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  1. Here are some pics of what she looked like...... http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e327/ ... G_0270.jpg http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e327/ ... t=car3.jpg http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e327/ ... G_0247.jpg http://s42.photobucket.com/albums/e327/ ... G_0246.jpg
  2. I was gutted when i sold my mint 16V (K plate - facelift) 4 yrs ago as i had her resprayed, wheels polished, two tone leather, lots of pennies spent and i only got £2300 for her 4 yrs ago. Its a bummer when you think how many hours and pounds go into them but its a buyers market. Store it and/or enjoy it - its a minter. Very well done - beautiful. Get some leather in her and it willbe awesome. I had a two tone silver and black leather interior in mine - would suit yours to a tee. See the link..... Unfortunately can't find any good quality pics at the moment. http://www.corrado-database.nl/index.ph ... 9cb36b37fd
  3. Hi all - long time since i've been on here since selling my Rado over 4 yrs ago now!! Just wondering if anyone on here knows of it/owns it. She was a beaut, i lovingly restored her, respray, 2 tone interior, polished Estorils, new lights etc.... Looking back on it i spent an unhealthy amount on it!! It was a 2.0L 16V - engine was still strong when i got rid of her. Link below - looks far better in real life. Sold it to a chap in Didsbury, Manchester, he already had a VR6 so he may be a regular here..... http://www.corrado-database.nl/index.ph ... 9cb36b37fd Dave
  4. Fair play Jim, mine was on the last front cover (- nice arty shot by Jez) so my reign is now over...... Amen! :D
  5. Decent show yesterday, shame it didn't attract more stands. Erik's G60 was quality, if your reading this Erik, those seatbelts rule!! Nice alloys as well mate, you don't see many of them around :lol:
  6. dave0280

    CAT removal

    My cat was rattling around big time so i had the innards removed and it sounds more grunty but i can't tell a difference in power. Plus only do this if like me you know the MOT man!! :lol:
  7. £1000 Fully Comp on a 1993 2.0 16V. Quite a few mods, lowered, two tone leathers, polished Estorils, rear diffuser, Reiger grille etc.... I'm 23 with 1 yrs NC through Chris Knott. Got a £5000 Agreed Value though for peace of mind. BUT i rang up about a Strom i was close to buying but couldn't get the cash in time and they said it was only £200 more a year for a Storm! How do they work these things out!! Rob dogs the lot of 'em! :x
  8. 124K but now i've got a new job i'll be clocking up 50 miles a day easy! Lets just hope she stays as reliable as ever..... May God Bless the 2.0 16V engine and with oil changes every 5K i'm just keeping everything crossed :?
  9. To my knowledge all C's had heated wing mirrors (mine don't work though!) as well as heated washer jets all which work off the rear demister. My heated wing mirror elements have corroded very badly as i've had the glass out to check! Very common problem, i went to see 4 C's before buying mine and not one had working heated wing mirrors! Only 1 had a fully functional sunroof!
  10. I tried to get that cover but was told point blank that it was a no no for anyone under 25, some companies may do it but you WILL be paying big bucks! Insurance companies love to rip you off and this is a good excuse for them to do just that! :evil:
  11. If you want a half smoked set i have one for sale. Check out the Parts for Sale section and its under Half Tint rear lights. Or look at the photo of my car on the left for an idea. I'm selling them for a lot less than In Pros and FK's and G Master should vouch for the quality of them as he's got a set off me already. One set left, going on E-Bay next week so its upto you..........
  12. dave0280

    elec windows

    Cheers Henny Sounds like fun :shock: I'll try and give it a go this weekend.... watch this space.
  13. dave0280

    elec windows

    The windows are a nightmare. Mine rattle like hell when down, and the drivers side goes down at a funny angle with a nasty clunk! If they are not closed i hate shutting the door as it sounds like my Peugeot of old (sounds like the window is gonna fall out the door) Not a solid VW clunk! :oops: Is there an easy solution to this, i think its a common problem!
  14. I'm sure thats a Bora front end just with an elongated bonnet and some funky fog lights! In a word - WRONG! :?
  15. Good review of the Corrado, thought they would have featured a Storm but the VR6 was in top condition, a credit to its owner. Again, would have been nice if they gave a quick run down of the other models but any Corrado is worth its salt in my opinion. :lol:
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