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  1. i think, tho i dont know, but surely if you upgrade your injectors the upgrades would be able to provide more fuel compared to standard [likes bigger chokes on carbs] - hence with the remap to take advantage of the bigger fuel flow....more power :luvlove:


    im pretty sure injector upgrades are common with diesels as i put thoughts to it with my old golf GTTDi


    apologies if im wrong but it makes sense with a sailor jerrys rum lol

  2. moderator - can you pls edit post title to 'g0ldf1ng3r's VR - found pics of my 1st rado :)'

    i cant figure hwo to do it lol

    thanks :)


    edit the first post in this thread to update the main subject.


    nice 1 thanks :)

  3. i found some pics of my 1st corrado, twas a 1.8 16v with a few subtle mods & to this day i regret selling her :luvlove:

    she had a nice little kamei body kit & a full powerflow system which sounded superb!!!

    i saw her a couple of yrs ago & still wonder if she is around.....or even on here?

    anyway, pics.....

    climatronic wiring-Golf from May 01.pdffront edit.JPG[/attachment:2pc9rt40]


    2.8l 24v Climatronic system.pdfrear edit.JPG[/attachment:2pc9rt40]



  4. i would find it useful if someone could run thru everything thats needed if possible :)


    i understand where the interface is but is it a simple case of laptop, software & leads?

  5. I love long journeys in then VR! :luvlove:


    Me too and sometimes i go the long way just so i can drive it that little bit longer :lol: .... possibly a sad thing to do.


    in no way is that sad, its sad not to have a nice car you enjoy driving :wink:[/quote:1tuh6jqc]


    ha ha ha i agree, not sad at all........ive been known to do a 10 mile round trip to go to the local shop down the road on many an occassion :lol:

  6. please please please could someone help me with my VR6

    i have a very tiny fuel leak & after many hours searching on here i can not find anything which relates to my issue......im hopeing someone on here may have had something similar or be experienced enough to help :)

    description is.....

    it is a wierd 1!!


    basically when u look under the offside rear and follow the pipe which looks like it comes from the fuel tank the pipe has an interchanger to connect to what i think is the fuel pump......can anyone tell me where the fuel pump is on a vr6 as i am guessing & some posts on here are saying it may be in the fuel tank and if so i dont know what the object is im reffering to?


    the leak seems to either be from the pipe wich connects to what i think is the fuel pump......its a cylindrical shape obect with an obvious in & out pipe & has a plastic cowling over it.....on underside of car close to offside back wheel?


    thing is that the pipe doesnt seem to be or feel degraded & i dont know if a C fuel pump [if thats what it is] can leak fuel when it still works?

    plus it doesnt show a leak when engine running but when its stopped & been sat there for say 15 mins there is a tiny bit of fuel collecting on the metal clip holding the pipe in to the object


    further to this if the car is left for a couple of hours there is no sign of the leak at all and the pipe is dry


    i will try to post a pic of the object i refer to but if anyone has any ideas i would be most grateful........all i keep thinking of is my poor baby going up in flames :( lol


    thanks in advance

  7. its my insurance time again, and id like to you lot a few questions if you dont mind helping me


    (Copy and paste)


    Which corrado do you have - VR6

    Any modifications (DECLARED)- no its standard

    Do you have a thatham 1 alarm - yes

    How old are you - 33

    how many NCB do you have - 6 yrs

    Who are you insured with - adrian flux & valued at £4000

    Is it TPFT or Fully Comp - fully comp unlimited milage

    How much do you pay - £335 & £350 excess


    though direct line were very close to that figure but with a 'car match' addition if you end up having a courtesy car - always worth a good hunt around :)

  8. i dont think there is an 'easy' way.......its a slow & very gentle route needed

    it was very tense in my experience as im sure non of us want to harm paintwork lol

    i used a heat gun, monitoring the temp constantly & worked them off very slowly & this worked great on passenger side

    think i got a little overzealous on drivers side tho as managed to loose a very small flake of paint :(

    but the doors will need addressing as the strips leave laquer lines

    another 4 the to do list lol

  9. ...and yet I'm still planning on buying a VR in a few weeks :shrug:


    Relevent stories

    1. Sat on hard shoulder, steam piss'n out've the VR due to Heater Matrix deciding it was his time to shine

    2. Having to climb in through boot in full shopping centre car-park as trusty door handles had had enough of 'shock horror'...being opened.

    3. As above - the slow crawl at low 2000rpm to next service station to top up the hissing volcano that is the cooling system.


    Irrelevent stories


    1. Stood in queue waiting to pay for 'go go juice' and looking out at your C and thinking, ''yep, best looking car here too' with a smile.

    2. Checking out your cars reflection in high street shop window and thinking, damn, that's really me driving that car.

    3. Or just cruising home - singing along to your fav song - feeling all comfy and......

    ...****, red warning light comes on :pale:


    Oh what the hell....SIGN ME UP!


    the 2 'irrelevant' points u make are definately some of the rewards we reap for keeping them alive & kicking!!!! :)

  10. where was the fuel dripping from?


    i have a fuel leak problem and can't find anything, neither did the local garage.


    mine dripped/streams off the lowest point on the rear of the filter, so could be running down a line etc


    i find turning car off and on a couple of times and it stops



    it is a wierd 1!!

    the leak seems to either be from the pipe wich connect to what i think is the fuel pump......on underside of car close to offside back wheel

    thing is that the pipe doesnt seem or feel degraded & i dont know if a C fuel pump can leak fuel when it still works?

    plus it doesnt show a leak when engine running but when its stopped & been sat there for say 15 mins there is a tiny bit of fuel on the metal clip holding the pipe in

    most odd but i need to investigate

  11. just thought id share....

    the joys of corrado ownership, i normally wouldnt mind....they are aging cars blah de blah.....but why is it she seems to let you down when u really need her :censored:

    set the scene:

    big chill ticket [f***in expensive too] - check

    boooze & food - check

    tent & etc etc - check

    everything ready 4 ealry off in the morning.....&


    fuel leak appearing from nowhere, WTF!!!!!!!!!


    traced to hose feeding fuel pump & looks easy job but no time to fix, WHY NOW grrrrrrr!!!!


    i hate plan B's cause they mean no VR :gag:

  12. inifnity, infinity, infinity!!!!


    from a decent sony head unit i run infinity kappa 693i 6*9s in a modified and re-covered factory parcel shelf (so as speakers not visible) with the kappa 52.91's in the front doors - the sound reproduction is simply awesome!!!!


    plus the power of them at all ranges means i can save boot space with a smaller 10" sub & tiny amp :)


    highly recommended


    to inifnity & beyond!!!!

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