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  1. Five years seems like a long time but when you’ve owned your current Corrado 21 years and have no plans of parting with it you still need to make plans for the future!
  2. Did anyone else notice the news earlier this week that from September normal unleaded E5 fuel is to be replaced with E10? Apparently super unleaded will remain only 5% ethanol for five more years before following suit which means if you're already using V-Power or similar you'll be OK for the moment but the days are numbered. What needs swapping on the Corrado to ensure it'll not start leaking like a sieve come the changeover?
  3. A few years ago I’d picked up a new roof lining from Chris Ferry and on getting home put it in the garage on the “Too Hard” pile. Walked around it for a year employing all manor of delaying tactics until I bit the bullet one day and got stuck in…it was swapped inside about 20 minutes, no drama!
  4. That’s what I like to see, a bit of ingenuity. Glad they’re in, at least you’re comfortable in the knowledge it’s a one time job and you’ll not be pressing more in there in the near future!
  5. I ran 268s with the Schrick and never really thought it was that lumpy. Foolishly sold the manifold when I converted to OBD2 but did keep the cams in, maybe the lumpiness offsets some of the smoothness from the improved ECU setup!
  6. You don’t really want that, sure it would fit much better on mine. Well done finding VR6 gold dust!!!
  7. Loving the ARB in red, wishing I’d thought if that when I had mine done! Looking forward to seeing it all reassembled.
  8. I like that and considering the length of the load bearing surface it's pretty well spread so shouldn't cause any problems, look at the two post lifts that support the car on four rubber pads for example. I do have the feeling that my splitter would be eating the dirt when it's first lifted at that angle though! As an alternative, if you've got the garage headroom there are often four post lifts on eBay for around the £500 mark, although unless you're lucky enough to have a three phase incomer you'd have to look out for a single phase model. I have a double garage but it currently has a flat roof so it's a none starter but am considering putting a pitch roof on to create me a lifting area plus a storage area in the attic space at the other side...just need the additional budget now.
  9. tonedef

    Door hinge.

    I probably made my panel gaps too small, after all it was me fitted the wings when it came out of the body shop so I’ve only got myself to blame haven’t I!!!
  10. tonedef

    Door hinge.

    I looked at doing this but due to the design of the hinges a shim moves the door forwards, narrowing the panel gap. To cure a drooping door caused by play in the bottom hinge I had to shim the top hinge which I did using some pretty thin shim steel, maybe 0.5mm, and ended up chipping the paint closing the door due to the reduced panel gap. At the moment I’m back to living with a drooping door and knowing that one day I’ll have to do the hinge pin!!!
  11. Happy New Year to everyone here, let’s hope that some time in 2021 we get to start living something like the normal live we we all accustomed to before March! Don’t hold much hope for the traditional springtime shows but fingers crossed for some of the summers outings 🤞
  12. I took it to the VW specialist first, they scratched their heads for a day and phoned me to come collect it still in pieces! I believe it was M12 threaded bar I used, I cleaned the beam out with the flap wheel first and put plenty of grease in there but no breakages.
  13. This was my method, tooling was supplied by Messrs Heath & Robinson! Getting the first side done took a couple of hours as I was trying every piece of packing for size to pull it in straight. Second one took a few minutes.
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