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  1. ha ha Hutty - yes a carbon fibre bonnet 😄 engine has been breathed on slightly m8 - schimmel 263 cams, BMC CDA air filter, Stealth racing remap, Roose motorsport hoses & magnecor leads (bay pic is before the blue leads were fitted)
  2. circumference's should be the same as front & rear are both 16" & on a 45 profile tyre - it is the just the barrel & tyre width that is different Dox my ABS is made redundant anyway as the HiSpec 4 pots on the front kick the OE brakes all around the park! plus my ABS hasnt been fully functional for years lol
  3. i get what you both mean with the standard part but honestly, once fitted i doubt anyone could tell they are lupo arms i have had to go with wiper arm mounted washer jets too as there was no way i was going to cut the carbon fiber bonnet - now they are on they give a massively better wash of the screen compared to jets bouncing off the screen lol
  4. small update.... put one of the modena's alongside the VR & am thinking these are going to look fantastic once refurb'd & fitted 😄 ive got the 1st of the 4 is now split down - 40 bolts per wheel but took my time & had a little help from good old WD40 the barrels are super light once the face is removed!! 3 more to split & i can get the faces to the machine shop guy for the redrilling to 5*100 hopefully the 240 grit wet & dry 6" discs will arrive this week so i can get to work on the very minor kerbing. am hoping to get away with a 240, 320 & then 1000 & 3000 for finishing but will get some 600 if needed planning to order the centre inserts & split pins at the end of the month - not cheap but nowhere near the cost of the hex nuts or cover plates would be if they were missing tyres seems to be my main issue again though, i was hoping the increase to 16" from the 15" speedlines would give me more options but sadly not think im going to give bridgestone themselves a call to see if they have any lying around their factory as ATM it is looking like yokohama AD08RS are the only option in a premium as i need 205/45/16 on the 7J fronts & 225/45/16 on the 8J rears does anyone have any experience of these tyres? i know they are semi slick aimed at track but i wont be planning on doing much travelling in the wet
  5. stick some lupo's on there m8 - they are very much better than the OE arms a fresh windscreen, lupo arms & new blades have transformed the wipe at all speeds & rain strengths on my VR6
  6. ha ha ha i think she is doing rather well as she is atm LOL
  7. i can check the late VR6 tomorrow for the bracket in the picture IF i can actually see it with all the bumper fitted etc if i can access it i will take some pics for you & post them
  8. had a look & no the 16v rad sits at an angle as well what is the extra bracket bit you mention?
  9. ive got a feeling the rad sits differently in the VR6 compared to the 16v so that could be the reason i know the VR rad is at an odd angle will go look under the bonnet of the 16v in a tick as im in that one today
  10. from my post in 2009 looking at the ford invoice it shows 7364573 & was £32.50+vat
  11. thinking about it i dont believe you can even load a static map on the VR chip, it has to be hacked & roller mapped thus only other route would be to run a piggy back stand alone chip - which i would be very hesitant at doing as it will likely cause running issues
  12. thanks easypops Tenny - FYI all for sale posts on this forum should have a price & location (mod's can all we please make sure these are stated before we approve a post, thanks)
  13. we have a little company called Stealth Racing over here in the UK Vince hacks into the OE ECU & then remaps them on the rollers as the VR requires a live mapping, rather than a static map such as can be uploaded on more modern cars sorry this doesnt help you much over in canada but it may give you a lead to hunt down somewhere over there who could do the same
  14. i agree MJA & ive been after a set for about 10 years as they are my all time wheel for my VR6 so sometimes you just gotta pay plus, once refurb'd & completed they will be worth an absolute mint!!
  15. blimey that is a good price!! & made me choke a little at what ive laid out for my autostrada modena's LOL
  16. exhaust will depend on where you are located & budget i have a Longlife stainless on mine, 2.5" from downpipe back with a hiflow cat which was custom fabricated on the vehicle which i absolutely love
  17. have a look at VW Heritage IIRC they have reproduced the carpets if not then try VW Classic Parts in Germany or there are several breakers who may have some
  18. they are the wheels used on several ferrari's including the F40 😄
  19. no m8 im not far from birmingham - i will ask the guy next time i see him for you
  20. ha ha ha thanks m8 no pics yet as the sign is currently making my kitchen look pretty but i will post some once it is installed in the workshop - it is going to take up most of the back wall in there & hopefully improve the lighting lol
  21. thanks shaun - i will go see what the fitment calculators say about a 225 ive a feeling 225 rears with 205 front will look rather porntastic!!! 😄
  22. thanks cressa am still in a bit of shock at buying the wheels - they were not cheap at all & need centre caps & split pins to complete them, which ive already found repro's on ebay i do need to decide what colour to go for, which is a toughie!! they are going on the blackberry VR6 which currently has black speedlines which i really like & have bright yellow 4 pots on the front - im thinking polished lips but do i go black centre, white centre or a trendy kind of graphite grey ish wheel fitment & tyre choice seems like a dark art lol
  23. where abouts are you located? i may be able to source you one if you want me to ask?
  24. it is destined for my workshop wall 😄
  25. thanks - ive wanted these for so many years i cant quite believe ive brought some lol good day for VW related things today as this just arrived too & with the LED backlights
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