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  1. Mate that's what i got quoted from VW too, £43 plus VAT for a "set". What they don't tell you is that they're only sheet metal pressings and worth PENNIES! Don't despair however, Kev is sending me some in the post, and i should have the locks changed this weekend. If you can wait till next week or so then i can send you any tumblers i have left over in the post. :) I don't imagine ill need many of them as usually it's just a case of moving the existing ones around and maybe filing them down a bit with one or two extra tumblers. If you PM me your details and ill let you know when I'm finished. However, if your in a rush you might find a locksmith who can do the job for you if you give them the handles. Also some garages will do the same instead of charging the £50 for new tumblers they'll just ask for £10 for the 4-5 mins to change the locks. :lol:
  2. I too am interested if your still making them. However, I'm unsure if I need the 3 relay or 2 relay... :shrug: Where can I find out Which one i need? Im driving a 91 G60 if that helps...
  3. OH MY GOD Those are genius :nuts: ! im getting me some of them!
  4. By the way... i assume the Grolsch in the background is essential to the replacement process :norty:
  5. My good man! :notworthy: That would be amazing! Do you have some tumbler springs to go with that? id obviously give you postage and packaging and a few pennies extra for the trouble. Im in kinda a rush as id like to do them at the same time as replacing the door Pins (usual story there! :wink: ) give me a PM with the Low down my honky friend and we shall do business :grin: P.S. I've been in touch with Volks-Apart (great company by the way) and they say that most good locksmiths can change the tumblers for you for a few quid... AND even find you parts if like me your having trouble. Saves giving my :hitler: Dealership money! I may move just to escape them!!!!
  6. I just phoned a vw dealer near me... they are asking for £43.48 for a set! (8 tumblers and springs!!!) :pale: I wish I was as friendly wish my local dealer as you are with yours!!! :camp: Any ideas on where i could get some other than my :hitler: dealership?
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