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  1. Certainly never going to give mine E10, but filled up the TT Friday for £1.53 per litre of V Power…for those of us that remember buying fuel in gallons, that’s £6.95 a gallon 😮
  2. Welcome to the forum, some coincidence that I spoke to a guy earlier this week has owned a G60 since new in 93! How's the Storm been to you over the years, many challenges along the way? Looks like mine with the bump strips removed, same thing as me, couldn't face putting them back on after a paint job?
  3. Just wow! The ultimate Corrado rebuild thread!
  4. Sassy’s going to be some daily, she’s getting a better tidy up than many get rebuilt! Loving watching the progress 👍
  5. Our two kids grew up in the back of a Corrado, they’re 31 & 27 and we’ve had Corrados for 26 years now. Back then it was no problem as there was no isofix. It’s these bloody great big seats that rotate on the fixed base, don’t think they go in with seatbelts, and not sure I want them on my new leather either!!!
  6. The eldest daughters’ wedding three years ago was the big push to get the car back on the road after eight years…she drove it to the wedding, the younger daughter sat with her. Nervous time for me waving the car off after all that work! Not quite so easy this time as there’s a two year old grand-daughter travelling with her mum and of course no isofix in the Corrado!
  7. All done today, old sensor back in and ready for another 26 years! The leak was one of the switches anyway. Car’s washed, waxed and been out for a spin, now under a cover in the garage ready for the daughter’s wedding in two weeks 👍
  8. After spotting an oil leak the through one of the pressure switches when the car was getting its MOT I’d ordered both switches plus the temperature sender. Got around to swapping them today and decided to do it without pulling the front end off, just removed the inlet manifold to get a bit of access as I wanted to be back on the road inside a couple of hours. Swapped both switches OK, overdid tightening the new temp sender and sheared the bloody thing off! Got to get the broken bit out now, pushed it back in the garage and shut the door, drinking red wine…job for tomorrow!!!
  9. tonedef


    Welcome to the forum Wilko, you’ve joined a select bunch of Corrado owners here! Congratulations on the new car, don’t see too many G60s these days 👍
  10. I’m loving this Corrado, great work, makes me very jealous!!!
  11. Sassy’s soon going to be on a par with Black Magic, great work you’re doing there!
  12. Another year, another MoT! No problems, no advisories just showed me a bit of an oil leak around the filter 👍
  13. Mmmmmm, what a fantastic find, so jealous!!! Satin silver and a Recaro interior! I’m in year 26 of owning a Corrado and still want to have a G60, one day I’ll persuade my wife we can justify more that one Corrado at a time. My opinion: Valvers and Rallyes belong on Sebrings, G60s belong on BBS!
  14. That looks good, think I might have a go at my old one and see how it goes. The early cars had them colour matched and I preferred that to the chrome.
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