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  1. The R32 engine is more thirsty than the VR6. That's not to say that it can't achieve decent mpg though. I get 300 miles to a tank regularly in mine and that's doing around 12 miles a day to work and back. On a run to the South West recently I managed to get 360 to a tank not too shabby. I do drive like a vicar though on most occasions but when you do give it some stick then the pick up from low down is fantastic. Got to say that the VR6 sounds so much better than the R32! I do miss that when you reach 4000 rpm and the noise. Alan
  2. I've read the whole thread and a very entertaining hour it was. It's gone global lol. I bet he'll be in hiding soon in fear of reprisals. He deserves them IMHO.
  3. lOl a good TT ruined with a stupid body kit. Its gash
  4. Just watched this review and the good old Corrado makes its presence on there quite a few times. They also got the correct engine sound too. Alan
  5. You did the right thing mate both legally and morally. Thats your good deed of the day. Alan
  6. WigsVR6

    Sky Offers?

    That s why I gave up my subscription. The cost is madness. If you can get it for half price then its just about worth it. I look at it as paying for my insurance for my car and my partners.
  7. Get on BGT matey. More practice and you'll be fine. BTW Im jealous I wish I could play. Alan
  8. Nice attempt Mr Sunderland. You should do the 10 minute version lol. Love Niel Young.
  9. Its gone massive on all other owners forums. I think you need to register on the scooby forum if you wish to go as numbers are now limited. Alan
  10. Nice looking car. I remember you joining the forum and asking for any local specialists in the Liverpool area. Good luck with the sale! Alan
  11. I think it was a blackberry hard to tell in the light. I let on in my girlfriends fiesta and to my amazement got a reply. Looked nice with the spoiler up. Cheers Alan
  12. Get it mot ed and see what the damage is. Its got to be worth a shot at getting it back on the road. Alan
  13. I actually watched Sundays stage instead of the tennis lol. Loving it. Gutted as its a rest day tomorrow.
  14. Yep he blew the competition away in the time trial today. Looked very impressive. Alan
  15. Plenty of crashes this year! Some of the roads look awesome for driving too. I think Wiggins has a good chance to win this year as team sky look very strong.
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