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  1. How much to ship the plate light trim to Canada? I am interested.
  2. Any updates? Very interesting build, gives me motivation to get my rear end together.
  3. Any news on these? Was just reading the Performance VW I got for Christmas and the featured UK Corrado article talked about the guy wanting to have CF fenders made up...
  4. Hey, I have been gathering information about putting haldex into a Corrado for a fair while and though I would share what I have so far. Mostly geared towards us in North American as far as parts availability but makes for a decent read none the less. That is all I have for now. Feel free to contribute a little bit of information so we can make a definitive parts and information list for those looking to swap. I will update the original post as I get information for ease of access.:thumbup:
  5. Did you end up selling?
  6. I have a seiko 5 military All black 6900 G shock Those are my favourite ones but I have a couple nixons and a fake rolex submariner too.
  7. What size of tires are you running?
  8. I am also interested, if I could get direct shipping to Canada for a decent enough price.
  9. Centuries. They made these in the states, and the glass is the vast majority of the weight.
  10. I am looking for the following new or used (I can't get these pieces in Canada): Part #: 6N0 711 061 A House 6N0 711 090 A Ground plate 6N0 711 611 C Choise arm Comes from the following: CA '96-'03 Caddy LU '99-'03 Lupo / Lupo 3L TDi LU '04-'06 Lupo / Lupo 3L TDi PO '95-'00 Polo / Derby PO '00-'02 Polo / Derby POC '00-'02 Polo Classic / Variant I will pay cost and some extra if someone is willing to get these from the dealer or elsewhere and ship them to me! Thanks.
  11. Here is my quick write up on the rear spoiler. http://forums.vwvortex.com/showthread.p ... and-Review
  12. Tried yes but trusted, hmmm I think not. A car thief will just saw through the steering wheel, bend it open and have that off in seconds. The only good wheel locks are the ones that encase the whole wheel like this one: http://www.halfords.com/webapp/wcs/stor ... hCmdMobile Not cheap at £80 but a much more likely to put off a theif. I've got a decent alarm on my C but still use one of these for the added visual deterrent.[/quote:3r0cfgsv] Difference is, with an immobilizer the thief will fuck up your car before realizing they can't start it. Usually with a bar the thief will not even bother, they will see the bar through the window and walk away- it is too much of a hassle.
  13. It is quite cool, but expensive for what it is. I prefer to use the tried and true method: With a club on your car a potential thief will often not even bother.
  14. Well as far as I am concerned there are far more pros then cons when it comes to awd. I am fairly set on doing haldex of some sort but the new generations seem to offer significant performance improvements over the old ones.
  15. Since I know their are some knowledgeable folks on this forum I thought I would pose this question to them. I am seriously considering a haldex swap into my Corrado. Usually such a swap would use haldex generation I from an audi tt or a3. Yet, newer audi and saab vehicles are using a new generation of haldex. Here is a blurb from saab: I figure if one is going to go haldex why not go all the way and get the best haldex? This new haldex would transform the Corrado to a real performance car and not a fwd or fwd biased reactive awd. I know that management would be an issue but as far as installation I assume an 02m box would still work. Any insight or discussion appreciated! Picture for fun:
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