huge amount of time, but next year is looking like only getting bigger and better :D Cheers
  2. Not got an air block? Yeah can test it with it out for sure. What make stat was it? Possible you've just got a dodgy one brand new?
  3. It's just down to VW always strive to get power from small engines, while still giving good drivability and economy. Just what they're about really. The 1.4TSI set up is similar affair, with a supercharger the engine can turn on and off as it pleases :) off the shelf are fine, with a slight tweak of the sensor's you should have no issues at all. A RR map is obviously better, as long as you've got a mapper who knows G60's and the digifant management, that's the only issue nowadays :)
  4. I haven't, I know people who have, so the boost return shuts earlier. But it's a lot of faf and can quite easily make it a nightmare to drive! And unless you're throwing the ISV away there's no need as that'll just bleed any pressure over 1bar
  5. You will get good gains on a standard pulley with a tuned setup. And you are right to an extent with the small pulley theory but the small pulley is used to build more pressure at lower revs, ie WOT from 2000rpm, more boost will be created at this rpm all the way to 6500rpm than with a standard pulley. This is the means for the smaller pulley. The boost return is so the boost system is open as it has to be but this is also aids in some more mpg as the engine is essentially ran as an N/A until WOT :)
  6. Again Kyle, my apologies for letting you down! But as you've said yourself, you arranged to drop it off at 12 noon on Monday and arrived at my unit at 9am. When I rang you back I got no answer. Again I am a one man band at the minute, and as also explained very busy with re-builds right now (as well as being let down by Optibelt) which delays chargers brought in, first come first served. As you were told I was out the unit, again I've got many things on (viewing new, bigger units being the case that morning) so again my apologies I missed you but I don't feel I completely let you down by not being where you wanted me to be 3 hours earlier than I expected. But hopefully Jabba do a good job on your charger, good luck :)
  7. Get rid of that as fast as you can! That's an adjustable FPR and they're terrible. G60's hate them, and my experience of them on G60's is they give very odd fuelling causing all sorts of running issues! Stick to a standard 3.0bar FPR and leave it at that.
  8. Or from here for cheaper ;) http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/products/co-potentiometer-sensor-g60-g40.html
  9. There's not Co Pot? It needs one! I wouldn't try and find anything else faulty until that's on and right. Lambda being unplugged should alter running, so possibly faulty but still, sort the Co Pot first!
  10. Matt@OCD


    This thread really gained some gravitas when cat pictures were posted :D
  11. Hi Eddy, I'm due a shipment shortly but the price has just risen :( I got told this last week just before they shipped out. They've gone up to £35 a set. Which I'm sorry to say is quite a jump. I'm looking into getting them made in the Uk to hopefully bring costs down but can't promise. I'll amend this thread. Cheers
  12. So, this is something I've slowly been building ideas for and wanting to get sorted for a while. Everything has been about done for G60 tuning, but while we want to keep it alive we want to keep things moving as much as we can as seen as it may have all be done, it quickly stopped in the 90's and hasn't followed with the times. This meant we wanted to offer a good quality induction kit for the G-Lader that would offer both performance increases & maximum protection for the charger so you can enjoy that iconic noise without risking the service life While doing this I realise that most owners now also want to be able to show off their engine bay with top quality products that don't just work well, they look the part in any bay. Be it performance or show. Which led me to creating something a bit different just to keep things fresh. The kit consists of a flange that bolts to the charger inlet that is a fully CNC component. The elbow is a 90' elbow hand welded to the V-band clamp that is then sealed to the charger inlet by means of a rubber gasket. The air filter is a full paper filter so will perform as good as the factory airbox and filter for stopping dust & dirt passing in to the charger while also allowing a lot more air to pass through as there's no airbox to restrict air flow. I will be looking to make a heat shield for those who want to add that little extra to keep intake temps as low as possible. These will be a little longer in production just down to the different models we're having to cater for. Right now we're just waiting on the silicone joiner for the air filter to hard pipe to be produced then we will have full kits for testing and shortly for sale afterwards. I'm estimating the full kit to come out at around £150, but we might be able to bring this down a little yet. If demand seems decent then we'll certainly be able to drop it. I'm more than welcome to thoughts on the design too :) Cheers
  13. http://www.onlychargeddubs.co.uk/cylinder-block/ We can arrange engine work as we have a local engineers that is highly regarded and we use for all our own and customers work :)
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