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  1. Mine has exactly the same problem and I wondered if it was a fuel pressure / evaporation issue, but if the pump doesn’t actually prime at ignition on then that’s unlikely? Cam or crank sensor is a good call, are these ignored if engine is cold? I don’t remember having this problem back in the old days (year 22 with this car so a reasonable amount of experience) although I have had questionable starting for a long time, both before and after going to OBD2. Agreed, drive you nuts!
  2. tonedef


    In case I’m not capable later, Happy New Year everyone, let’s hope we can get back to something resembling normality in 2022. Never know, there might even be a few shows to attend!!!
  3. I did have a set for the daughter’s Fiesta ST done a few years ago at a local powder coaters for a tenner each, made a pretty decent job truth be told. Might try them again but wondered if there were places people raved about before I commit.
  4. Thanks Hasan, I just wish it looked as clean under the bonnet, VW seemed to have a knack in the nineties of building engine bays that look scruffy after a few years no matter what you do! Winter jobs include a new alternator, wheel refurb (looking for suggestions for best place to do this) and a good clean underneath after I had an oil leak coated the engine, suspension and floor pan. Sure I’ll find the usual broken bits to mess with in the meantime too!
  5. Working away in Cambridgeshire Monday to Friday so not not very much Corrado time at the moment. Running late with winter jobs but just assumed the usual position.
  6. I parked mine up in the garage and SORNed it in a fit of rage/annoyance when the alternator packed up in August and have ignored it since! So job 1 will be a new alternator. Other than that it will probably be the usual winter check over and just look for any bits I can fettle through the dark nights…once we’re speaking again that is 🤣
  7. How about £100K for a Renault 5??? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/353619901484?mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5337772534&customid=528&toolid=10001&mkevt=1&ul_ref=https://rover.ebay.com/rover/1/711-53200-19255-0/1
  8. I’ll have to dig through my spares and find a clicky relay then, car has been SORNed as I’m working away through the weeks now but it’s added to the list of winter jobs 👍
  9. While on the subject of indicator relays, I wondered if I was getting forgetful as mine has been silent this year and I’m convinced it used to click when indicating before. Is it just my age or do everyone else’s click? I’ll find a replacement if so!
  10. Certainly never going to give mine E10, but filled up the TT Friday for £1.53 per litre of V Power…for those of us that remember buying fuel in gallons, that’s £6.95 a gallon 😮
  11. Welcome to the forum, some coincidence that I spoke to a guy earlier this week has owned a G60 since new in 93! How's the Storm been to you over the years, many challenges along the way? Looks like mine with the bump strips removed, same thing as me, couldn't face putting them back on after a paint job?
  12. Just wow! The ultimate Corrado rebuild thread!
  13. Sassy’s going to be some daily, she’s getting a better tidy up than many get rebuilt! Loving watching the progress 👍
  14. Our two kids grew up in the back of a Corrado, they’re 31 & 27 and we’ve had Corrados for 26 years now. Back then it was no problem as there was no isofix. It’s these bloody great big seats that rotate on the fixed base, don’t think they go in with seatbelts, and not sure I want them on my new leather either!!!
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