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  1. Hi there,


    Are you still making the cup holders? I have had two of them off you in the past and would like another if possible? Cheers


  2. Thank you all for the replies, I will certainly have to do some more research to keep the old girl alive! Hopefully I shall start a build thread for people to follow the progress. Thanks again James
  3. Definately a good financial decision, but I've had the 2.0L since I was 17 so she means quite alot to me, would rather do the swap if it's possible.
  4. Hello everyone, I'm sure this may have been covered else where, but I cannot find anything using the search tool. I am looking for a definitive list of everything I will need to put a VR6 into my 9a, as I'm fed up of how unreliable the fueling system is and the lack of torque for day to day driving. I would love a shopping list of every part so that I can buy them all and fit it over say a weekend (perhaps a little too optimistic, but you know what I mean) as I a very strapped for time these days. Thank you all so much in advance for your help. James
  5. Hello, Yeah we still make them up if you'd like one. As G0ldfing3r said, probably easiest way is to visit http://www.rayneautomotive.co.uk
  6. Hi, Sorry to hear about this, It's rare for the relays to pack in. The new relays are on their way out to you as we speak. Let me know how you get on. Thanks, James.
  7. No reply as of yet. Guess I will have to keep hunting for someone else breaking one who is about. :)
  8. They do indeed come with fitting instructions. I have sent you out a PM with the payment details in. Ta, James
  9. Do you have a window control module? If so how much posted? Ta, James.
  10. We've changed the earth wire and got some slightly more powerful relays, still the two. We don't have them bulbs in stock, but I can look to get them in for you. I'll drop you a PM to sort out a little more.
  11. Yeah we do them with the bulbs, £55.99 all in. I'll PM you my paypal address. Ta, James.
  12. We've now made a couple of tweaks to the looms to make them even better, even brighter! Treat your car this valentines.
  13. Do you still have a 2.0L 16V exhaust manifold for a 9a? If so how much? Thanks, James
  14. Do you still have a 2.0L 16V exhaust manifold for a 9a? If so how much? Thanks, James
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