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  1. Glad to hear it’s up and running, it’s always nervy when you’ve carried out so much modification work, I know OBD2 and Teves20 are both well trodden paths but they’re still fairly major tasks. Looking forward to seeing the next steps!
  2. tonedef

    Grey Ghost

    As fendervg says, it’s really easy to remove the liner, no tools required. Tilt the sunroof, slide the liner backwards simply by pushing the frame and it come unclipped from the roof, slide it into the roof space and rotate 90 degrees until it will feed forwards and out. Just don’t force anything, the mechanism is made of what we always referred to as “monkey metal”, you don’t want to break any of the bits, trust me. I had to drill and tap one side of mine to fix it back together with an M3 countersink screw and locktite after getting too hasty one time!
  3. It’s been a love/hate thing, filled with highs and lows!
  4. Just realised that we’ve had the VR6 for twenty years and two days. Happy belated birthday!
  5. I started mine regularly when it was at home but at the paint shop it was sat for the best part of two years. Another thing to look out for if the fuel has deteriorated to the point the pump has rusted in it is the injectors, when I came to get it started only two of them were actually firing, I had to have them serviced to clean out all the crud.
  6. I must be almost driving past your house a couple of times a day at the moment Chris, staying in Hull and working at the terminal in Easington. How’s progress recently?
  7. Mine did exactly the same when it was laid up in the paint shop for a couple of years. The pump was rusted solid and had to be replaced, I managed to get the sender working again with a bit of TLC though.
  8. Great turnout there, nice to see some normality these days! Well done for arranging it.
  9. Looking forward to seeing photos from today’s meet, was hoping to make one but have to start on site early tomorrow morning so have a busy day today at work getting ready for a 5am start. The client obviously hasn’t any concept of Bank Holidays! Looks like you’ll have the weather for it 👍
  10. Thanks for the replies, and suggestions. It's definitely turning the engine over every time so the starter's engaging fine, it does sometimes seem to disengage as if the engine's spinning faster than the starter can keep up with, a second attempt will almost always start it when this happens. I'm sure it's OK electrically as it runs fine the rest of the time. It's always runs smooth and never seems to hesitate, probably aided by the OBD2 management, I forget what it was like before that. Tappet jacking definitely seems like it could be a consideration and of course there might be a sticking follower, I replaced them when I rebuilt the top end, that was fourteen years but only around 20,000 miles ago. I'm also running 268 cams so the followers have a bit more work to do than standard. I'll probably put an oil pump on this winter's list, can't hurt after 25 years can it although it's a shame to do the oil as that's only a few hundred miles old, good job I bought 25 litres of Synta!
  11. It might seem I’m doing it the wrong way round but because of the recent wet weather I’ve been commuting on the motorbike rather than the Corrado as I’d rather the car stays clean and dry! This means that I start the car, drive it out of the garage get the bike out or in and put the car away, maybe five minutes tops running time twice a day. A few times it’s been really weird starting, it seems to spin over really quickly almost like the engine’s got no plugs in, then it splutters into life until it finally settles to running on all six after maybe 30 seconds or a minute. Other times it starts completely normally. I’d suspect a plug or injector if it wasn’t for the fast spinning, can the oil non-return valve between the block and the head allow head pressure to fall overnight which then needs to rebuild in the followers once it starts? Would that decompress the engine, it’s not clattering like they do after a long lay up? Going for a run today which might resolve it but just puzzled!
  12. Congratulations, it’ll be like Happy New Car Day all over again!
  13. 1993 Aqua Blue VR6. If this is your car, I have the original dealer supplied service book from when it was sold in Aylesbury until a service at 165K miles in Boston Lincs in 2011. I bought the wallet on eBay for the owners handbook as mine was missing. DVLA shows the car as SORN since 2016 but that they issued a V5C in 2019 suggesting somebody may have bought it or maybe changed address then. Prove to me it’s your car and I’ll post you some of its history for free, can’t say fairer than that!
  14. Mine was first registered by John Fox in Nottingham 01/11/95 but there’s a delivery date of 24/10/95 in the service book from Milton Keynes. It was then serviced by VAG dealers in Towcester, back to Nottingham, Birmingham, Norwich, back to Nottingham again before I went all the way to Surrey to buy it with 57K miles on the clock in September 2000.
  15. Looks like a fitting home for the fleet! Good luck with the planning permission, as you say, there are plenty of garages on fronts these days, building forward of the building line isn’t the nono it used to be. Our biggest issue here is the Conservation Area approval, have to ask before you even trim trees in case it is affecting the look of the village!
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