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  1. Thanks, I like that, it looks like a decent fit, I’m just not sure about losing the ashtray/lighter even though one’s not used and the other has been replaced with a usb socket. Plus there’s the second din slot I don’t need...I see this is going to need thinking about?
  2. Thanks for getting the wiki restored, it’s like having an old friend back, great work there!
  3. I was looking at one of these the other day with a view to doing something the same. My Climatronic panel doesn’t always stay put in the console. How well does this fit into the Corrado dash?
  4. I had a full paint job about five years ago, it wasn’t in bad shape except for a couple of the usual culprits, bottom of the driver’s wing, around the number plate light and some damage where it had been jacked at the front. It’s a decent paint job but not too extreme that I’m scared to drive it, my mate’s just had his Mk4 R32 painted and it’s absolutely stunning…but I wouldn’t even dare wax it!
  5. Scaff stand, now we’re talking, love it!!!
  6. Carefully is the word! I took a few years out of engineering years ago and worked for a rally team on Mitsubishi Evos, I got used to making it easy to get in there! I made myself some wooden ramps that get the front off the ground to start with, then side to side, jacking a couple of inches more at a time, keep going up a bit on each stand. Once there are two stands under the front the back goes straight up jacking from one side. I normally push it up some more yet, another hole on the stands at least, it’s easy from here as I can get the jack in the centre under the crossmember! I keep looking at my garage and wondering if I’d get planning permission to replace the flat roof with a pitched one…I could put a lift in there then. There’s a guy a few miles from me has one, that’s the proper way to do it.
  7. Cheers mate, might as well make it easy to get under there and do all those jobs…I need a step up to get under the bonnet!
  8. Went for a bit of a drive this morning, home, washed and assumed the winter position (hopefully the coming spring will be a bit more normal than the last one was). Just about to declare SORN and writing the winter jobs list!
  9. Might be worth dropping lilfuzzer a pm, he had a few headlinings for sale a couple of years ago, might have one left.
  10. As easypops has said, the servo needs to be the one without the pedal position sensor, I bought a new one from onlinecarparts, VAG p/n was 358 612 107 B. I'm sure that given time I'd have picked one up from a breaker but I was in a hurry at the time and all those turning up on eBay seemed to be rusted within an inch of failing. A second reason that the existing servo can't be used is that the mounting studs for the master cylinder are at 45 degrees whereas those on the Teves 20 master cylinder are horizontal which is something of a deal breaker. I also had to source other parts as my original kit was from a Golf, the ABS dash lamp from the Passat 3AO 919 235 AF fits into the opening in the dash and you can install the Corrado lens to make it look original although the airbag lamp needed disabling as mine was permanently lit, the loom for it would also be useful although I couldn't find one and made my own, easypops was luckier and managed to pick one up! You'll also need the correct brake fluid reservoir if you're using Golf kit as the original will sit at a strange angle and rub on the inlet pipe, I used the non-ABS version from various models, part number 358 611 301. You'll also need to swap out the rear wheel speed sensors as the plugs on the existing ones don't match the loom, I bought a pair of 1H0 927 807 D as they had the longest cable on them (the Golf loom lands a bit short under the rear bench) although the sensor part itself seems to be a bit too long and rubbed on the sensor ring when I installed, I made some temporary spacers to cure this but will address it over the winter, I might make some up by cutting and soldering the two flavours together.
  11. A few years back I bought a new headlining after getting a bit carried away cleaning mine and leaving it saggy in places. I looked at this thing sat in the garage for months, terrified of swapping it, thinking it was going to be the job of nightmares. I finally bit the bullet one day and set to fitting the new headliner...and an hour later it was finished, one of the easiest jobs ever faced! But as fendervg says above, you’ll not need any of that for the aerial base, remove a bit of trim and you’re looking at it!
  12. See if you can find an alarm fitter has a Toad Ai606 in stock, you’ll not go wrong with that. It was the first job I had done on the VR over 20 years ago, and it still works fine!
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