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  1. Price reduced to £55.00 + £6.50 delivery, bargain !
  2. For sale A pair of brand new NGK BKR5EKUP spark plugs for the VR6 engine. Boxed of course. £10 free postage. When I owned a VR6 I always kept two of these at home, as the plugs in Cylinders 1 & 6 did not last as long as the rest due to oil consumption on those cylinders.
  3. Set of 4, front axle are 13mm thick (26mm track increase), rear axle are 16mm thick (32mm track increase), includes H&R longer bolts. Superb quality and in excellent condition. Originally cost £125 ish. now £55.00 + £6.50 delivery https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132601465186?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649
  4. over £250 quid in the end for a couple of bits of trim, mental. I'm sure a month ago there was an eBay seller doing genuine roof mouldings for £130 a pair, located in Poland, but a week later all traces of the seller/listing were gone.
  5. Late wings have more of a bulge on the arch profile, to suit the slightly wider track of late plus suspension. Early wings are a bit flatter. Difficult to tell the difference from photos but you might be able to work it out if you look at some pics taken from the front of car/looking down/along the wings. Your headlights look correct, late ones were flush to the wings/bonnet edge. Grille is correct. Seems odd that an M plate would have early parts, my old K plate G60 had late bonnet/wings/bumper/headlights/grille/fogs. I'd say the bumper has been replaced incorrectly. Nice colour/wheels combo by the way.
  6. Very nice. I recently got a 320i Touring MSport, similar colour, although it is the old shape (2010) Great car, but so far much less reliable than my 20 years with VW's!
  7. Ditto check the coilpack, bolted to side of the engine. The plastic usually cracks, flood water will get in there. Can be dried out and sealed with epoxy.
  8. £120 starting bid. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132325907355?_mwBanner=1&redirect=mobile
  9. I didn't come across anyone who seemed like they were a trader. I probably could of sold it on here but I didn't do that many viewings to start with so I lost a couple of people who went off and bought other corrados. The serious buyers view then spend time getting inspections or prices for body repair etc. So it takes a while. It was worth putting it on ebay, although you get 200 stupid enquiries, there are some good buyers who aren't aware of the forum. Surprisingly there were loads of ebayers that were willing to pay £3k to buy it unseen, as part of some £6k show car/respray project, where mechanicals did not matter so much to them, imo they would be better buying a cheap tatty one to restore. Lots of serious interest as well though that didn't get in quick enough.
  10. SOLD for pretty much asking price 😭😭😭 Gutted....odd feeling watching a car you've looked after for 10 years being driven off by someone else. But it is going to a good home, the new owner is a VW man and a mechanic and has been looking for a C for years. He has a garage all ready for it and the rust areas are going to be sorted properly. It will be seen at the VW shows in the future and I'm sure he'll be joining the Corrado forum soon. I'll probably look to buy another one in about 10 years when I have more time on my hands and have a garage (prices will probably be mental then!)
  11. Metallic red Corrado driving along Chester Road , Stretford Manchester yesterday 5pm ish. First one I've seen for a long time!
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