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  1. VR6 | Aqua Blue | Louth, Lincolnshire Price now lowered: £2000 ono Description: 1993 Aqua Blue 2.9 vr6 (Update: Added more pics - more coming) Corrado For Sale 125,000 miles Full black leather Lovely condition All electrics working (sunroof, spoiler etc) Remote locking (total closure needs attention) All original apart from - jamex suspension. Need a quick sale so open to offers. Car must be picked up from Lincs. Tax runs out EOM. MOTd - I will check when it expires. I'm in Dubai, the car is available now for pick up. Includes sony headset with remote control plus subwoofer in boot (no permanent fittings) See posting here when I first bought: http://the-corrado.net/showthread.php?44303-v-happy-new-vr6-owner-)-a-few-noobie-qs&highlight=vr6+noobie I love this car. Will be sad to see it go, but hopefully it will be to a good home :) email [email protected] or leave a message on 01472840511 Thanks
  2. have you driven a vr6 c mate? find a leather one 93 onwards with ac and a good engine and you're lauging :) i'd seriously recommend you get one if your G60 goes and as afforementioned take the good stuff off and swap as required check this out: they are quick in stock and can be easily made to go quicker vr6 spec generally well equiped (esp with leather ac etc) lots of bargains about now too! i picked up a nice one in the spring and have not looked back. download/file.php?id=66349&mode=view download/file.php?id=66350&mode=view used to own a 16v. this beats this shit out of it!
  3. my cousin just called to say they had a rado on and i should watch it - completely missed it and looks like there's no iplayer for 5 did anyone sky+ it and can share? is it worth watching?
  4. have you got details of the bugrun? i'm tempted to come!
  5. Could be your indicator stalk that is buggered in some way. If they work when turning alarm on/off and the hazard warning lights work, this would probably be the next place to investigate. thankfully not the indicator stalk :) - turned out to be a relay in the end and luckily the local garage had a spare. heard these don't really go so a unlucky i guess. just had a fantastic drive from oop north to london. these cars rock :)
  6. ok found the fuze box so about to see which fuze tallys with the indicators then see if it's blown. odd thing is the lights still flash when using the alarm fob. wouldn't have expected the indicators to blow a fuze either - hope it's not something bad with the electrics...
  7. Just loaned the car to my mum and she's come back saying the indicators aren't working - just had a look and she's right. Not sure what's she's done but I've no idea where to start other than the fuse box which I'm trying to locate now... Any pointers would be great - have a long journey later and could do with them working!! Cheers...
  8. Thanks for that Rich - I'll give it a go as I still haven't shifted the stuff! A/C charged up and all working well. Had a great drive earlier :) I love these damn cars! Took my old man for a spin and made him drive. He's after one now (in grey with leather if anyone has one going!) Next Q - 97 or 95 RON? Should be 98 too no? Think they have 98 in Europe... Right back to Question Time, these naughty MPs. Anyone know if they've been claiming for motors too?
  9. thanks for all the help so far! few more pics for you off to see if i can get the a/c recharged...
  10. Thanks for the prompt replies gents! I can get going on my bank holiday fun now.. In reply: 1) Yes it's the full strip - I'll have a go at peeling off from the front later on today then give a good clean and dry then have a go at putting the new ones on. Looks like there's a clip at the front and back and then double sided tape all the way along so hopefully should be fairly straight forward... 2) It's a coilover kit - came with no instructions and my old man's local garage did it for me (roy alexander of louth - bmw specialists. v decent honest people). It just seems to ride low. I'd wondered if it is lowered by default by about 40mm or so as I don't want to turn the c spanner anymore!! real test will be the bumps in london ... (!) which are a real help to the tax paying motorist. 3) Just bought a 240v car polisher from halfords (new best customer). I'm going to wash her again with plain water (or should i use turtle wax 'car wash' stuff again) then see if this will polish out. Hope so. She looks lovely except when close up! I doubt 4) nothing up with the sunroof as it tilts / slides no probs. I'll check the fuses but doubt it's that myself. It's the toad a101i or something - i have no instructions and can't find any online as i'd wondered if this is something that's programmable. not a biggie! 5) thanks for the ac info - sounds like a factory fit then as it's stamped from eons ago. i think there's a rear sticker that specifies spec etc so i can check just to be anal...! 6) great i'll just try asda's later then... 7) i've seen vw ones on ebay - mkii golf i think and passat maybe. would these fit? not up for spending $$$ on these things! i'll check the tailgate foamy bits... one other q - can i use the standard blue halfords anti-freeze coolant? many thanks!
