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  1. I have dipstick do you want the curved one?
  2. What type of engine is it for I have a loom and ecu
  3. Yeah odd for me. Windows 8.1 has it all over for me. yet windows 10 laptop they are there very strange
  4. On the main page below teh title it says the start date of thread and by whom.. This is shown on my computer screen not sure how that is shown on other platforms
  5. I have smashed my phone mate it will be fixed hopefully sunday so shoud respond then
  6. Hi mate I think I have grey door cards not sure on condition send me a message on teh number on teh other page
  7. Hi Dave yeah drop me a message on 07813643392
  8. Hi mate as mentioned about I have two for sale. One is the better condition of teh two a very late black vr6 with bvlack heated leather in good shape. downside is that its an auto. However has such potential.
  9. Hi.

    I don’t suppose you have a lower grill from your breaker-car?

    (The one that goes in the front bumper)

  10. Hi Langsam I do have one from a spare head I have drop me a pm and I can send my phone number
  11. Hi mate sorry for late reply only just noticed this I have the vent and farily sure I have a steeering wheel I'll drop you my number if you still need teh bits
  12. I do I shall pm you my number
  13. Hi pal I do message me your number and I will send a whatsapp over
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