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  1. afternoon all good news! having received another pm about looms we are up to 4 people so ive contacted Zak & he is happy to do another run. as per previous runs, he works offshore & sometimes for long periods so they will be done as soon as time & work allows. similar to the previous buys we will set a minimum quantity, once that is hit we will ask people for deposits & then final balance will be due once they are made & ready to ship could i please politely request that people only put their name down if they are certain they want a loom & are happy with the terms - unfortunately on the last run we had a couple of people who put their name down but then did not reply to any contact messages i will start to form a list once we have a bit more interest
  2. hi m8 do you have any dehumidifiers in there? before i sold the 16v a few weeks ago i was having to wipe drips off the rear & front windscreen even with 2 dehumidifiers in there - as such it could just be heavy condensation rather water ingress the 16v is water tight too as id checked sunroof drains & also reskinned the door membranes
  3. im not sure why it disappeared but will message toby & ask
  4. ive just checked with my m8 who sold them - they went for £1k last year so yeah i would agree that they are over priced out of interest, what kind of size spacers or bolt on adaptors would you use to get the size & offset to fit? ive got some 16" modena's in a 7j +41 & 8j +51 & need to figure out how to get them to fit
  5. the garage looks mega Keyo!! im still gutted the council wouldnt let me build one 😞 i may build the base anyway & then reapply as that looks the nuts
  6. thanks Keyo - all arranged m8
  7. damn - my friend sold a set of these only last year
  8. thanks for the input shaun im in no rush so will persevere
  9. im the same - i emailed them at the start of the Jan about some for the mini & still no reply i did speak to the receptionist or whoever it was & she said there was a wait of about 2 weeks for email enquiries - im not sure why they take so long but im going to call them again this week. they were certainly not like this when i brought the calipers for the VR6 & i am sharing the disappointment
  10. interesting!! do you think i would get it all in to a golf estate m8?
  11. ive checked old posts on my build thread & the signatures have gone from the old ones as well maybe it was a feature we couldnt carry over when the site went to the newer version & different servers, similar to how we lost old pics etc
  12. sounds good, i hope it goes as planned thanks, i understand the carbon hadnt gone as expect. i was lucky enough to grab an LWS design carbon bonnet which had never been fitted but i know they went through similar issues hmmm spoonfed - ok thanks - i have a niggle that they dont like shipping to the UK though. im pretty sure that company name has been floated around on here a fair few times. i may be wrong but i also dont want to say anything derogatory if he is a friend of yours
  13. we used to be able to add signature's but i cant find the option in profile edit settings
  14. hello m8 - good to see you back on here purchase looks great, hope you are happy with it 🙂 on a separate note, do you still operate Trimsport? if so, is there any plan to bring back the UK carbon rear number plate tubs?
  15. i will get some pics done when i fit the new intercooler - i might even do a little video as though it is not one of those horrible crackle maps the Miltek doesnt half pop & bang on throttle lift off 😄 ahhh so it is your VR from which i had a little mapping envy lol to explain, i recall seeing your mods & final stealth map gains & was a little jealous id not been able to have the SS exhaust on mine prior to remap, mine made just shy of 210bhp & 209ft/lb & i still think about a new stealth map to see if i could get the 220bhp you got now it is on good stats to know about the VSR & 263 comparison. im at the point now where the only other thing i may possibly like would be a VSR but they are way too strong money for me - ive never really been that big a fan of the recaro front seats if im honest nice to see yours on the rollers! & thanks for the console info
  16. great, that is good feedback & service. i will keep these in mind
  17. thanks matt when i brought the 16v for the 1st time about 22 years ago it was the Kamei kit on it which made it more attractive than other corrado's on the market at the time as such i jumped at the chance for a kit for the VR6 when i spotted similar on a for sale ad, a chance email later & a deal was done - IMO it really does bring out the best in the lines of the car design ive never seen or heard of that adapter plate. i have seen some pics of the early facia i have gotten hold of but ive no fitting instructions & not quite sure how the facia is meant to hold in place. plus it has small tabs on the underside which will need removing at a guess. i have put the install of it to the back of the queue as i need to prioritise the new Cat1 for the agreed valuation i do indeed love the 263's & other bits! plus the remap that vince at Stealth did is night & day difference to the OE map, feels a lot