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  1. I bought it years ago and from another country so cannot return it. I am still looking for one.
  2. Hi, I am looking for the connector and maybe you have one that has a bad probe or no probe, all I need is connector with 10cm wires , bought the wrong one and I will match new sensor with old connector and solder it together. I need this square type of connector. , left on pic PM me if you have one, thanks. Hendrik
  3. if anyone can confirm it fits a LHD 94 vr6 and you ship to Estonia, then please please for me !
  4. If anyone has these I also need one
  5. I have bought from Tomi many times, fast shipping and great boxing and packaging, bought headlights that looked like new.
  6. Wish I didnt have them in mine already. Definitely a good price for great cams.
  7. Hi everybody, just going to leave this here, all I need to explain is, this is the first time I put on euro lights to my corrado, before I had some ****ty angel eyes fitted when I bought the car. anyways I like to work at night and here are pics of what I saw. the lights are not adjusted yet, so bare with me. also the power is from the battery only, cause the engine wasn't running then. so, # 1 oem loom / low beam # 2 oem loom / high beam now I connected the new loom. fit and quality is 10/10 . then I turned on the lights and whoa # 3 new loom / low beam # 4 new loom / high beam pics are taken with my phone ( galaxy s3 ) also the car battery is quite dead so, they might be more bright when I get a new battery James, thank you very much! hendrik
  8. hi James, which kit is for me? 94 vr6 LHD car I live in Estonia/europe the US corrado to Ecode kit ? thanks Hendrik
  9. thank you very much, ordered one already! take care!
  10. Im looking for oem one, but thanks, I already saw it too. its just very weird that some gasket which is a part of a engine goes NLA. is the metal valve cover so rare or what?
  11. so, I m trying to finish my engine build and then I get this bad surprise that the gasket for the metal valve cover on my 94` vr is no longer available. I wouldn't want to change to plastic one, as I have already polished the metal one and I like it. where should I look for them , thanks?
  12. Hi, could you ship the parcel shelf to Estonia and what would it cost? I've been looking for a gray one
  13. Hi, could you ship the parcel shelf to Estonia and what would it cost? I've been looking for a gray one
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