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  1. I was looking for ideas for the patio and that looks good, I’ll remember it once we’re finished with the building. Why not get a local architect to come take a look, they know what will and won’t pass planning. We’re in a conservation area but when the architect first came he knew what we’d need to do from the start and the application went straight through. Always worth the conversation isn’t it.
  2. Garages on the front used to be unusual but seem to see more springing up nowadays, planning rules have definitely relaxed in the last 20 years. Go for it, worst they can do is say no!
  3. His drive’s about 4 feet below ours so it’s quite a structure, 3 bays wide, one of which is an enclosed garage. Stairs up the outside at the other end with an office upstairs and he’s got a long wheelbase T5 he parks inside one of the carports. It was good to get the Corrado out yesterday, can’t see it going anywhere today in this mucky weather though!
  4. Actually took it past the end of the drive for some V-Power and a 30 mile spin. First time since the end of September!
  5. The seats or the steering wheel??? Yes, the wheel’s great, feels spot on, just like a brand new wheel in a quality car would I guess. The stitching is a thing of beauty, I look at it and wonder how it’s possibly done, there’s probably a “How it’s Made” show that gives away the secret!
  6. Sneaky picture!
  7. Here you go, tried to get a close up of the stitching, they make a great job of steering wheels, don't know if they do gear knobs though.
  8. Might be worth trying the place I had my steering wheel done at, they made a great job of that, may do gear knobs. http://royalsteeringwheels.com/
  9. That definitely deserves a welcome back, looks great!
  10. Well I’ve had the VR6 twenty years this September, I had a valver for five years before that, and we’ve been saying that we’re on the verge of prices rising for most of that time!
  11. Mine was registered November 95 but there were definitely some hanging around unsold for a while, there used to be a P reg Aqua VR6 near where we lived which would mean August 96!
  12. That’s the one, I was just about to get the car out the garage for a photo!
  13. No sorry, in the boot, just above the carpet line.
  14. This has hijacked your thread hasn’t it! S confirms its a 1995 build, K is Osnabrueck and 002448 means it was built 12 cars after the first Storm. Mine’s 003701 and classic green but built after the Storms finished. Mine has a small label inside the back panel about the same size as an old supermarket price sticker, says 18 May 1995 on it, don’t suppose you have anything like that do you?
  15. Chris Gaskell had an encyclopaedic knowledge of this stuff and was a sad loss, he would have told you the exact numbers! The Storms, particularly the green ones weren’t much out of the ordinary coming down the production line, a different head unit, multi changer and colour coded grill over any other green one with beige interior on the line. I’ve never seen a number to confirm how many of the final 451 built after the last Storm (for sale) were UK cars, but mine along with around another 300 or so others is one of those as I believe that at the end of production RHD outnumbered LHD by 2:1.
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