  11. ok thanks - should i delete this post and then re-post in the members area then? also, where should i put these pics? apologies i'm a complete novice..
  12. Hi All, I'm new to the forum. Had a beautiful valver that I loved to pieces but it got pinched on a low loader last summer !! I've finally replaced with a pretty much original VR6 in aqua blue - I really do love these cars :) Gave a TT 225 what for the other day and I couldn't believe I pulled away from him in a 93 car - he wasn't too happy... So it's pretty much original apart from the following - it's had leather fitted from a storm (looks lovely and is so comfy!) and I've just had a jamex kit fitted all round since the bilsteins were knackered. Anyway, she pulls like a fright train makes a lovely noise and looks boooootiful! It also has daviva (or something) AC fitted I think (the blokey told me it was original AC but I think not). I have a decent new sony front unit and a sub in the boot (which can come out if need!) I've replaced the lights back to stock, got rid of the eye lid thingy at the front and she's now all stock apart from a jetex ss exhaust (plus the aforementioned leather, jamex & AC etc). Er I should stop stambling and get on with my dullard Qs: 1) I purchased (bit silly) new rubber for the roof since the edges have degraded badly - looking at it I could have just cut the edges off with a stanley knife. Anyway I've got the VAG part but I'm not very confident at removing the old and fitting the new. Any pointers would be great.... 2) Anyone know how to raise jamex suspension any more!? i've used the c key to tighten a lot but don't want to do any more since the lower spring is v compressed. ride hight is still very low (or seems) at the front as i keep catching speed humps etc. 3) I applied some autoglym aqua wax 'express waxes wet cars' (my dads) after a good wash and i can't get the fcuker to polish off! my old man says to get the black n decker on it with a lambswool piece. can anyone recommend this? my arms \ wrists are killing... 4) Boring but wanted to know - I've tried total closure (it has the standard toad cat 1 fitted) - the sunroof starts to close however after a split second all stops. I'd wondered if this might be connected to the fact that I can't operate both front windows simultaneously - the passenger doesn't have one touch open / close (at least from drivers side as haven't tried from passengers side). Can anyone confirm if this might be the problem? Any info would be great 5) The switches to operate the AC (norm / max) look like VW stock however sit where the storm heated seat buttons should sit I think - any info would be great (it seems to work but I think needs regassing) 6) Only one fob and key came with the car. I've sourced another key from ebay but need to get it cut and want to avoid VAG costs - can i just get this done at a key cutters? I'd also like another toad fob (or any really that works) however I don't seem to have the code on the fob that i had on my last rado - is this a problem? Any info again would be great... 7) Anyone have the parcel shelf straps or know where I can get some? It's a little rattly at speed ahem... Right that's it. Sorry for my ramble and apologies if these Qs have been asked before and if some are slightly off topic - any help would be much appreciated. I'll get some pics up tomorrow if anyone wants to see. I love the colour - it seems to change depending on the light! I'll also get some picks up of my old valver since it was pinched it might be of use to anyone who might have bought a cheap one from somewhere near sw london too... Cheers Ben ps had a fantastic run on the barton street in lincs today if anyone knows it. looking forward to drive to a1 from deapest lincs too... :)
  13. Very sorry to hear that mate. I'll keep my eye out as in Linconlshire for the next week or so... Similar thing happened to me a while back - flat in London got burgled about 10 mins before I got home on a friday evening after a long slog at work. The little feckers trashed the place and stole both sets of keys to my old valver and my flat mate's fiat turbo. The fuz explained that we were very lucky to have got back so soon after the break in as both cars would have gone within a matter of minutes. New alarm and keys all round Grrrr!!! I must have been jinxed as I left the Corrado outside my sisters flat for a week a month or so later. Some fecker apparently turned up with a low loader and drove off with it after a note had appeared asking to buy it!! That was a G plate and was nicked last July - I was amazed that someone would go to such lengths to pinch an 18 year old car! (G306 DRU if anyone see's her...) Just got myself a lovely aqua blue vr6 with black leather. I'll be keeping the keys somewhere safe (bread bin maybe?!) so that this nonsense doesn't happen again... If I see your storm I'll follow and let you know.... Good luck
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