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  1. How much to ship the plate light trim to Canada? I am interested.
  2. Any updates? Very interesting build, gives me motivation to get my rear end together.
  3. Any news on these? Was just reading the Performance VW I got for Christmas and the featured UK Corrado article talked about the guy wanting to have CF fenders made up...
  4. Hey, I have been gathering information about putting haldex into a Corrado for a fair while and though I would share what I have so far. Mostly geared towards us in North American as far as parts availability but makes for a decent read none the less. That is all I have for now. Feel free to contribute a little bit of information so we can make a definitive parts and information list for those looking to swap. I will update the original post as I get information for ease of access.:thumbup:
  5. Did you end up selling?
  6. I have a seiko 5 military All black 6900 G shock Those are my favourite ones but I have a couple nixons and a fake rolex submariner too.
  7. What size of tires are you running?
  8. I am also interested, if I could get direct shipping to Canada for a decent enough price.
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