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  1. Still for sale? I pm’d u
  2. Have you got a pic of how they look, I’m looking to keep my 288 discs for now
  3. What Porsche callipers can I fit to the front of my corrado? I’ve all ready got the g60 set up with bigger discs. They also have to fit under my d90s which should be ok If anyone has the part numbers and possibly a list of what’s needed Thanks guys
  4. Thanks I'll give them a try in the week
  5. How much roughly did the ecu and loom cost?
  6. Currently on my 1.8t I am running megasquirt but I am not to happy with how it runs What would be the best company to get a new ecu and loom made up, I have a auq 180 engine with standard corrado gearbox, it's currently mapped to 225 but it hasn't been that reliable What is the best route to go, standard ecu from a auq engine or emerald or someone else? Thanks
  7. How much for loom and what ecu is it?
  8. It was a16v Just know it's a late one I need
  9. Bump...... Still looking
  10. Is this still available. I can collect in the week
  11. Have u still got this. I'm just in Luton
  12. As above closer to London-Luton the better
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