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  1. If you find one in decent nic I'd be interested. Mine's about to disintegrate! thanks
  2. If it's in decent nic I'd be interested. Any chance of a pic and price posted? thanks
  3. Do you still have the bracket that pins 2 of the fuel tank straps to the chassis? cheers
  4. Do you have the fuel strap bracket that pins 2 of the straps together? cheers
  5. @billcor - thanks, the two duplicate links seem to be what I'm after (according to google translate anyway), the other two have different parts. I have been trying on ebay for a while but was just wondering if anyone had one that I could get for a price instead of an auction as that has been hard to get thusfar. thanks again tho for taking the time. ---------- Post added at 11:45 AM ---------- Previous post was at 11:26 AM ---------- bugger, only german shipping for the one I need. Still open if someone has one...
  6. @billcor - Yeah I saw them. This is VERY similar although it's deeper in profile than I need and I think fits these BBS alloys (http://vagparts.2am.fi/index.php?part=1H0601025G) - mine are identical looking straight on but are not convex. I have these ones: http://vagparts.2am.fi/index.php?part=191601025AE. The VW part number I need for centre caps is 191601149K (individual codes in orig post). I've seen the wheels and centres references as RM & RZ but the part numbers are what I am relying on I guess to nail it. thanks tho...
  7. Some jaikie has made off with one of my centre caps off my stock BBS RZs (1991 G60). Looking for replacement in reasonable nick. These things are a nightmare to get hold of and been trying for months. Anyone with one old one kicking about? Nums are : 0923221 (centre) / 0923264 (plastic inner) / 0924134 (metal outer) Much appreciated...
  8. Hi James, can you post or pm me a pic of the parts? I'll take it if it includes the guide and glide to fit a 92 steel sunroof. thanks EDIT: sorry just noticed your pm there, thanks.
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