more responsive & linear power application. it was a pity i hadnt gotten the longlife SS fitted prior to mapping but hey ho. did you get yours mapped after the cams were put in? you are right corrado's (and other cars) can become frustrating BUT even after nearly 23 years driving one it is the only car i look back at every single time i get out of it. there is also the benefit that with them being older cars we can actually work on them ourselves hmmm maybe you should keep the mk3 then, taking into account all the factors you mentioned. we both know that kind of level of work is both timely & costly. I am hopeful that my dad & i this year may start down the journey of getting his 911 back on the road after many years & i imagine that will need running gear etc as well as an engine refresh. m8! the R53 has to be some of the best, most fun 2 grand ive ever spent! it was heavily modded when i brought it & was also well spec'd from factory with Aero kit etc. ive stripped the back to metal & wires & seeing as i never listen to the stereo in it im going to strip all the HK amps & speakers etc out as well. if i can get it to a tonne it has some mega power to weight ratio. my best friend has also said that when her current bucket seats hit their track expiry date i can have them so their will be a fair weight coming out there & hopefully only a rear bar going in for the harnesses i will drop a few pics on here but she does looks used & abused as im lazy with it & dont clean very often, she my ASBO bitch & she loves it ha ha ha!!
  18. that is good to know!! have you used them or know anyone that has?
  19. thanks for your post but you may not get much joy as this is a forum specifically for the VW Corrado good luck
  20. ha ha the charger doesnt half scream! i had it serviced not long after buying the car. with all the mods on it it is major ASBO when you drive it hard, never fails to raise a smile. the handling is superb too with the only exception being lift off oversteer if you get your corner entry speeds wrong ive softened the blow of selling the 16v with a nice shiny new Airtec intercooler for it. hopefully with that & dropping some more weight i can get it to approx 1 tonne & a sub 5s 0-60 good luck with the Mk3 then, i think i would agree with moving that one along seeing as you have the corrado & a Mk2 ha ha jesus our corrados are very similar with what we have done - i also had 263's dropped in during a top end rebuild with chains, clutch & lots of other stuff. i converted early audioscapes to late & have recently managed to grab myself a set of VDO gauges & an early model facia plate for them in the centre console. even the paint part ha ha ha! mine was also painted recently but has a couple of areas im not happy with when looking very closely interesting that you found a console facia conversion plate, ive never heard or seen of one! where did you locate that? i seriously cant wait until spring & the underside is complete & modena's on - they are the only wheel ive ever really wanted on it & they are turning out pretty damn special
  21. Hi there AFAIK that particular cable has been obsolete for quite a while - ive just checked VW Heritage & nothing is listed only option i can think of it to see if somewhere can make you one or if it would be possible to refurb the current one other than that is is going to be one off a breaker which you have no idea of its internal resistance
  22. yes m8 it is a bit of relief too as i really didnt want to end up breaking it for parts plus unfortunately i dont have the time, money or inclination to restore another, im 13 years into the VR6 but apart from bottom end rebuild this is the last big stage have you decided which one to part with? it is indeed a lot of hard work trying to keep on top of 3 cars! i did barter with myself in terms of if i sold the 16v i would use the money to floor my downstairs at home (which will be my house pretty much finished) & also treat the mini to a few more tasty bits - it is currently a 5.5s 0-60 & i would like to get it to 5s if possible with some more weight stripped out & maybe a little more power 😄
  23. true m8 they are very nice indeed but DAMN they are expensive for what they are but at least it will add to those finishing touches
  24. thread title changed this morning as the day finally came when i parted with the 16v my driveway looks thoroughly empty last night with just the R53 sat there all alone im pleased to say that the 16v has gone to a good home where the new owner is a friend & plans to bring it back to how it deserves to be, fortunately he also lives very local & i will be helping & advising him on his journey on a good note i dropped a new alternator over to my mechanic on the weekend & he said the VR6 underside is pretty much stripped & they will be collating the parts to go off for blasting & powder coating this week. i also finally dropped the modena's off to the painter & am aiming to get them back, rebuilt & tyres on ready for the geometry to be set once everything is back together had a nice big box with not much in it at all from Heritage today so thanks to my friend i now have a pair of new gutter roof trim
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